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[AU] [F1101163] 澳大利亚求购熔喷聚丙烯无纺布(Meltblown polypropylene non-woven fabric) (09-18)
  In need of 20,000 kg. If available, please contact my email, ***ing quotations or/and questions to
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[HK] [F1100107] 香港求购熔喷布(meltblown) (09-09)
  Please Send Quotation offer for BFE99 meltblown material less than target.
[IT] [F1099291] 意大利求购熔喷布(meltblown) (09-03)
  Hi We are inquiring for Meltblown Filter with following specifications : - Eco-Friendly, breathable, Water-Soluble - 500kg - Home Textile, Hospital, Hygiene - 160 cm or customized Please con...
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[CN] [F1097049] 中国求购熔喷布(Melt-blown fabric) (08-17)
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[MV] [F1096562] 马尔代夫求购熔喷布(about: Hygiene nonwoven SS, SSS, SMS,SSMS) (08-13)
  Good day Am Ms. Helen from State Trading Organization Plc. We are urgently in need of your product and we will like to place a trial order asap. Please kindly send us your newest catalog and Mo...
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[ID] [F1096288] 印尼求购熔喷布(meltblown) (08-11)
  hello ,we need meltblown cloth for mask,can you give me best price?
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[PL] [F1096286] 波兰求购熔喷布(meltblown) (08-11)
  hello, we want purchase meltblown filter for mask.
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[DE] [F1096285] 德国求购熔喷布(meltblown) (08-11)
  hi,we need meltblown filter for facemask 3ply,can you give me best price?
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[CZ] [F1096284] 捷克求购熔喷布(meltblown) (08-11)
  HELLO,we want buy meltblown filter。please give me details and best price。
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[ID] [F1096283] 印尼求购熔喷布(meltblown) (08-11)
  hello sir ,I am looking for filter for mask,who can help me?
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[UA] [F1094787] 乌克兰求购熔喷PP工业湿巾(Meltblown PP Industrial Wipes) (07-30)
  Looking for Water absorbing Metlblown PP industrial Wipes in rolls. Roll dimensions: 50 cm width and 15 meters length Weight 80 gsm Color Orange Using as car drying towels in the vending maschines...
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[IN] [F1094547] 印度求购熔喷布(Meltblown nonwoven) (07-29)
  Meltblown nonwoven fabrics for making face masks.
[HK] [F1094546] 香港求购熔喷布(Meltblown) (07-29)
  25GSM,BFE:95+,1600mm/175mm,white color,need 1000+mt.
[KR] [F1092638] 韩国求购熔喷布(PP Meltblown) (07-15)
  Hi , Our need spec is as follows PP meltblown 25gsm , 260mm width BFE 70 Quantities:10ton/week Please advise kg/roll, roll length,roll diameter Harry Koo
[KR] [F1091911] 韩国求购熔喷布(meltblown) (07-08)
  weare manufacture mask factory from Korea, we need meltblown 。can you external testing facilities? Any certification?
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[SI] [F1090996] 斯洛文尼亚求购熔喷布(Meltblown filter) (07-01)
  Hello, I'm interested (e) by your product hot sale Bfe99 PP Rollos filter Meltblown fabric for mask, j'aimerais have more details. Waiting for your response. Greetings,
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[CO] [F1088922] 哥伦比亚求购熔喷布无纺布(Robot Spundbond nonwoven fabric) (06-16)
  Dear supplier, We require your described assistance with a quote for the item, please indicate the best price (FOB- Shanghai), lead time and please *** data sheet and certifications. Robot Spundbond...
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[SG] [F1086275] 新加坡求购熔喷布(Meltblown) (06-01)
  尊敬的先生/女士, 我们从您的网站上看到了种类繁多的高级面料,尤其是熔喷和纺粘的面料,我们想了解更多与COVID-19有关的医用口罩的原材料的详细信息。 对于这些材料, 1. 我们每个月需要约5- 30吨,重点放在PFE> 98%(ASTM F2299 ?#31532;一优先),PFE> 95%(ASTM F2299 ?#31532;二优先)和BFE> 99%(ASTM F2101 ?#3...
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[AE] [F1085757] 阿联酋求购熔喷布(Meltblown filter for mask) (05-28)
  Looking for Meltblown filter for mask.
[HK] [F1085565] 香港求购熔喷布(Meltblown fabric) (05-27)
  Hi I need Melt Blown Fabric BFE 99, 1 ton a month.

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