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[IT] [F1141821] 意大利求购围栏(fence) (09-24)
  Dear Sirs, we need about 150 meters of this kink of fence (height 150 cm). We also need two gates.So, please, could you send the catalogue by email where we can see the different shape and finishing t...
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[KW] [F1136276] 科威特求购围栏、格子及门(zinc steel villa guardrail) (07-20)
  Best-selling for the lowest fence price quantity: 66 Piece/Pieces Kuwait 66 Piece/Pieces ****ME AT: We have a very urgent, firm inquiry. Please quote for the items described below. Drawings ...
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[UK] [F1134572] 英国求购围栏(electric fence post) (06-30)
  Please give prices for pigtail post. Do you manufacture? Also 90cm above grounf and 140 cm above ground plastic step in posts. Best regards,
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[AU] [F1121561] 澳大利亚求购围栏(Blake post 2.1m) (03-11)
  你好,想询问下Blake posts * 2100cm 3.5kg /meter. big post 65*65mm的价格,到墨尔本,大概10万根,第一批;zinging需求20万根。 麻烦您发下信息到我的邮件:. 如果能顺便给我下您的微信,最好了。 谢谢
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[US] [F1117780] 美国求购围栏、格子及门(4 Rail Steel Horse Fencing) (02-05)
  Hello Seven, My name is Ryan and I am interested in purchasing four rail steel Horse fencing. I am good verified supplier in the United States and have done a lot of business with my China Suppliers....
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[BG] [F1103322] 保加利亚求购围栏(Fence) (10-12)
  3D fence panels made of metal. i am looking for 3D fence panels made of metal. please contact me via thanks.
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[US] [F1048048] 美国求购围栏(playpen) (08-27)
  Our park need upgrade playpen for puppy dogs, so we d like producer contact me with the detailed data, it is better to be able to contain 3 or more dogs.
[UK] [F1046652] 英国求购围栏(playpen) (08-20)
  I'm looking for a Baby Playpen fence, rubber matt and other baby stuffs that I can sell. Other designs and suggestions is appreciated. Thank youPlease email me, I'm looking for a Baby Playpen fence, r...
[CA] [F1040687] 加拿大求购围栏(playpen) (07-19)
  Hi do you provide playpen for puppy dogs?
[HK] [F1037636] 香港求购围栏、棚架和大门(Fencing, Trellis & Gates) (06-27)
  1) Product: US type T post 2) Many kinds: 0.925lbs/ft, 1.25lbs/ft, 1.33lbs/ft 3) Length: 5', 6', 7, 8', 9', 10' Light-duty 0.925lbs/ft: 3', 4', 5', 6' Heavy-duty 1.25lbs/ft: 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' He...
[VN] [F1013750] 越南求购PVC涂层框架精加工链条围栏(PVC Coated Frame Finishing chain link fence) (12-25)
  Dear supplier, I am Linh from I-tech USA, We need to buy Wire fence with UL Certificate to export to US. All information are in *** files. The quantity are below: Wirefence 4 : 10,000 Wirefence ...
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[US] [F1011056] 美国求购临时围栏(temporary fence) (11-27)
  Hi, we are located in St. Maarten Dutch Caribbean. I'm interested in purchasing: 250 pieces and 275 base units. Height 2.1m Width 2.4m Opening 60*150mm Wire diameter 3/4mm Frame tube 32mm OD...
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[MY] [F1007854] 马来西亚求购35/5000 安全带刺的顶部围栏(security razor barbed topping fence) (10-11)
  Hi Seller, It is nice to write to you. This is Razak from Malaysia. I would like to buy good quality security razor barbed topping fence. May I know more information about product such as: Give me ...
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[CZ] [F995816] 捷克求购围栏(fence panel) (06-06)
  Dear sirs pleaselet me know if you can produce fence panel without folds. Wire diameter 5mm, mesh size 50x200mm. Panel Size 2000mm x 2500mm. Gal pvc coated.thank you Pavel Fiser Thanks.
[JM] [F967948] 牙买加求购围栏(fence) (12-27)
  Dear Sam, How are you! I want high quality and cheap aluminium fence and steel fence, Email me a quote in USD for 20 panels 10ft long by 7ft high. Thanks.
[US] [F884677] 美国求购围栏(chaink fence) (05-16)
  chainlink fence length:10m Width:3m Use:farming
[CA] [F820476] 加拿大求购围栏(Galvanized Fencing Materials) (11-25)
  Looking for a supplier who can supply all galvanized fencing materials. We also would like the freight managed from China by the shipper to Vancouver, B.C. Canada. If you are not able to see the *** p...
[MY] [F757187] 马来西亚求购铸铁围栏( Metal Wrought Iron Gazebo) (02-24)
  [img][/img] Hi! I need a large quantity of the gazebo for my event urgently. I met the supplier from China, in Singapore IFFS Furniture Fair and I...
[TH] [F752473] 泰国求购围栏(plastic mesh fence) (12-23)
  plastic mesh fence plastic mesh barrier fence is used protection in snow fields, road safety is a warning device to protect people from danger

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