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[IR] [F1178919] 伊朗求购Vini胶带(Vini Tape) (09-23)
  It is PVC insulating tape
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[ES] [F1173678] 西班牙求购胶带(Adhesive Tape) (08-05)
  Hello I am looking to purchase 5600 rolls:•Width 48 mm — Length: 120 linear meters — BOPP White Base Acrylic Polypropylenewith our company logo on it.Can you company manke this. Thanks
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[US] [F1172459] 美国求购和纸胶带(Washi tapes) (07-26)
  I am interested in ordering Washi tapes in your tape design and custom print label stickers with my company information, as promotional products to give away at a conference. you can contact me. Than...
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[NO] [F1170361] 挪威求购胶带(BOPP Packaging Tape) (07-07)
  Hi, my name is Marcus.Im wonderig what it will cost for Custom logo tape, 50mic x 50mm x 66m, white background + with the logo ***. Include shipping.
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[AU] [F1169986] 澳大利亚求购胶带(Kraft Paper Packing Tape) (07-04)
  Hi, Can you please supply a quote for 30 rolls with customised black ink logo (not red color). Width 70mm. Can you add standard shipping to Sydney Australia. what is the best price you can offer? Than...
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[IN] [F1164941] 印度求购胶带(Double Sided Nano Tape) (05-19)
  hi we require 3m ivy tape with 2mm and our requirement is 20k pcs every month so please give us best rate .plz mail me at
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[US] [F1159611] 美国求购胶带(adhesive tape) (03-25)
  你好. 我想問一下. 我有沒有什麼方法和你們联络一下. 我想問一下你們的报价這是我想email
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[UK] [F1159303] 英国求购胶带(branding packaging tape) (03-23)
  Hello, I am looking for branding packaging tape. It needs to be 48mm wide and have the *** logo printed on it. Please could you send me a quote including shipping to SafeGuard Armour, Leeds, LS29 0TN...
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[US] [F1157041] 美国求购胶带(Custom Printed Decoration Washi Tape) (03-02)
  I would like to know how much it will cost to order 25 rolls of my custom logo tape with shipping. Here is a sample of my logo to repeat on the tape
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[BR] [F1156887] 巴西求购胶带(BOPP Carton Sealing Tape) (03-01)
  Hi, I would like to quote >50000 adhesive tapes of 48mm x 300m.Could you send me a message :
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[BD] [F1156575] 孟加拉国求购胶带(adhesive tape) (02-25)
  We are a leading flexible packaging company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We would like to import the adhesive tape for LDPE and PP polybags. The following requirements are:•HDPE MM L/S 13MM Liner...
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[DE] [F1153833] 德国求购胶带(BOPP Seal Tape) (01-26)
  Dear Supplier, I am from company, we are interested in sellotape with our own company name, pls can you send me an offer and if there is a possibility to get sample of the products, we will be happy...
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[TH] [F1151271] 泰国求购胶带(Non-woven tape, PE Tape/Transparent Tape) (12-30)
  Dear I interest your 6 products, could you quote me the price to my email? Quantity : MOQ for each items 1. Non-woven tape ½ inch x 5 yard – 1rolls/small box – 12 small boxes/middle box – 50m...
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[DE] [F1151152] 德国求购胶带(self adhesive white pvc/bopp tapes) (12-29)
  Good day, please provide us an inquiry for 50 rolls customized (see ***ment) 48mm x 100m (your default) self adhesive white pvc/bopp tapes. thank you, tom
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[AU] [F1150636] 澳大利亚求购高温遮蔽胶带(Hight Temp Masking Tape) (12-23)
  Automotive paint consumables Masking Tape Paper cone strainers Sanding blocks
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[VE] [F1149808] 委内瑞拉求购胶带(Tape) (12-15)
  Hello need quote for packing tape and film roll fast
[NG] [F1148901] 尼日利亚求购胶带(BOPP / OPP Tapes) (12-03)
  HI,We are writing this email from Lagos, Nigeria. We want to import teh Bopp tapes from you.Could you pls give us the details of the various Bopp tapes available with you and the pricing. We need mos...
[IN] [F1147614] 印度求购胶带(3mm Double Side Satin Tape) (11-22)
  Dyeable - white - double side satin tape
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[GT] [F1146905] 危地马拉求购胶带(Adhesive Tapes) (11-13)
  Adhesive tapes.
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[CM] [F1146639] 喀麦隆求购胶带(Midsole Tape) (11-11)
  I am looking for that rubber band used in the assembly of sneakers. 附件

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