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[GQ] [F1179034] 赤道几内亚求购集装箱(Full Container) (09-23)
  Dear,I am interested to Fcl Full Container Load China to SAN SALVADOR GUATEMALA CITY COLON FREE ZONE Shipping FCL appreciate if you may please share the product details you are offering.Waiting for yo...
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[US] [F1175683] 美国求购集装箱(20' Half Height Open top Container) (08-25)
  Hello, we have need for 150 units of a custom half-height container. I would like to send further detail to you. Please email me at if you think that you can assist us with this.
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[US] [F1171197] 美国求购集装箱(Container breakdown lists) (07-14)
  SH1KS2480900,ONEYNK2GF2387800,ONEYNK2GF2382300,CMDUCNUN824444,CMDUCNUN827411,CMDUCNUN827420 This is Mark Wilson from Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado, United States. We are currently exp...
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[CR] [F1165419] 哥斯达黎加求购集装箱(shipping containers) (05-24)
  I'm looking for 6-10 shipping containers to be converted into homes - looking for as much light/windows as possible. please response
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[US] [F1164546] 美国求购集装箱吊耳(Container Lifting Lug Bottom Lifting Lug) (05-16)
  We manufacture container handling equipment and need a supplier for container lifting lugs for our factory in Vietnam. We need a pricing please for lugs rated for 35t and abovePlease respond by email
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[SA] [F1161665] 沙特求购集装箱配件(container assembly parts) (04-14)
  We want to order complete container assembly parts of 20ft container in high quantity. Please quote your best price and shipping time. You may mail us directly on. We need your bill of material of com...
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[SG] [F1161047] 新加坡求购集装箱零部件(Full Set of Shipping Container Spare Parts) (04-08)
  Dear Sir Good morning, We are currently sourcing for vendor that supply materials and parts for producing shipping containers. Would appreciate if you can offer your quote for materials and parts nee...
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[UK] [F1159717] 英国求购集装箱(container) (03-26)
  We are looking for an initial order of 10X mini shipping containers. Delivered to the UK. All painted in Ral 209 I need total costs for 10 units shipped to UK and per unit costs along with times...
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[US] [F1157182] 美国求购集装箱(Best Selling 40ft New One Trip Shipping Containers) (03-03)
  quantity: 20 Piece/Pieces United States 20 Piece/Pieces need quote as soon as possible for 20 new 40 foot long 9 foot high one trip new containers
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[US] [F1155788] 美国求购集装箱(Shipping Containers ) (02-21)
  We are looking to buy 20' and 40' used shipping containers Storage Worthy. We need these containers shipped to the Port of Tampa Florida. Please, no major dents or claps containers. Some rust is acc...
[ES] [F1155473] 西班牙求购集装箱(20ft Dry Cargo Shipping Container) (02-17)
  hello, can you give me a price quote for 20 ft sea container with door at both rear end? We need 3-5 to start with and after inicial trial and prototype built, we need 100 or more each year. Delivered...
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[RO] [F1153421] 罗马尼亚求购20英尺集装箱套件办公室(20ft Container Kit Office) (01-21)
  Hello, Please contact me via the ****address We have small project and we need to have office and WC separately. please make us a proper offer for manufacturing and shipment them to Romania.Thank y...
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[US] [F1152882] 美国求购农业集装箱(Shipping Container farming) (01-17)
  Hello - I am interested in a 40 foot container farm designed to grow MICROGREENS. I am also interested in a 40 foot container designed to grow MUSHROOMS. Do you offer container farms set up for micro...
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[SG] [F1151818] 新加坡求购集装箱用铝管抛光货杆(Aluminum Tube Buffing Cargo Bar for Container) (01-06)
  Hello, i have a customer looking for cargo bars : for containers.Looking at maybe 30 - 50 piecesdescription below from customer :We would like to request quotation for the below shown cargo Protection...
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[VN] [F1149317] 越南求购集装箱(CIMC 40ft HC dry cargo container) (12-09)
  Hi, I'm Lam from Vietnam.I like to buy 2 container 40ft High Cube with CSC certificate. Please help to quote and contact me via whatapps.Thanks and hope to hear from you.
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[TR] [F1146602] 土耳其求购带油布的海上集装箱(Offshore Container With Tarpaulin) (11-10)
  Dear Sir/MadamI want a special container in which I will send the bagged products (each 50 kg bags containing cow/sheep feed) that we will send to my dealers based on their orders, leave the full, tak...
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[CO] [F1146567] 哥伦比亚求购集装箱(Dry Container) (11-10)
  Hi, I would like to know the price for 40 'Length Hydraulics Flying Wings Container Material Steel Type Dry Container. I am interested in buying 1.0 Square Meter/Square Meters. 40feet Please provi...
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[US] [F1146005] 美国求购集装箱(New and Used Refrigerated container) (11-05)
  Selling quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces United States 1 Piece/Pieces 1 container shopped to Douala Cameroon. Contact information BEN, Cell phone,.
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[PH] [F1142165] 菲律宾求购集装箱(shipping containes) (09-27)
  Hi I would like to purchase shipping containes both used and new for 20'st, 40'st and 40'HC. Please contact me via email Thank you. Regards, Charmaine Faye
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[NL] [F1125370] 荷兰求购集装箱(container) (04-07)
  Hello . Can you gave us a offer. Maximum load 20 ft coainter maximum 20.000 kilo.s If we want a full container. How many kilos or peaces go In the container. And what does it cost Do you have a...

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