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masking tape buyer & importer

[IN] [F1178909] 印度求购黄色遮蔽胶带(Masking Tape Yellow Roll) (09-23)
  Carpenter water proof masking yellow tape
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[BR] [F1176731] 巴西求购遮蔽胶带(masking tape) (09-05)
  Hello dear! we are after some masking tape: either paper mask and plastic transparent mask. Here I have *** the TDS we need it to lookialike so you can get a base. PS: for the ORA, please consider the...
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[AU] [F1150636] 澳大利亚求购高温遮蔽胶带(Hight Temp Masking Tape) (12-23)
  Automotive paint consumables Masking Tape Paper cone strainers Sanding blocks
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[IN] [F1143418] 印度求购胶带(Masking Tape) (10-13)
  Looking for masking tape jumbo rolls, good quality is a must. Will need samples ASAP.
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[NG] [F1139307] 尼日利亚求购胶带(Masking Tape) (08-26)
  Here are list of My Orders Guangdong 150 9001, 150 14064. Hks brand, High gloss automotive pearl colours. 1. Masking tape - 10 cartons 2. Sand paper - 5 cartons 3. Tack cloth and air sander 4....
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[TN] [F1138131] 突尼斯求购胶带(Double-Side Tape / Duck Tape / Masking Tape) (08-12)
  Type: Double-side Tape / Duck Tape / Masking Tape Material: Any material This is Toby from Ozeol international purchasing company; I'm looking for a stock of ready goods or raw materials of Adhes...
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[CH] [F1135466] 瑞士求购胶带(Masking Tape) (07-09)
  Hello, I need an Masking Tape with a high built quality that can last And also the one with a good looking design. I am not always here so Please contact me directly through my email So that we ...
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[OM] [F1133160] 阿曼求购胶带(Shuttering Tape and Masking Tape) (06-18)
  2" shuttering and 2" Masking tape
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[PK] [F1132787] 巴基斯坦求购胶带(Masking Tape) (06-15)
  Hi I'm Muhammad Umar Khalid, working as an Operational Manager in Propeller Pvt Ltd, a company specialized in office adhesive tape. We a currently looking to expand our product line, and are looking f...
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[GH] [F1132077] 加纳求购胶带(Asmaco Masking Tape) (06-02)
  It is used for packaging items
[BH] [F1124100] 巴林求购遮蔽胶带(Masking tape) (03-27)
  Masking tape Roll size witdh 48mm Length 50m Temperature 60°
[AE] [F1106174] 阿联酋求购胶带(Masking Tape) (11-05)
  We are looking for Masking tape higher quality. Our existing masking tape details as below. Please check and let us have your final CIF Dubai price soon. 1. Masking tape, 1575x1850m 12roll 2. Mask...
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[JO] [F1088340] 约旦求购汽车油漆级美纹纸胶带(auto paint grade masking tape) (06-12)
  I hope thisfinds you well, Im Aladdin from pactecltd in jordan Im interested in masking tape jumbo rolls Kindly can let me know sizes and prices Many thanks,
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[HK] [F1077872] 香港求购耐高温粉末涂层胶带(high-temperature resist powder coating masking tape) (04-07)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We are searching a supplier which can supply high-temperature resist powder coating masking tape. Our parts is Aluminum die casting base. The surface finish is powder coating. some pos...
[GN] [F1037959] 几内亚求购胶带(Masking Tape) (07-01)
  Hello i need masking tape Asmaco 30yard if you please contact me on whatssap or my email D.
[US] [F1007239] 美国求购胶带(masking tape) (09-28)
  I'm looking for General Purpose Masking Tape. For non-damageable surfaces such as : vinyl, carpet, wood Adhesion level: high Coating being applied: water-based, solvent based Dimensions: Width: 0....
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[UK] [F1006371] 英国求购美纹胶(masking tape) (09-18)
  hi,I am looking for the masking tape,please send the detail information
[AE] [F1004579] 阿联酋求购遮蔽胶带(masking tape) (08-29)
  Hi, I want to stock and sell masking tape in UAE. Can you please tell what is the legnth of each roll in width of 0,5in, 1" and 2inch. Please send data sheet, test certificate. What will be the char...
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[TR] [F882080] 土耳其求购美纹纸胶带(Masking Tape) (04-18)
  preferred masking tapes are 24x40 and 24x35 sizes. So with this sizes, for 72 pieces in one carton, under our brand, I mean OEM masking tapes which will resist to 80C, 90C degrees while the car i...
[PH] [F812285] 菲律宾求购胶带(Masking Tape) (07-19)
  I am looking for masking tape that is suitable for paints. No high temperature resistance needed. I am looking for the cheapest. Thank you.

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