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[US] [F1212862] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(car freshener) (11-01)
  What material is the car freshener made of? Can it be made in a rectangular shape, 4" x 2.75" with a logo on both sides (logo ***)?
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[ES] [F1212321] 西班牙求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (10-26)
  Hi, we want to buy 500 units for our brand, can you send whatsapp message. Ship to spain how many days?
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[PE] [F1211994] 秘鲁求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (10-23)
  I need to place an order with my logo design Size: 10*10*10mm -- 100*100*100mm Material: Absorbent paper + Logo printing both sides + String + Scent Colors: Customize. Shape: Customize. Fragrance...
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[AU] [F1209743] 澳大利亚求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener) (09-26)
  Hi,We would like to do a trial order of a paper car air freshener. 1000 units with Sandalwood scent.Our company is in Australia. The shape we want is the face of the Frill Necked Lizard (see *** photo...
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[BG] [F1209386] 保加利亚求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener Custom Logo) (09-22)
  Hi, we want to make air freshener with this logo. What will be the shipping cost to Bulgaria for 1000 pieces? The color should be as on the picture.
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[CA] [F1208836] 加拿大求购车用空气清新剂(custom logo car air freshener) (09-18)
  We are looking for custom logo car air fresheners from qualified suppliers. The product should be made of high-quality materials and have a long-lasting fragrance. We are interested in quotes from sup...
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[FR] [F1208319] 法国求购车用空气清新剂(Air Freshener Custom Logo) (09-11)
  Keyword: paper air fresher Fragrance: all scents Function: Refresh Air Logo: CMYK Offered Shape: Customize Shape Usage: Car washroom Design Making: Free for Car Air Freshener OEM Accepted: Yes ...
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[PR] [F1208127] 波多黎各求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener hanging) (09-07)
  Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness: 2mm Fragrance: Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,Mint etc HS code: 3307900000 Sam...
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[US] [F1207552] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener Custom Logo) (09-01)
  I would like for the product to be circular like the logo. What is the shipping cost? and the estimated time of delivery
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[UK] [F1206768] 英国求购车用空气清新剂(car air freshener) (08-23)
  Hello dear can i order 100 pieces of this Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+printing both sides+Rope+Scent Fragrance: More than 40 scents Lasting time: 7 days Size: 10*8cm(customi...
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[US] [F1203538] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (07-14)
  what is the full list of scents? Item: Car air freshener Material: Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness: 2mm Fragrance: Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,...
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[PL] [F1200292] 波兰求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (06-05)
  Hi, Im interest to buy 1000 air freshers with details and logo my company. I send in *** logo of my company. Can you tell me please how long I must wait, how look payment, cost for all air freshers wi...
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[BR] [F1200082] 巴西求购车用空气清新剂(air freshener car) (06-01)
  I would like to order 200 units. What is the best price you can offer? What is the cost of shipping? Do you accept customization?
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[US] [F1196288] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (04-18)
  hello I would like to get a quote. White backdrop with my logo on it, shaped the outline of my logo, size 5 or 6 inches x 4 inches. new car smell if possible. 500 car air fresheners shipping to Missi...
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[SE] [F1194996] 瑞典求购车用空气清新剂(Car air freshener) (03-30)
  Item:Car air freshener Material:Absorbent paper+Logo printing both sides+Rope+Scent Thickness:2mm Fragrance:Vanilla,New car,Lemon,Strawberry,Pineapple,Jasmine,Mint etc HS code:3307900000 Sample t...
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[AU] [F1193377] 澳大利亚求购车用空气清新剂(custom air freshener for car) (03-10)
  Looking for 50x custom logo, 10cm long shipping to Australia.What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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[ES] [F1193058] 西班牙求购车用空气清新剂(Car Air Freshener) (03-07)
  Name:Custom Paper Car Hanger Car Air Freshener Main port:ningbo,shanghai,shenzhen Sample Time:About 5-7 Days Material:paper Color:Customized Colors Shape:Customized Logo:Customer Logo Applicati...
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[NZ] [F1192876] 新西兰求购车用空气清新剂(Custom freshener car) (03-06)
  Hello,How much would it cost for 300 pieces approx 3 cm x 7 cm for the logo I have ***. I am not sure about the scent yet. Could you please tell me know much it would also cost to make a sample and se...
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[US] [F1191855] 美国求购车用空气清新剂(air freshener car) (02-21)
  100 pieces Using our logo Square shape And circle shape Prices for both
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[BR] [F1191613] 巴西求购车用空气清新剂(custom air freshener car) (02-17)
  Hello, wish a flavoring format circle with symbol circular I will you send. And the packing logo black and yellow.
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