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[TR] [F1178932] 土耳其求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-23)
  We need with Plastic Cyclender good box or Metal front side viewable box type for all. Front side ur logo will be put, back side our website and mail will be put. Please see all t-***ment.
[CA] [F1178626] 加拿大求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-21)
  Hi - we are looking for 200 USB keys (white) with grey logo. 4G version. Ensure compatible for mac and pc. Can you provide a quote?
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[FR] [F1178622] 法国求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-21)
  hello Pierre from France May i have a pricing (product + shippping cost) for the requested product And the pricing for the individual gift boxThank you
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[AU] [F1178530] 澳大利亚求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-21)
  Purchased off you before in old company and want to repurchase Logo:Customized OEM Logo Chip:A-class Flash Chip Package:Poly Bag Interface:2.0/3.0 Compatible Type:USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 Name:Twister...
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[SG] [F1177929] 新加坡求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-15)
  What is the best price you can offer for 100 units zinc alloy 32G usb disk with customised logo?
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[UK] [F1177926] 英国求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-15)
  100 grey 32 GB pendrives Company logo to be put on, if white background could be removed from logo to fit design better, to be used and given away so no fancy packaging is required. So long as integ...
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[US] [F1177603] 美国求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-13)
  Imprinted with our company logo. What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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[CO] [F1177592] 哥伦比亚求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-13)
  500 Piece/Pieces 1GB 2GB 4GB blank business card usb flash drive What is the best price you can offer?
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[DO] [F1177591] 多米尼加求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-13)
  Hi! I would like a quote for 2,400 usb cards with a custom design (see ***ment). The shipping address will be:Invoice to: OPIFRA SRL Delivery address: Av. Gustavo Mejia Ricart, No.54, Torre Solazar,...
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[PL] [F1177585] 波兰求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-13)
  Hello, we are interested in: - iphone cables (for usb-c input and standard usb) - phone charging cables - usb-c - power banks - case for iphone 12/13 - pendrive - plugs for chargers (for usb-c i...
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[TR] [F1177584] 土耳其求购U盘(USB flash drive) (09-13)
  Hello. We need USB Flash disk. As shown in the *** photo. I think the company who made this for us before pandemic is no longer available. Can you build a product like this? Thank you.
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[MX] [F1175965] 墨西哥求购U盘(USB flash drive) (08-29)
  Need 500pcs metal usb flash drive with keychain
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[HN] [F1175961] 洪都拉斯求购U盘(USB flash drive) (08-29)
  Custom USB 2.0/3.0 cle pen drive, Mini Metal USB Flash drive with logo,100pcs,check our *** logo
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[US] [F1175938] 美国求购U盘(USB Flash Drive) (08-27)
  Looking for price quote for customization with logo for 500 pieces and another quote for 1,000 pieces please.Thank you.
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[CL] [F1175750] 智利求购U盘(USB Flash Drives) (08-25)
  Hola,Solicitamos cotización de tarjetas SD y Pendrive en diferentes capacidades,pedidos mínimos y con capacidades surtidas.Con envío a Santiago de chile - ChileNumero de contacto:
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[AT] [F1174369] 奥地利求购U盘(USB flash drive) (08-11)
  Is that a memory stick or just a reader or both?I need USB memory sticks 8 GB or 16 GB with Lightning connection, 150 pieces, shipping to Austria.
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[CG] [F1174112] 刚果求购U盘(USB Flash) (08-09)
  USB Flash In French
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[AU] [F1173684] 澳大利亚求购U盘(USB Flash Drive) (08-05)
  Hello. Can you please quote for 100 pieces , white colour, printed with custom logo (***) also with phone number (8945 4022) printed, shipping to Casuarina NT Australia 0810. Thank you
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[US] [F1173229] 美国求购U盘(Flash Drive with Free customized logo) (08-01)
  Hi, I am interested in ordering a few of these with my law office information on it
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