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[IN] [F1178925] 印度求购钢笔(Pen) (09-23)
  We need all type of pens
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[US] [F1171243] 美国求购笔(pen) (07-14)
  I am looking to make pens like the ones in the image *** with different logo
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[IN] [F1169732] 印度求购圆珠笔(pen) (07-01)
  Hi Please whatsapp with details on fancy stationery. please share your products with pricing on the given whatsapp number
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[UK] [F1167906] 英国求购笔(pen) (06-16)
  Hi, I am looking to source your Norditropin Nordilet Pen Injection Human Growth Ho. Can you tell me the cost per unit? Thanks. Yours truly,
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[US] [F1164599] 美国求购圆珠笔(Pen) (05-16)
  Date Needed - June 1, 2022, Delivery to North America, United States Body - black Ink - black Trim - gold or silver Custom Company Logo - gold or silver matched to trim color Pen weight - 15-25g
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[US] [F1162797] 美国求购圆珠笔(Pen with Custom Logo) (04-25)
  with after logo. Largest text size possible,
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[US] [F1161356] 美国求购钢笔(Pen) (04-11)
  I am a US based reseller of replica fashion wear in watches, pens etc. Currently I am searching for a supplier of hi grade monteblanc three pen and pencil sets; specifically roller ball, medium tip pe...
[VN] [F1157277] 越南求购文具(Pen Water Bottle And Notebook Office) (03-03)
  Dear We ( VOA Group ) in Viet Nam Our customer need 650 sets of Pen Water Bottle And Notebook Office. Please advice me your products Delivery to my shipment agency in Guangzhou - China Please gi...
[IR] [F1156566] 伊朗求购笔、文具(Pen, stationery) (02-25)
  Pen, stationery Hi how are you I want some goods Please add me in wechat Thank you
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[IN] [F1152260] 印度求购钢笔(Pen) (01-11)
  Hello, We are looking for purchase of the following types of writing instruments: Ball pens Felt pens Market pens Fountain pens Crayons
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[RU] [F1151046] 俄罗斯求购圆珠笔(Pen) (12-28)
  Dear Partner, Pls urgently prepare quotation to our request We have big project for pens. Do you have similar styles to ***? Need 3k 10k 15k 20k quotation with one color logo Also don't forget t...
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[NG] [F1150116] 尼日利亚求购笔(Pen) (12-17)
  Writing pen for Students and Office use
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[BD] [F1148337] 孟加拉国求购笔(Pen) (11-29)
  This product is very good
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[RU] [F1147921] 俄罗斯求购笔(Pen) (11-24)
  Hi how are you Hi how are you I want some goods I want some goods Please add me in wechat Please add me in wechat Thank you
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[UK] [F1143415] 英国求购笔(Pen) (10-13)
  A ball point pen with a pull out banner. It needs to be red in colour with a window you can see the logo through when it is retracted. The banner would be double sided and plastic coated. I have *** ...
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[ET] [F1141835] 埃塞俄比亚求购笔(Pen) (09-25)
  To distribute to students and entrepreneurs in Ethiopia and the region
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[AU] [F1141236] 澳大利亚求购圆珠笔(Pen) (09-18)
  Hello, I am, i work for , we want to buy a 40ft container of pens. Your products seem to be of high standards and we will be happy to be in business. Please contact me directly to go further through...
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[AT] [F1140053] 奥地利求购笔(Pen) (09-06)
  See photos for details Quantity 1000 PCS. Shipment term: FOB (no EXW) Payment?
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[NG] [F1139711] 尼日利亚求购笔(Pen) (09-01)
  Office equipment, Ball pen
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[BD] [F1137442] 孟加拉国求购笔(Pen) (08-04)
  Need this... Pls give me details
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