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[IN] [F1203120] 印度求购汽车轮胎废料(cut tyre scrap) (07-10)
  cut tyre scrap - 1000ton monthly requirment purpose - tyre oil manufacturing
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[LB] [F1201677] 黎巴嫩求购汽车轮胎/摩托车轮胎( PCR, SUV,4x4, TBR and Motorcycle tires) (06-20)
  To whom it may concern, I have the pleasure to write for your international company which I heard a very good reputation applying for RAODWING or equivalent tires. We Rafic Bawab and co, a compa...
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[BR] [F1201194] 巴西求购汽车轮胎气门杆芯(SCHRADER 9555VSC) (06-14)
  Hello,Please, I'm looking for replacement for the following item: SCHRADER 9555VSC. Do you offer equivalent parts? This valve required very little force to open.Thanks in advance,
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[US] [F1200851] 美国求购汽车轮胎(car tyre) (06-09)
  Hello: We are intrested to buy your tires for our Race car market in the USA. If intrested please let us know.
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[RU] [F1200199] 俄罗斯求购汽车轮胎(Car Tyre) (06-02)
  您好, 我们对贵公司卖汽车轮胎感兴趣,想作为一家门店。我们想问您一下关于这些问题: 1.这些轮胎适合汽车吗? 2.大柜内包括多少轮胎? 3.贵公司还卖不卖冬节轮胎? 4.贵公司往俄罗斯做出口吗? 还请您发出附件内轮胎规格的价格表单。 附上需求轮胎规格名单。 等持您的回复。请联系用电邮地址: 此致 敬礼
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[DE] [F1185772] 德国求购汽车轮胎(Greentrac tires) (12-01)
  Hello,My Name is from Germany, i have to buy Greentrac tires in the Year 2020i want to buy a container again.Can i have a pricelist for the Greentrac tires?Here is my E-mail Adress Here my Handy numb...
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[US] [F1185196] 美国求购汽车轮胎气门阀(Car Tire valve stem cap Valve Dust Caps) (11-25)
  hi can you send over more infrmation on these products and also pricing and package design you have. this is what we are carrying do you have these please
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[ES] [F1184084] 欧洲求购汽车轮胎(cars tires) (11-15)
  I need to purchase car tires, his model is 195/55R15, the quantity is 10,000, if there are any, you can contact me.
[MX] [F1181081] 墨西哥求购汽车轮胎(car tyres) (10-17)
  Hello good afternoonyou handle tires of the following measures110/90-16,100/90-17,90/90-18,120/70-12,130/60-13,130/70-12Could you provide me with a catalog of the different tires that you handle pleas...
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[KE] [F1180840] 肯尼亚求购汽车轮胎(Cheap Used Tyres) (10-13)
  Application:Toyata Carravan / HiACE Color:Black Type:SOLID Tyre , we are looking tyres size 15 , for toyota carravan and /or similar vehicles please contact me on , the payment will be done 100% FO...
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[PE] [F1179656] 秘鲁求购汽车轮胎(Radial Car Tire) (09-29)
  Hello Diana i need 50 pcs of 175/70 r14 and also 185/60 r14 to LIMA - PERUcan you please tell me how much will cost?this is my
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[TJ] [F1178806] 塔吉克斯坦求购汽车轮胎(Tires) (09-22)
  I want to buy Car Radial Tires 12inch -14inch (G520) , I need a better price to make my confirmed. I can sell this system in many places.
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[UZ] [F1176994] 乌兹别克斯坦求购汽车轮胎(auto tyres) (09-06)
  Please find *** the list of Automobile tires and advise the inquiry for them.
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[AE] [F1176245] 阿联酋求购汽车轮胎(gray color 18x8.50-8 atv tire) (08-31)
  Hello. I am Ms. Jovie Manlangit, I am writing on behalf of Happy Jump for Electric Car LLC, located in Abu Dhabi UAE.Please send us a quotation for non-marking gray tires for sizes 205-50-10 and 18 x ...
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[US] [F1171027] 美国求购汽车轮胎(tyre) (07-13)
  Hello, I need to buy 1000 auto tires. Please contact me for details
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[IN] [F1162876] 印度求购汽车轮胎(Car Tyres) (04-26)
  hello supplier i am need of your tires kindly send me an a mail
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[NG] [F1156558] 尼日利亚求购汽车轮胎(tyres) (02-25)
  Dear Sir, we are one of leading importer of fairly used tyres, remould tyres, new tyres, for passenger cars, OTR TYRES, truck tyres. we need 2 containers of passenger car tyres SIZE QUANTITY LI...
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[PK] [F1147113] 巴基斯坦求购汽车轮胎(car tyres) (11-16)
  Dear Team I need 500 tire- could you send me your price list along with photo - i ll prefer white wall writing . shoaib- kpk Pakistan
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[PT] [F1145945] 葡萄牙求购汽车轮胎(Car Tire) (11-05)
  We want to order Car Tire
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[IN] [F1145233] 印度求购车间汽车轮胎(shop automotive tire) (10-29)
  We will be interested in your Product and quality is a Concern to us. Pls kindly send your quotation to my Company Business Email below for our Kind Perusal, so we can Evaluate your product.

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