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[PK] [F1190335] 巴基斯坦求购废铝(Almunium Scrap) (02-03)
  I am looking to purchase "Almunium Scrap". I wish to buy from the good suppliers who can provide me with cheap prices. Please assist with the complete quote and information regarding this query. If my...
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[AE] [F1190334] 阿联酋求购废铝(Almunium wire scrap) (02-03)
  I Require Aluminium scrap for the manufacturing process The aluminium scrap without another material will be preferable.
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[PK] [F1188852] 巴基斯坦求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (01-10)
  Thank you for your offer. There are many supplier's whom Quote us too with the same product . And also providing at the best price . So , please give us the best offer , along with the best price ...
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[SA] [F1188457] 沙特阿拉伯求购废铝(Aluminium Scraps) (01-04)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Aluminium Scraps and Ingots. Destination Port is jeddah port Saudi Arabia for aluminium scrap and Nagoya port japan and Ningbo port China for alloy ingots. Awaiti...
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[ZA] [F1187334] 南非求购废铝(Aluminium) (12-19)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Aluminium Ingots. Please get back to us if you deal in these. Thank you.
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[IN] [F1187269] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-16)
  ok, what price per ton of drained car battery scrap? and what is the price per tonne of pressed aluminum scrap?
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[IN] [F1187033] 印度求购废铝(Aluminium Dross) (12-14)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to import Aluminium Dross. Please contact us as soon as possible. Regards.
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[IN] [F1186898] 印度求购废铝(aluminum scrap materials in bulk) (12-13)
  Dear Suppliers, Our company is looking for suppliers who can supply aluminum scrap materials in bulk quantities. We need pure aluminum. Our company is based in India. Thank you for your time and c...
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[IN] [F1186868] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-13)
  Thank you for your mail. I want aluminium scrap 6063 in bulk quantity, Can you provide me ?
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[IN] [F1186858] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-13)
  I would check it out but my company would only let me deal with you if you send me a invitation to come down there see the stock or visit you. For the first time then we can just carry on!
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[IN] [F1186690] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-12)
  If you give l/c proceess... Because in India faces karona effect so if you give l/c I will take regularly purchase from you
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[IN] [F1186677] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-12)
  I need some scrape materials I send you some pictures off material if you have material so please send me details
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[IN] [F1186587] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-09)
  Hi, Please give me your best price for different types of aluminium scraps.
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[IN] [F1186469] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-08)
  Good morning . Kindly send me your aluminium scrap photo on ur present available stock. Specifications n price.
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[IN] [F1186379] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-08)
  dear sir I am glad to hear from you back I am looking for aluminium scrap material scarp and it is requested you to please tell me what kind of material do you deal with and I am happy to hear ...
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[IN] [F1186376] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (12-08)
  Nice to read from you, Please share your scrap details and best price Thanks dear sorry for the late reply Good night sweet dreams
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[IN] [F1184878] 印度求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (11-22)
  hi , glad to hear from you. I am looking for a aluminium supply and am looking for aluminium scrap with a purity of 99%. The first order will be 10 ton. Can you help me in this area?
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[US] [F1184695] 美国求购废铝(aluminium scrap) (11-21)
  Please explain it to me,I'm willing to start with 10 ton.I'm in USA
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[IN] [F1183562] 印度求购废铝(Aluminium Metal Scraps) (11-09)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Aluminium Metal Scraps, Copper Wire Scraps and Steel Scraps. Qty: 40 tonnes each every month Looking forward for your soonest reply. Thank you.
[IN] [F1183552] 印度求购废铝UBC(aluminium UBC) (11-09)
  Thank you for your offer. Please send me your best price and I want some picutres.
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