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[BR] [F1179884] 巴西求购集成电路(ATTINY414) (09-30)
  Dear suppliers, I'd like to request your help to find the following part numbers These ones are in rolls ATTINY414-SSNR ATTINY414-SSFR We could accept the offer in tubes as well ATTINY414-SSN A...
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[ES] [F1178901] 西班牙求购集成电路(integrated circuit) (09-23)
  (Ic's COMPONENTS) LDFM33PUR,we need 100pcs this part, Please quote this part number delivered to China Mainland
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[CZ] [F1178229] 捷克求购集成电路(LME49720MAX/NOPB) (09-19)
  Hi Where can I order this item, 10pcs, please? What is the lates quotation for 10pcs plus DHL shipping to Europe? Can pay with card or paypal.Thanks
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[IN] [F1177741] 印度求购集成电路(MLDET2310P 400W driver E series) (09-14)
  Dear Sir, We are OEM and manufacturing Sticker labelling and Packaging machines based at Ahmedabad, India. We require MLDET2310P 400W driver E series, Qty. 50Pc. Please send your best offer as ear...
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[IN] [F1177638] 印度求购集成电路(Skm 75gb12 t4) (09-13)
  Skm 75gb12 t4 igbt qty500 reqd immediately, 75a 1200 v pl send the best price and delivery Any antenna enquiries across
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[IT] [F1175569] 意大利求购集成电路(RY611024) (08-24)
  Dear all,I need price and delivery for 5000 pieces of RY611024 or in alternative RY211024Best regards
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[BR] [F1174080] 巴西求购集成电路(SERIAL CHIP CH340) (08-09)
  Hello suppliers, I'm requesting a quote for the serial chip CH340, the quotation is for 1 roll of his product, let me know the price per price and how many oper roll. Please contact me on my corporti...
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[TR] [F1173636] 土耳其求购集成电路(new orginal AT24C1024BN-SH25 IC Chips) (08-04)
  Dear Sir/Madam,I hope you are very well. Could you please send the price and delivery time for below parts to my mail address AT24C1024BN-SH25 1500 pcsLM4041EIM3-1.2/NOPB4000 pcs Have a good day.
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[AR] [F1172168] 阿根廷求购集成电路(STP16CPC26TTR) (07-22)
  Hi DaniseI need to buy 10pcs of the STP16CPC26TTR model, to do quality tests.Could you send me the proforma invoice for 10 pieces plus the shipping cost to Argentina.Shipping information:Country: Arge...
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[AR] [F1171649] 阿根廷求购集成电路(LCMXO2-4000HE-6MG132C) (07-19)
  HI good morning. Greetings from Argentina. I would like to buy 10 units and pay with AliPay.How much is it? Delivery time?Please send to my email. the shipping would be on my account of DHL, EXW.Thank...
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[IT] [F1170485] 意大利求购集成电路(TC14433AEPG) (07-08)
  Good morning, we are, with the present, to ask Vs. Best offer for n. 100 pcs model TC14433AEPGAttendiamo price, delivery and shipping cost. Thank you. Best regards.
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[IL] [F1170429] 以色列求购集成电路(arduino nano v3 atmega328p) (07-07)
  Hello,I am contacting you on behalf of a company that uses arduino nano in many of its products.After the first purchase we can make regular contact of the purchase of the product in quantities of 2-5...
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[KR] [F1170419] 韩国求购集成电路(ATMEGA2560-16AU) (07-07)
  Hi, I'm looking for the chip(ATMEGA2560-16AU).I'll appriciate it send me a quotation.Thank you.
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[NO] [F1168596] 挪威求购集成电路(INA219 SOIC) (06-22)
  Please share with me your price for 100 pcs (INA219 SOIC), and when you can ship them. Thank you in advance. Best regards
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[CZ] [F1168327] 捷克求购集成电路(Airoha AB1561M) (06-20)
  Please if you have Airoha AB1561M 20 pcs, please send quote to
[US] [F1167220] 美国求购集成电路(CAT5171TBI-50GT3) (06-10)
  Please quote 1000 pieces CAT5171TBI-50GT3, FOB Shenzhen.Preferable reply to
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[US] [F1167070] 美国求购集成电路(STM32F412VET6) (06-09)
  Please quote 1000 pieces STM32F412VET6 FOB Shenzhen. Preferably reply to. Too hard to read quotations on this website.
[MN] [F1165649] 蒙古求购集成电路(DS3234SN Integrated circuit) (05-25)
  To whom it may concern, Can you please provide a quotation for 3000 units of DS3234SN (frame Soic-20/300) microchip to be delivered to Mongolia. We are also looking for the following products if you ...
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[IT] [F1164983] 意大利求购集成电路(MKL46Z256VLL4 IC Integrated Circuit) (05-19)
  i'm italian company, my mail is i want buy, 1.500pcs
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[US] [F1164810] 美国求购集成电路(LAN8742A-CZ-TR) (05-18)
  Please provide quote for 100pcs. LAN8742A-CZ-TR. Do you have them in stock? Do you have LAN8740 also.
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