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[CA] [F1188667] 加拿大求购冰箱贴(Fridge Magnet) (01-06)
  Hello, I am looking to have magnets made for promotional purposes. I am looking to have a logo like this made into 3D magnets. Please let me know if this would be possible.
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[US] [F1176309] 美国求购冰箱贴(Metal Souvenirs Fridge Magnet) (08-31)
  I would like to order 200 of these with our logo. How much to ship DHL to 70615 and can you send me a image sample with the logo ***.
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[US] [F1172122] 美国求购打印纸日历冰箱贴(printing paper calendar fridge magnet) (07-22)
  How much would this be to put our own design above the calendar? how much per calendar? would it start with this current month and year?
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[ES] [F1169730] 西班牙求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (07-01)
  hello friend how are you ! im bassam from valencia Spain and I want to work with you the owner got 3 shops and he want to make magnets and keychain so this is my number we can talk on WhatsApp is fa...
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[GR] [F1160658] 希腊求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-04)
  Hi how are you? Very nice to meet.My name is Lior, I'm a pastry chefi would be happy to please book a business card with a cupcake shaped Magneti would love to know what I'm supposed to do? I'm...
[IT] [F1160657] 意大利求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-04)
  Dear, I am seeking for suppliers who can custom design varies designs of popular sneaker and create a fridge magnet. 4" x 5.25". Something similar to the *** photos but with colors
[SG] [F1159881] 新加坡求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (03-29)
  Hello, My name is Teun Bijsterveld.I have a question for this whiteboard. How many can be transported in 1 box, and what is the volume price per box. Kind Regard,Teun Bijsterveld
[AE] [F1155413] 迪拜求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (02-17)
  Hi I am looking for a 1500 customised fridge magnets for my marketing promotion of the company. I wanted to know if its possible for you to ship each magnet individually to my prospects directly? ...
[AE] [F1155412] 迪拜求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (02-17)
  Hi, I am interested in these slices but I want to make engraved fridge magnets. Please let me know if you can do that. How much also for 5300 pcs?Lana
[AE] [F1155411] 迪拜求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (02-17)
  Hi, how much is the total cost for 500 pieces of 48mmx68mm customized/personalized fridge magnet to Dubai?
[AE] [F1155408] 迪拜求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (02-17)
  Hello, can you please provide me with a quote for 100 pc circle shaped blank circle shaped fridge magnet.
[ZA] [F1034195] 南非求购冰箱贴(Fridge Magnet) (06-04)
  it will cool if you send us details for Fridge Magnet, we are planning to place order. contact
[US] [F1006692] 美国求购冰箱磁铁(magnet Paper Fridge Magnet) (09-21)
  Hi! We have a pet expo to attend and looking for free items to give out. We are based in United States of America. We are very interested in your Printed refrigerator magnet Fridge Magnet. Materi...
[US] [F973358] 美国求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (07-17)
  Vinyl Die Cut Flexible Beer Shaped Refrigerator Magnets Greetings, I'm looking for Vinyl Die Cut Flexible Beer Shaped Refrigerator Magnets, please notice the file *** (TO IMITATE THE IMAGE, THIS IS...
[AE] [F935957] 阿联酋求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-02)
  Wood Crafts,Fridge Magnets,Wardrobes,Other Educational Toys,Storage Boxes & Bins ,pls contact me soon
[NL] [F935956] 荷兰求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-02)
  i want to buy Fridge Magnets , pls contact me soon .
[CO] [F935887] 哥伦比亚求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-01)
  i am in the market of Frame,Fridge Magnets,Mobile Phone Bags & Cases,Stickers ,pls contact me soon
[HR] [F935886] 克罗地亚求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-01)
  i am in the market of Fridge Magnets, pls contact me soon
[EE] [F935885] 爱沙尼亚求购冰箱贴(fridge magnet) (04-01)
  Fridge Magnets,Other Gifts & Crafts,Pet Toys,Other Consumer Electronics,Magnetic Materials

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