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[US] [F1215640] 美国求购圆珠笔(promotional pen with custom logo) (11-30)
  I am looking for the about 2000 pens printed with my company logo (***). Please let me know if you could take this, what is the lead time?, shipping cost? and how soon can this be delivered?
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[AE] [F1215021] 阿联酋求购圆珠笔(Metal Pen) (11-23)
  Iam looking for exactly the same model pen as in the ***ment.. its heavy metal ball point pen with black color fittings.. those who have the same pen only respond please... Thanks alot.. you can email...
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[US] [F1214920] 美国求购圆珠笔(3 in 1 wooden pen set with Box) (11-23)
  I am looking for wood pencil lead holders. 2.0mm, 3.0mm, or 4.0 mm.I would like to get quote on DIY kits and wood blanks.
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[US] [F1214730] 美国求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint Pen) (11-20)
  I would like a quote for 200 black pens with my logo.What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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[IL] [F1214715] 以色列求购圆珠笔(Pen) (11-20)
  Hello dear , i want to make an order for 1500 pen's to the company i'm working.can you please send me your mock up for this ped with our logo?thank you elad
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[CA] [F1214679] 加拿大求购圆珠笔(gift pen with custom logo) (11-20)
  Hi I want to make this pen as shown in Red with my logo ***. What is the best price you can give with shipping I am located in 4 horizon Court Richmond Hill, L4B 3G1. Also how fast will I get it. "您好,...
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[PK] [F1214278] 巴基斯坦求购圆珠笔(Ball Point Pencils) (11-15)
  Schiender company
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[US] [F1213973] 美国求购圆珠笔(promotional stylus pens) (11-10)
  100, 200 and 300 green pen pricing with black letters printed on two lines.
[AE] [F1213609] 阿联酋求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint Pen) (11-08)
  i need white pen with our logo in ***ments and dark blue pen also same color of the logo, please send me 10000 will cost how much door o door
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[AU] [F1213301] 澳大利亚求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint Pens) (11-06)
  Hi there,We are wanting to order 2000 branded black ink pens with our logo, website, and phone number. How much would the cost be for coloured printing including postage to Melbourne Australia? Also h...
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[US] [F1213268] 美国求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint Pen) (11-04)
  Interested in 500 #14 pens with either my Logo or my Business Name on it. Would like to see both options and pricing. Business Name is "Jason's Pro Detail". I can send my logo as well. A sample ca...
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[US] [F1213243] 美国求购圆珠笔(Metal Ballpoint Ball) (11-04)
  i would like 1000 pens made with What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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[MT] [F1212638] 马耳他求购圆珠笔(Luxury Metal Ballpoint Promotional Pen) (10-30)
  Could you please give me a quotation for 2000 white pens printed with colour logo as ***ment and including shipping to Malta. Please give me the best price you can offer. Thanks
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[PT] [F1211297] 葡萄牙求购圆珠笔(ball pen) (10-17)
  Bom dia!Tem alguma foto de exemplar destas canetas já personalizadas para ver como ficam?Obrigada, bom trabalho!100pcs
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[US] [F1211295] 美国求购圆珠笔(ball pen) (10-17)
  We are looking to have our logo and phone number added. I have *** the logo and would like to phone number below the logo please. Thank you!
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[US] [F1211289] 美国求购圆珠笔(ball pen) (10-16)
  Can you put a logo on these pens? Color red,we need 1000pcs ball pen
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[BN] [F1211282] 文莱求购圆珠笔(ballpoint pen) (10-16)
  How much would it cost together with the shipping cost to our office in Brunei? For colour dark blue and with a custom logo
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[AT] [F1211280] 奥地利求购圆珠笔(ballpoint pen) (10-16)
  We would be interested in ballpoint pen,5000pcs! Incl. our logo with e-mail and telephone number! Please indicate the costs incl. Free House, door to door Delivery Address: 9581 Ledenitzen Austria, Au...
[US] [F1210940] 美国求购圆珠笔(Custom Ballpoint Pen) (10-12)
  See *** logo. Need this wording also."Your Partner in Technology
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[DK] [F1210427] 丹麦求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint Pen) (10-09)
  What is the shipping cost? Do you support customization? What is the best price you can offer? With a small TEXT LOGO in just white on a black pen.
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