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[KR] [F1208923] 韩国求购充电宝/移动电源(power bank) (09-18)
  Hi. I am a person who wants to distribute electronic products in Korea. I would like to discuss issues such as certification, etc. Let's continue business together.Is there a person in charge of the K...
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[FR] [F1206279] 法国求购充电宝/移动电源(power bank) (08-17)
  Hi, We are looking for a 10 000mAh battery size of a credit card identical to the dimensions show on the pictures. MOQ 1K pcs. What would be your price for 1K pcs ? Looking forward to hearing from ...
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[CZ] [F1205914] 捷克求购充电宝(power bank) (08-14)
  Please see a detailed info in the ***ment file. Powerbank must have CE certification. Please send us 2 type of powerbanks - 1st type 10.000mAh, 2ND type 20.000mAh. Powerbank should have input and outp...
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[IN] [F1200865] 印度求购充电宝/移动电源(power bank) (06-12)
  Hello,Is this product is delivered in India, Bangalore.Thanks and Regards
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[ES] [F1200520] 西班牙求购充电宝/移动电源(Power Bank 20000mah Battery) (06-07)
  Good afternoon, I would like to know the price of 300 units, please include transportation, I would pick it up at the port of Algeciras, Cádiz, Spain. My phone and . Thank you
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[US] [F1199930] 美国求购充电宝(Abs Mini Power Bank 3) (05-31)
  hi we would like to order 500 pcs with custom logo What is the best price you can offer?
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[VN] [F1196643] 越南求购充电宝(New goods 2019 Wireless Power Bank 10000mAh, power supply mobile) (04-21)
  Hi I have a request for quotation for wireless power bank. CIP price at cat hybrid port, DIst.2, HCMC Input interface: USB Type C Is LED lamp illumination: Yes Supports solar energy: no Capacity:9...
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[US] [F1196448] 美国求购充电宝/移动电源(power bank 5000 mah) (04-19)
  Hello! I'm an interested in a quote for 50 of this product (since that's your minimum). If it meets our requirements, we'll be ordering another 115 to cover our needs for the summer. I'm not sure how ...
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[US] [F1192331] 美国求购充电宝(power bank) (02-27)
  Hi, our company is one of the largest importer and distibutor of electronic test equipmet in Mexico, we are interested in yout products.Please provide conditions and best prices.Our website is radio...
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[KR] [F1192176] 韩国求购充电宝(power bank ) (02-24)
  你好 能否要下贵公司的产品目录单呢 ? 可以的话请您发邮件。谢谢
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[NL] [F1191760] 荷兰求购迷你充电宝(mini power bank) (02-20)
  We are GreenMouse, Worldwide supplier of mobile phone accessories to more than 30,000 retail stores. We are looking for a mini power bank with built-in cable for iPhon and USB-C. Capacity between 2000...
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[MX] [F1189528] 墨西哥求购充电宝/移动电源(power bank) (01-19)
  Ni hao pengyou, can you pleas send me quote for 60000mah 25 black, 25 red. and 80000mah 25black, 25 red. shipping to Laredo Texas, USA. Please add me to your whats app for more details
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[DE] [F1185956] 德国求购充电宝(power bank) (12-02)
  Please offer us 300 pcs. Powerbank 1000w 1kw with CE and true Certifikate.We need them soon as possible by Airfreight.Waiting for your quick response.regards
[UK] [F1185955] 英国求购充电宝(power bank) (12-02)
  We are looking for 10000mah power bank,please check the *** logo.what is your best price?
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[ES] [F1185954] 西班牙求购充电宝(power bank) (12-02)
  Hello,I need 1500 powerbanks in 10000mah with my logo on it,please pass me your best price.Kind Regards,David
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[AU] [F1184994] 澳大利亚求购充电宝(power bank) (11-23)
  We need Power Bank 16000mAh with 2 usb,50pcs,what is your best offer?
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[TR] [F1184752] 土耳其求购充电宝(power bank) (11-21)
  What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost ? we need 30pcs 5000mah magnetic power bank
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[US] [F1184747] 美国求购充电宝(power bank) (11-21)
  We are searching PD65W 30000mah power bank,do you have?
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[SA] [F1184745] 沙特阿拉伯求购充电宝(power bank) (11-21)
  Emergency One-time Mobile Charger Disposable Power Bank For Android 2-in-1 Interface 1000mAh Power BankKindly we would like a sample for the above product with a printed logo
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[SV] [F1184713] 萨尔瓦多求购充电宝(power bank) (11-21)
  1) We would like to know if this battery pack is available for use with both Android and Apple phones.2) Could you please quote this product for delivery to El Salvador via air freight.Our physical ad...
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