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[IN] [F1214502] 印度买家求购粉碎机(grinder machine) (11-17)
  Cassava , pepper, Mellon and other daily consumption goods grinder machine 200kg/h
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[IN] [F1214501] 印度买家求购香料粉碎机(spices grinder) (11-17)
  spices grinder with 100 kg/h
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[PK] [F1214219] 巴基斯坦客户求购瓜尔胶粉碎机(guar gum powder mill) (11-14)
  Your machine also makes guar gum powder I need that with 1 t/h capacity
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[YE] [F1214190] 也门客户求购玉米粉碎机(corn mill) (11-14)
  corn pulverizer machine
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[IN] [F1214189] 印度买家求购姜黄粉碎机(turmeric pulverizer) (11-14)
  Turmuric powdwr pulverizer with 0.5 t/h inquiry
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[IN] [F1214186] 印度买家求购粉碎机(hammer mill) (11-14)
  small size cow Dung and wood hammer mill machine
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[IN] [F1214182] 印度买家求购草药粉碎机(herb powder mill) (11-14)
  I need a pulverizer machine to make herb powder can you apply?
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[IN] [F1210279] 印度买家求购洋葱粉碎机(onion pulverizer) (10-08)
  I need a pulverizer for onion
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[IN] [F1209399] 印度买家求购水果粉碎机(fruit pulverizer) (09-22)
  indian plum pulverizer with 1 t/h capacity
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[IN] [F1209398] 印度买家求购姜黄粉碎机(turmeric pulverizer) (09-22)
  Turmeric pulverizer Minimum basic model
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[IN] [F1209147] 印度买家求购辣椒粉碎机(chilly pulverizer) (09-20)
  chilli & spice pulverizer with capacity 25 to 50 hp
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[IN] [F1209037] 印度买家求购粉碎机(pulverizer) (09-19)
  henna leaves pulverizer with 1 ton/hour capacity
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[NP] [F1209021] 尼泊尔客户求购粉碎机(chilly pulverizer) (09-19)
  I need grinding machine for splited peas,rice,maize chilli , turmeric and dry spices. 300 kgs per hour.
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[IN] [F1208497] 印度买家求购姜黄粉碎机(turmeric pulverizer) (09-13)
  I want turmeric grinding machine 500kg/1hour
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[IN] [F1208492] 印度买家求购姜黄粉碎机(turmeric pulverizer) (09-13)
  Turmeric grinder 100kg/h
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[IN] [F1208424] 印度买家求购粉碎机(wood pulverizer) (09-12)
  Wood pulvrizer 10 t/h
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[PK] [F1208228] 巴基斯坦客户求购粉碎机(wheat pulverizer) (09-08)
  Wheat pulverizer inquiry
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[IN] [F1208041] 印度买家求购草药粉碎机(Herbs pulverizer) (09-06)
  200kgs per hour Herbs pulverizer
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[IN] [F1207807] 印度买家求购粉碎机(turmeric pulverizer) (09-05)
  I want a minimum capacity turmeric pulverizer
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