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[SA] [F1184119] 沙特求购高尔夫球车(Golf carts ) (11-15)
  Greetings, We are looking for a manufacturer of Golf carts to supply to Saudi Arabia. If you are interested, please send us your company and product details. Regards, Baraa
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[AE] [F1176249] 阿联酋求购高尔夫球车(Golf Tricycle) (08-31)
  What is the best price you can offer? Looking for 50 units. Please WhatsApp me on. Shipment to Pakistan
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[US] [F1174596] 美国求购高尔夫球车(Golf Scooter) (08-15)
  I'm very interested in your company's product. I would like you to send me details of your various ranges, including sizes, colours and prices, and also samples about the production in other details. ...
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[US] [F1168323] 美国求购高尔夫球车(Golf Club Bag Carrier Electric and Solar) (06-20)
  Send all specs and images and container costs for the Golf Club Bag Carrier Electric and Solar Email this directly to
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[UK] [F1163856] 英国求购高尔夫球车(golf carts) (05-09)
  Hello, I am interested in buying gold cart.We want 2 golf carts, but the quantity can raise to 8 or 10 if you can custom the carts (we want to sell them).Please talk to me in whatsapp.
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[US] [F1160761] 美国求购高尔夫球车电池充电器(about: golf cart battey charger,lead-acid battery charger) (04-06)
  I live in Iowa, USA. Is the charger shown available for purchase?
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[US] [F1158520] 美国求购高尔夫球车(Electric Golf) (03-16)
  hi my name its Leo from argentina, need to know the price of 2 golf cart a6 2 seats. delivery time and in which port you delivery, FOB price. can you send me more pictures thanks
[AU] [F1156582] 澳大利亚求购高尔夫球车(48v Electric Golf Cart Four Seater) (02-25)
  Hi Guys,I am very interested in knowing if you can supply to Australia I am happy to buy a sample and see your quality sadly with travelling I haven't been able to go over to China can you send me pri...
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[US] [F1155103] 美国求购高尔夫球车(Golf Cart) (02-15)
  Hello, I hope you are doing well. My name is Damon and I am a retailer here in the US and am interested in adding some of your products to our portfolio. Can you please send me a catalog to usi...
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[UK] [F1154560] 英国求购高尔夫球车电池充电器(golf cart battery charger) (02-10)
  Dear, I am Tim Meek from. We have a need for a charger for a 2P4S LION pack (16.8V) that has an input of 12V from a vehicle. We are currently using the Fuyuang FY96 which works well. We would prefer a...
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[US] [F1146810] 美国求购高尔夫球车(golf cart) (11-12)
  Hello, my name is, I would like to buy one golf cart, if it is good quality I will order three more. I look forward to learning more about your product, when I was a little girl I grew up in Asia, now...
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[AE] [F1143177] 阿联酋求购高尔夫球车(Golf Carts) (10-11)
  All Kinds Golf Carts/ Club Cars/Buggies / Sales/ Maintenance.
[ZA] [F1140813] 南非求购高尔夫球车(golf carts) (09-14)
  Hi . I have recently started a project with a South African company who are trying to get in extra stock from the US on Club and EZ golf carts. I have decided to reach out to other companies in the ma...
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[US] [F1133936] 美国求购高尔夫球车(golf cart) (06-24)
  Hi I am in Rancho Murieta and seen your golf cart 12 seater how long does battery last? can you send me full spec info what is ordering process? how long to arrives USA or do you have a local conta...
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[PK] [F1123661] 巴基斯坦求购高尔夫球车(electric golf cart) (03-24)
  Hi, Im interested in your product Curtis controller price CE approved club car electric fast golf carts for sale, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. pls quote price and ...
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[UK] [F1122189] 英国求购高尔夫球车(4 Wheels Electric Golf Scooter) (03-15)
  Ew design 60voltt 1000w golfCart Scaterboard 4 wheel Electric Golf Scooter.Ref emails with you I want to place an order for 1pc sample to be delivered to the U.K. door to door.
[FI] [F1116347] 芬兰求购高尔夫球车(4 Person Electric Enclosed Sightseeing Car) (01-25)
  Good evening. Do you own this right-hand drive (RHD) electric vehicle?Where can I watch a video clip about this electric car on the Internet?
[TH] [F1104346] 泰国求购高尔夫球车(golf car Request For Quotation) (10-21)
  I would like to get quotation for LVTONG Model LT-S2 delivery to Thailand. So, please be provide quotation send to me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.
[JO] [F1085418] 约旦求购高尔夫球车(Golf carts) (05-27)
  Dear Have good day Pls check ***. We want same this item from China to USA Pls sent to my email all details with video and pictures snd all certificates for USA And want put customer logo Wa...
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[US] [F1076034] 美国求购电动高尔夫球具车(Electric Golf Cart) (03-24)
  I would like some more details.I will be purchasing these electric golf carts for resale at my Honolulu, Hawaii dealership. I have business selling gas and electric golf carts and UTV in Honolulu, Ha...
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