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[VE] [F1183846] 委内瑞拉求购糖磨粉机(Sugar Grinding Mill) (11-11)
  molino de Azúcar ¿Qué tamaño de salida final necesita? (malla o micra) 5 micras ¿Cuántas toneladas por hora quieres? 1 tn o menos
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[IN] [F1180529] 印度客户求购饲料磨粉机(cattle feed pulverizer) (10-11)
  5 tone parhaus Cattle feed atomitik mil please give me a quotation
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[PK] [F1180528] 巴基斯坦客户求购麦子磨粉机(wheat pulverizer) (10-11)
  can I get your quotation of wheat pulverizer
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[IN] [F1180100] 印度求购橡胶磨粉机(Rubber grinding mill) (10-09)
  Rubber grinding mill What final output size you need? (mesh or micron) 120 mesh How many tons per hour do you want? 300kgs
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[BO] [F1179177] 玻利维亚求购香蕉磨粉机(banana flour mill) (09-26)
  Requiero cotización de molino para harina de banano , 1 TN/ día
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[IN] [F1178708] 印度客户求购面粉磨粉机(machine can grind wheat flour) (09-22)
  Can you supply me grinding mill machine I want grind wheat flour and chana dal flour with 200 kg per hour capacity
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[NP] [F1176808] 尼泊尔客户求购米磨粉机(rice pulverizer) (09-05)
  can you supply a 5 t/h rice and maize powder pulverizer
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[MY] [F1176097] 马来西亚客户求购磨粉机(food pulverizer) (08-30)
  I need a grinding mill machine Grinding wheat, rice, maize flour, Grinding cili, turmeric, Coriander powder @ 10 kg per hour. send video on Grinding and Grinding disc/blades_ /knife
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[JO] [F1174567] 约旦求购玉米磨粉机(wheat maize corn rice flour making mill) (08-15)
  اريد مطحنة مواد جافه
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[NG] [F1174532] 尼日利亚客户求购木薯粉磨粉机(Cassava grinmding mill) (08-12)
  Cassava grinding mill and garin processing mill
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[IN] [F1173688] 印度求购糖磨粉机(Sugar Grinding Mill) (08-05)
  What material do you want to process? sugar How many tons per hour do you want? 2000 kg per hour
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[PK] [F1167445] 巴基斯坦求购糖磨粉机(sugar mill) (06-13)
  I need sugar grinding mill for 20 mesh 2 ton per hour
[IN] [F1167335] 印度求购稻壳磨粉机(rice husk grinding mill) (06-11)
  I want to make powder of rice husk How many tons per hour do you want? 2 Email
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[IN] [F1166682] 印度求购Dal 磨粉机(Dal Mill Machine) (06-06)
  We are looking for 'dal mill machine'. Purpose:- manufacturing use specification : - dal dryer Operation Mode: - semi Automatic Capacity :- 50 kg per hour So kindly send your quotations...
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[IN] [F1165238] 印度求购Dal 磨粉机(Dal Mill Machine) (05-23)
  Need Dal Mill Machine in Good Quality
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[IN] [F1163674] 印度求购Dal 磨粉机(dal mill machine) (05-06)
  Mini Dal Mill 3hp 200kg per hour
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[VU] [F1158558] 瓦努阿图求购木头磨粉机(wood powder machine) (03-16)
  What kind of material do you want to process? WOOD What final output size do you need? Finest powder How many tons per hour do you want? 1 tonne per day
[BI] [F1158297] 布隆迪求购骨头磨粉机(bones breaking machine) (03-14)
  Hi. I'm planning to launch an eggs poultry purpose business. For that I need a machine to make bones powder. Could you get me informed about where I could get it please?
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[PG] [F1157831] 巴布亚新几内亚求购木薯红薯磨粉机(Grinding mill for cassava and sweet potato) (03-09)
  What kind of material do you want to process? Cassava and sweet potato What final output size/powder fineness you need? Powder finesse How many tons per hour do you want? One tonne
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[NG] [F1155173] 尼日利亚求购谷物玉米纤维磨粉机(Grain corn fiber grinding mill) (03-30)
  I am interested in powder grinding mill for Grain corn fiber.1000 kg/day I need one sir.

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