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[NG] [F1178971] 尼日利亚求购笔记本电脑(Used and Cheap10' Laptop) (09-23)
  10" used laptop and cheap
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[US] [F1178293] 美国求购笔记本电脑4口拓展坞(4-in-1 Portable 4 Port USB3.0 Hub For Laptop) (09-19)
  Please send me the official quote in an Excel or a PDF file with the image, specs/function, MOQ, and FOB China port (please specify it, i.e. Shenzhen) to my email address. Therefore, I can forward the...
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[ZM] [F1177764] 赞比亚求购Laptop笔记本电脑(Laptop) (09-14)
  The material is hard The size is medium I am looking for Laptop, please send your catalogs and the latest prices.
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[IL] [F1176234] 以色列求购笔记本电脑(No Name Brand Ipads and Notebook Computer) (08-30)
  For school use 250K to 600K but in easy delivery batches from 5000 to 25000 No name brand and new...Not reconditioned...Minimum 5000 pieces per no name brand Configuration various options for RAM, R...
[ZA] [F1176230] 南非求购笔记本电脑(Apple Laptop Computer) (08-30)
  Weight: 1.4, colour pink normal material of apple laptop
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[TZ] [F1176229] 坦桑尼亚求购笔记本电脑(Notebook Laptop Computer) (08-30)
  MacBook air with m2
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[NA] [F1176057] 纳米比亚求购笔记本电脑(Laptops) (08-29)
  Core I7 10 th generation Laptop Screen 17, 3"
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[TZ] [F1176056] 坦桑尼亚求购笔记本电脑Laptop-Notebook(Laptop-Notebook) (08-29)
  16 inches, laptop-notebook
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[LY] [F1176049] 利比亚求购笔记本电脑(Laptop Computer) (08-29)
  Black, I3 processor laptops
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[SE] [F1176007] 瑞典求购笔记本电脑(netbook) (08-29)
  Hi sir im intersted of your products, i wanted to know what you guys have, im gonna start a business here in Sweden and wanted to have long term relationship with you.
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[AE] [F1175855] 阿联酋求购笔记本电脑(Laptop) (08-26)
  Core I7, RAM: 8GB DDR4, generation 5 to 10, graphic: Nvidia, touchscreen memory: Above 120GB
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[ZW] [F1175853] 津巴布韦求购笔记本电脑(Laptop) (08-26)
  HP, core I7 or5, black, at least 4hrs battery
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[ZW] [F1175707] 津巴布韦求购笔记本电脑(Laptop) (08-25)
  The size is core I 5
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[BW] [F1175675] 博兹瓦纳求购笔记本电脑(Laptop Manufacturers) (08-25)
  Looking for reliable partner who can set up laptop assembling plant in Botswana
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[BD] [F1174610] 孟加拉国求购笔记本电脑(Laptop) (08-15)
  11.6inch Laptop Colorer red
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[ET] [F1174609] 埃塞俄比亚求购笔记本电脑(Laptops Computer) (08-15)
  Light pink, 1 terabite 8 GB RAM gamming laptop
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[PG] [F1174494] 巴布亚求购笔记本电脑(Refurbished Laptop) (08-12)
  Am looking for DELL HP and Acer brands
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[FJ] [F1174110] 斐济求购笔记本电脑(Touchscreen Laptop) (08-09)
  Original Laptop for Huawei Matebook X PRO 2020
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[IN] [F1174015] 印度求购翻新笔记本电脑(Refurbished laptop) (08-09)
  Hi,I'm interested in this product.What is the MOQ for this product? How long will it take to ship to my country ( India)? pls share all related details What is the best price you can offer? What is...
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[ZW] [F1173730] 津巴布韦求购笔记本电脑(Computer NotebookComputer Notebook) (08-05)
  HP entry level
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