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Li-ion Battery buyer & importer

[TR] [F1169137] 土耳其求购锂离子电池(PMNN4066 Li-ion Battery) (06-21)
  we want to PMNN4440 AR battery for motorola 2 way raidosOur order: 500 unitsDelivery to Istanbul TURKEYCould you send me offer letter including catalog and technical specifications as soon as possib...
[SRB] [F1136624] 戴尔维亚求购锂离子电池(Li-ion battery) (07-24)
  Hi,Do you ship to Serbia, What would be a price for 1 piece for this battery. Please send an invoice to payPal email. if you ship to Serbia.Thanks.Regards
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[DE] [F906246] 德国求购锂电池(Li-ion Battery) (02-17)
  Rechargeable 3.7 Volt 18650 Li-ion Battery From EH Manufacturer With 3000mAh/Best Cost-Performance Quantity Required: 100 Pieces Detailed Description Hello We need some of this type of Batte...
[DE] [F858161] 德国求购锂离子电池(LI-ion battery) (07-20)
  Have you still the LI-ion battery 7,2V1800mA in stock. If yes, what is your price including shipping to Germany.
[US] [F854930] 美国求购锂离子电池(Li-Ion battery) (07-05)
  Hi., I am looking to find YOKU 3.7v Li-Ion battery dimensions are (35x160)mm, at the highest mAh available replacing older non-functioning batteries.
[US] [F646603] 美国求购Li-Ion电池(Li-Ion Battery) (03-17)
  Looking for 1500-1600mAh Li-Ion battery with 8mm x 34mm x 60 or more mm. It should include 3cm wire and a standard Molex connector.
[BD] [F588200] 孟加拉求购锂电池(Li-ion Battery) (09-19)
  I'm interested in your Lithium AA Rechargeable Battries USB 1.5V Li-ion Battery, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. Regards
[FR] [F462504] 法国求购锂电池(Li-ion Battery) (10-09)
  Li-ion Battery Quantity Required: 1000 Pieces Details: The maximum volume of the battery is 82*52*2.3 mm3, with a capacity of 1500mAh. The size of the battery we need is almost the same with t...
[CA] [F456074] 加拿大求购锂电池(Li-ion Battery) (09-02)
  I'm living in Canada. I want to buy 3 "Sanyo GS LP363443" batteries. Please let me know what is the price.
[NG] [F434439] 尼日利亚求购锂电池(Li-ion battery) (05-22)
  Lithium Ion battery bank 48volt 400AH, fast charging , 80%DOD, Working temperature 50 Degree Cel, battery management system
[DK] [F397279] 丹麦求购锂电池(li-ion battery) (11-05)
  li-ion battery for passenger car/electric vehicle/tricycle/golf cart 76v 100ah Quantity Required: 200 Pieces Danish importer of vehicles from Asia can be interested in Your lithium battery for E...
[HK] [F273689] 中国香港求购锂电池,充电器(Li-ion Battery,Travel charge) (10-28)
  supplying with following accessories: 1. Li-ion Battery 400mAH (1.5mH), Nominal Voltage: 3.7V 2. Travel charge of 2 pin plug, input 220-240V 200MA 3. Instruction manual (each pc in plastic bag) 4. Pac...
[UK] [F220905] 英国求购电池(Li-Ion battery 22500 2300 mA) (07-01)
  We are looking for protected Li-Ion batteries 22500 with 2300 mAh. Samples must be available.
[IT] [F139349] 意大利求购电池(Li-ion battery) (12-29)
  Batteries for PCB solder, one positive pin. Paypal payment preferred. Thanks

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