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[NG] [F1178908] 尼日利亚求购文具用品(Stocklot Stationery Items) (09-23)
  Stocklot stationery items, all kinds of stationery goods, items, send prices and catalogs to us via email for our confirmation of order yours Toye
[AU] [F1152031] 澳大利亚求购文具用品(Stationery) (01-09)
  Hello, I am interested in brand name HGH like; Genotropins or Norditropins etc. Do you have Signal,Telegram or Whatsapp so we can communicate faster? This website does not accept Proton mail so here...
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[IT] [F1134432] 意大利求购文具用品(stationery set) (06-29)
  dear H we have the new project for stationery set similar or new as *** pciture: it is your samples take during the fair pls can you send us the available set similar or differet you have ? it ...
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[UA] [F1127635] 乌克兰求购文具用品(stationery) (04-22)
  Good Day, my name is Liudmila, I am from Lastre company, Ukraine. We deal with art materials for adults, children, also with school stationery. We are wholesalers. We buy from China, and then sell in ...
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[DE] [F1087127] 德国求购文具用品( Ball pen & Markers.) (06-05)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Scr Ball pen & Markers. Please send us your best quotes & offers. Thank you.
[TW] [F920813] 台湾求购文具用品(stationery) (08-07)
  Dear Sir, Hello.We want to import stationery.If you can give us the price, moq and specifications with delivery time ASAP we can place immediate order, we want to work only with the factory, our agen...
[US] [F920811] 美国求购文具用品(stationery) (08-07)
  Dear Sales, Hi there. Nice to meet you. I am looking for very cheap stationery. Please let me know if you can supply to me. Let me know what your minimum quantity requirements are as well as price.A...
[KI] [F850116] 基里巴斯求购文具用品(Stationery Goods) (06-07)
  We are looking to buy $2 shop items for my new retail franchise store. I looking for Stationery Goods. I would prefer suppliers who don t restrict shipment to my port of destination which is Tarawa, R...
[CL] [F789784] 智利求购文具用品(Stationery) (10-06)
  I need to buy the following stuffs:Plastic ball pen, plastic pen, a small cotton stick, ceramic cups and plastic glue,let me know your prcice.
[PH] [F721986] 菲律宾求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[US] [F721974] 美国求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[TW] [F721964] 台湾求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[IN] [F721962] 印度求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[US] [F721960] 美国求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[VN] [F721953] 越南求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
  ATA Co., Ltd Ho Chi MinhLe Trung Nghia 84-08-8110929 84-08-2939193
[US] [F721950] 美国求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[IN] [F721940] 印度求购文具用品(stationery) (03-06)
[KE] [F701677] 肯尼亚求购练习本等文具用品(The exercises such as stationery) (07-11)
  Willing to exercise the purchase of stationery, etc.
[HK] [F699022] 香港求购文具用品(stationery set) (06-14)
  We are a H.K. buying office and now our South American customer is looking for stationery set available for school use. They have 12 items (see the *** photo). The order quantity is around 50,000 ...

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