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[IN] [F1189469] 印度求购二极管和桥式整流器(DIODE & BRIDGE RECTIFIER) (01-18)
  KINDLY SHARE THE MAIL ID. Required Material 1KK pcs diode
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[TN] [F1163545] 突尼斯求购电容器(CAPACITOR,RESISTOR,DIODE) (05-05)
  DEAR Sir Madame YOU ARE LOOKING FOR -CAPACITOR REF: CBB 21 684J400V (quantities : 65 000) Diode D= 1N4007(quantities : 41 000) RESISTORS R= 2.2khom(quantities 21000) YOU ARE WAITING FOR PROPOSIT...
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[IT] [F1131606] 意大利求购二极管(diode) (06-01)
  Please share your product catalogue and full contact details, availability of the samples also. Is it possible to have a datasheet and certification of your HV37-10 diode. Thanks in advance. Best R...
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[IN] [F1100948] 印度求购二极管(Diode 3515) (09-16)
  Syncronizing diode 3515 Reply in my email.
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[CL] [F1100244] 智利求购二极管(diode RS1MFA) (09-10)
  Hi We need offer for 55.000pcs of diode RS1MFA (Current 1A, Voltage 600V or over, housing SOD123). Datasheet: Please send us price, delivery time and payment terms. Regards
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[IN] [F1081031] 印度求购二极管(DIODE) (04-27)
  Hi, How are you? Please need your help to quote your best prices for below parts BUYING in stock or lead-time with MOQ/SPQ as per the qty slabs. SL Description Manufacturer Part Number Manuf...
[HU] [F1050171] 匈牙利求购二极管(diode) (09-09)
  Number of pins 3, material silicon, product type Schottky tube, package material resin package, package type in-line type, operating temperature range -55 ° C ~ 175 ° C, current capacity, high power, ...
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[HU] [F1048590] 匈牙利求购二极管(diode) (08-29)
  Sourcing the diode components for electronics. Planning to buy 6800pcs. Please give your most competitive price as soon.
[HU] [F1047729] 匈牙利求购二极管(diode) (08-26)
  For the diode we need is 500mW 1N4614 1.8V and 1N4615  2V. Please provide your best price. Yours sincerely,
[IN] [F1022566] 印度求购二极管in4007(diode in4007) (03-14)
  Dear Sir/Madam, This is ManojJain from IN. I'm looking for products with the following specifications: IN 4007, DO-41, Tape Packing, Copper Lead, 4148 M7 Urgent reply approx. 4KK Pcs in all it...
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[US] [F991899] 美国求购发光二极管(diode) (04-27)
  Hi, I need a 1MW red laser line and also looking for mount rings that would fit this laser. Please send me quotes for 1 sample 24 ea 1 gross of 144 10 gross of 144 I look forward for your ...
[US] [F879833] 美国求购二极管(diode) (03-26)
  1A 200V SMD Bridge Rectifier Please include shipping and handle on the qoute, and estimate delivery time. Thanks.
[MX] [F876282] 墨西哥求购二极管(Diode) (01-29)
  Sir, How much would it cost me if i order 30pcs of these 10sq060 60v 10a Schottky Barrier Rectifiers and how long will the shipping takes Thanks, Juan Urbina
[US] [F876028] 美国求购二极管(Diode) (01-23)
  I wish to purchase approximately 100 to 500 rectifier diodes part # er502 for use in dc to ac power inverters must have 200v capacity and be classified as superfast or ultrafast. I would consider plac...
[US] [F867747] 美国求购二极管(Diode) (11-01)
  10,000pcs of 1N4148 Switching Signal Diode Package Type: Through hole Case:DO-35 Product Packing: Bulk 1,000pcs per bag Please provide datasheet. Must accept PayPal.
[PH] [F866818] 菲律宾求购二极管(diode) (10-25)
  I would like purchase 120 schottky 10sq050 diodes. do you have this part? Thank you
[TR] [F865692] 土耳其求购二极管(DIODE) (10-15)
  Dear Sir or Madam, We are giving international management service to our customers. You can have detailed information about our company. On of our customer has interested to import KIV 416 SIDAC D...
[US] [F849398] 美国求购半导体(Mosfet and Diode) (06-01)
  Dear Sir, Would you be so kind to quote me price for these parts: Mosfet STK5006P, STK7575P,STK7006P and Diode SBR102DF, 1N5406, 6A10 and 1N5399S. Also let me know how can we get some samples. Qua...
[IN] [F757400] 印度求购二极管(Diode) (02-24)
  Buy Diode we are from india buy all kind of diode thx you victor arora

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