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[MX] [F1178749] 墨西哥求购******配件(disposable vape accessory) (09-22)
  We need 500 Piece/Pieces Disposable Vape custom per the picture,could you supply?
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[DE] [F1178470] 德国求购***(e-cigarettes) (09-20)
  Hello, I am looking for a manufacturer of disposable cigarettes. I want my own brand on the e-cigarettes, would you be willing for such a Cooperation? They would have to make the e-cigarettes with m...
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[NL] [F1175315] 荷兰求购***(disposable vape) (08-22)
  disposable vape
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[UK] [F1175313] 英国求购***(disposable vape) (08-22)
  disposable vape
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[US] [F1175138] 美国求购***(vapes) (08-19)
  David Kelps Hi We are looking for suppliers from China . We have an urgent need for vapes. Feel free to Whatsapp at
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[IT] [F1170708] 意大利求购***专用挂绳(lanyard customized for vaping) (07-11)
  Hi, you can make a lanyard customized for vaping (with silicone ring like the last 4 product in the 2nd photo?) can u send me a quotation for prices, moq, shipping and custom taxes? in *** the prototy...
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[UK] [F1164647] 英国求购***(electronic cigarate) (05-16)
  We are looking to buy your Wholesale Elux Legend 3500 Puffs 2% 5% Nic 10ml 1500mAh. Please send us your best quotation.
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[TR] [F1164307] 土耳其求购***(puffs Disposable) (05-12)
  Dear Supplier, I need detailed specifications for your 5000 puffs Disposable. Please also provide me with the price, CIF/place. Yours truly, Ozan Ozan
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[CO] [F1163344] 哥伦比亚求购******(Disposable vapes) (04-29)
  I’m looking for a provider of Vaal disposables vapes Anyone who manages it I’m interested on buying wholesale please contact me. My name is
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[NL] [F1160251] 荷兰求购***(e cigarette) (03-31)
  we need e cigarette,do you have the same as pic?
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[UK] [F1159399] 英国求购***(vapes device) (03-24)
  Hi , I'm interested in thisproducts. can u add me on watts am 8n uk number is am a distributer in uk
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[FR] [F1152897] 法国求购******(Disposable AB plus vape) (01-17)
  Hi,We want to launch some cbd product disposable in France with your kind of materials.We are actually wholesalers of 500 shops, and we try to launch new product.So I have a few question:How many ...
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[LK] [F1147449] 斯里兰卡求购可充电***入门套件(Rechargeable E cigarette starter kit) (11-19)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product Rechargeable E cigarette starter kit, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply.
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[AE] [F1142986] 阿联酋求购***(ecigaratte) (10-08)
  Hello Everyone Looking for manufacturer for ecigaratte Minimum pieces 10,00,000 Regards
[PE] [F1133607] 秘鲁求购***(Smoking Accessories) (06-22)
  Hi! This is JeRyan from the T.H.C (The House of Carts) buying department. My team and I are looking for new and innovative smoking products (Pipes, Vapes, Grinders, Trays, etc.) to Retail in Lima, P...
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[US] [F1117573] 美国求购***(2000 puff vape disposable) (02-04)
  Looking for 200 plus puff disposable vape bars 5% Various flavors
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[CA] [F1114857] 加拿大求购***配件(E-cigarette accessories) (01-12)
  Hello my name is and I am a business owner in Saint John New Brunswick Canada my business mainly consists of vaping products I own several shops better physical stores I also own online shop website,...
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[US] [F1110999] 美国求购***(e cigarette) (12-12)
  Hi, I’m interested in your product hottest e cig Flat Vape Pod Kit OEM/ODM 0.7ml Empty Vape Cartridge 280mAh CBD Battery Vape Kit OVNS w01, I would like some more details. I look forward for your re...
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[CN] [F1110444] 美国求购品牌***(electronic cigarette) (12-08)
  To find e-cigarettes of this brand, pls check the ***ement. First purchase 500-1000 each flavor, and then purchase 10000 e-cigarettes of each flavor. Pls get me the price list for all.
[YE] [F1106368] 也门求购***(E-cigarette) (11-06)
  Hi how are you doing today? this is Ibrahim from Al-Moheb Group in Yemen. I'm looking for E- cigarette b grade 2000 mAh battery, big tank, adjustable the power (30-80W), Multiple models If you ar...

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