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[US] [F1178938] 美国求购眼镜(glasses) (09-23)
  We import large quantities of promotional sunglasses and are looking for a new supplier for Novelty eyewear We have 1 specific request to fulfill but looking for a supplier for all novelty requests. ...
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[US] [F1170060] 美国求购玻璃酒杯(Unbreakable Glasses) (07-05)
  Hello, Please I will like to purchase and customize (with my company logo) the following unbreakable glass numbers: 1. Highball plastic - 16 pieces - 14 oz 2. Martini plastic - 8 pieces - 9oz 3. W...
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[IN] [F1166945] 印度求购定制眼镜(Two Colors Sound Activated EL Neon Party Light Up Glasses) (06-08)
  Hello Miranda,My name is Tarun Maheshwari and I run a gaming company in India. My company is doing a gaming event in August and we are looking for sunglasses to add to the aura of the event. Our brand...
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[CA] [F1162284] 加拿大求购调味玻璃杯(glasses for our seasonings) (04-20)
  Hi,we are looking for glasses for our seasonings. Please look at our website .Our current product measures 5cmx5cmx8,5cmBernd
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[PR] [F1161234] 波多黎各求购眼镜游泳头带(glasses swimming head strap) (04-11)
  Hello We would like to have them printed out with our company logo in the middle on the croakie. Medium size printed.
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[TN] [F1160125] 突尼斯求购眼镜(glasses) (03-30)
  We seek the *** glasses for Tunisia market,what is the moq and price?
[CH] [F1146703] 瑞士求购眼镜(Prism for glasses) (11-11)
  Dear Sir and Madam We are a start-up in Switzerland and specialize in ergonomic glasses to wear for dental hygenists. We want to manufacture protection glasses with an integrated prism, so that the...
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[VE] [F1146165] 委内瑞拉求购水杯(Glasses for sublimation) (11-07)
  I am searching the product: Glasses for sublimation Specifications: Product: Glasses for sublimation in different presentations - Supplier's brand. - Suggested minimum MOQ. - All glasses are p...
[PE] [F1145076] 秘鲁求购玻璃杯(glasses) (10-28)
  Hi sirdo you sell this kind of glasses? https :// so please send me your best prices to
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[ZA] [F1124641] 南非求购玻璃杯(glasses) (03-31)
  Hi I am looking for 330ml and 440ml pint type glasses with my logo on it. First order would be 1000 of each and delivered to Shanghai habour for freight forwarding. This way I can send you my logo.
[TM] [F1089211] 土库曼斯坦求购玻璃(Glasses) (06-18)
  Dear supplier, I am looking for galsses for my house and I would like temperaed glass. Best wish. Ashir
[SA] [F1088139] 沙特阿拉伯求购眼镜(glasses) (06-11)
  Dear supplier,Kindly i’d like to know more about your pavoscreen glasses to import a big shipment to Saudi arabia and sell it here.So i need more data flyers detailing aid drop cards or promoting vide...
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[RU] [F1085083] 俄罗斯求购玻璃(Glasses) (05-25)
  We have a supplier in china but we no longer interested in there product because the quality of the product reduces and we lose customers. I will like to know if you could give us better price and goo...
[PT] [F1082609] 葡萄牙求购红外测温眼镜(glasses) (05-08)
  Dear Do you sell these glasses? I need your best quote, delivery times ...
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[DK] [F1051873] 丹麦求购3M眼镜(3M glasses) (09-19)
  Type protective glasses, material adhesive, anti-impact, lens thickness more than 2mm, light transmittance, 99% UV protection
[US] [F1048984] 美国求购蓝色遮光眼镜(blue light blocking glasses (yellow frame for better sleep) (09-02)
  |采购数量: 10000 Pieces| 采购人: 发布地点:United States My name is Wuchen from Ejam. We are interested in placing an order of 10,000 Units or more of blue light blocking glasses (yellow frame for better sleep...
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[ID] [F1015844] 印度尼西亚求购眼镜(glasses) (01-11)
  Hello My name is aola sahidin, I'm from Indonesia, can I buy your product via ***? do you have an account there? I will buy your prodak 200 - 300 pcs every day and 6000 pcs up to 10000 pcs every mont...
[CA] [F1007522] 加拿大求购烈酒杯(shot glasses) (09-30)
  Hello, I am Rams. Thedla, foreign procurement manager at Merch global, Canada. We would like to know if you can be able to produce custom shot glasses. Look forward for your reply. Kind Regards,...
[UK] [F998431] 英国求购眼镜(glasses) (07-05)
  interest SPD and PDLC film for aplication on building glasses, car window different color and tranparency from clear to darkness film from 80% to 5 % transmittance.we are directly buyer,if you have,pl...
[RU] [F991039] 俄罗斯求购眼镜(glasses) (04-17)
  we are directly buyer,if you have,please send details to us.

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