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[UK] [1168829] 英国求购调味料(Seasoning cube) (06-23)
  hello i am interested to establish seasoning business. please whatsapp me on then we can discuss thanks
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相关买家: 调味料; Seasoning cube;
[UK] [1168828] 英国求购潜水***(Dry Top snorkeling Mask) (06-23)
  Hi, I'm looking at ordering 2000 units but would like to get a sample order of 300? Please could you give your price please for 100 units in white, 100 in blue and 100 in grey. If quality is good then...
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相关买家: 潜水面具; snorkeling Mask;
[UK] [1168827] 英国求购沙滩椅(Folding Camping Chair With Armrest) (06-23)
  Hello, my name is and I am the owner of Head 4 the hillsI have been looking at your store and I am very interested in creating a relationship with your company. We specialise in selling camping and o...
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相关买家: 沙滩椅; Folding Camping Chair;
[UK] [1168826] [有图]英国求购A3海报纸管(A3 poster packaging paper tube) (06-23)
  Hi, I'd like to purchase 50 tubes for A3 posters. The tubes need to be eco friendly, with no plastic. I like your packaging solution. I would prefer natural craft paper, with no printing on the outsid...
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相关买家: 海报纸管; poster packaging paper tube;
[UK] [1168825] 英国求购对装睫毛(diy lash) (06-23)
  Hello I am very interested to buy these ribbon lashes, please could message me at
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相关买家: 对装睫毛; diy lash;
[UK] [1168824] [有图]英国求购狗狗喷溅洒水垫(dog Splash Sprinkler Pad) (06-23)
  My name is , and I am looking for a manufacturer that I can work with to produce the product below. We would like to introduce ourselves and express an interest in creating a profitable partnership be...
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相关买家: 狗狗垫; dog Pad;
[UK] [1168823] 英国求购振动碗给料机(Vibratory Bowl Feeder) (06-23)
  Hi there, we require a bowl feeder with 2 lanes (or 2 bowl feeders, one clockwise and one anti-clockwise) to feed our machine. The product is a 10ml E-liquid cap and we'd need to feed at up to 1 unit ...
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相关买家: 振动碗给料机; Vibratory Bowl Feeder;
[BD] [1168822] 孟加拉国求购干果(Dry Fruits) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for reasonable prices about Dry Fruits ( Cashewnuts, Pistachio, Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut) in need 10 TON per each products, Sunflower oil 250 TON, A4 paper 8000 reams and...
相关买家: 干果; Dry Fruits;
[IN] [1168821] 印度求购伊顿电机密封套件(seal kit fot EATON Motor) (06-23)
  Do you have complette seal kit fot EATON Motor 103, 104, and 109 Series.?My mobile phone or whatsapp I'm Bambang from Jakarta - Indonesia
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相关买家: 电机密封套件; seal kit fot; EATON Motor;
[DZ] [1168820] 阿尔及利亚求购化工(Virgin Polypropylene) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We request you to please send us your price CIF Algiers port for Virgin Polypropylene Granules different grades injection and extrusion. Waiting for your offer. Best Regards.
相关买家: 化工; Virgin Polypropylene;
[IN] [1168819] [有图]印度求购铝箔站立袋(aluminum foil stand up bag coffee pouch) (06-23)
  can we order for 1 kg standing pouch size 23 cm x 34 cm? also 500 gr size 20 cm x 30 cm? in re, white, and green colours mix total for those 6.000? please contact our whatsapp
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相关买家: 铝箔站立袋; aluminum foil stand up bag; coffee pouch;
[IL] [1168818] 以色列求购向日葵油(Sunflower Oil) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Sunflower Oil for cooking. Please send us information and price for Sunflower Oil (export price) and minimum quantity and quality of sunflower oil produced ...
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相关买家: 向日葵油; Sunflower Oil;
[IN] [1168817] 印度求购机油滤清器(Weichai Engine Spare Part 61000070005 Oil Filter) (06-23)
  please givw me quotation for oil filter engine weichai , add me for whattsapps
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相关买家: 机油滤清器; Oil Filter;
[SG] [1168816] 新加坡求购鸡蛋(chilled liquid whole egg) (06-23)
  Looking for HALAL liquid whole egg for production use. Qty: 10mt (x20fyt) supplies: looking for long term supplies
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相关买家: 鸡蛋; whole egg;
[PK] [1168815] 巴基斯坦求购废纸(Waste Papers) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We wish to import OINP on CFR Karachi basis. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank you.
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相关买家: 废纸; Waste Papers;
[IN] [1168814] 印度求购大米(Basmati Rice) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We would like to know about Basmati Rice purchase. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.
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相关买家: 大米; Basmati Rice;
[US] [1168813] 美国求购黄金(Gold Bullion) (06-23)
  Dear Sir, We need Gold Bullion Sellers as we have Buyers. We need Fuel Sellers as we have Buyers for: JA1, D6, EN590, and AGO. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.
相关买家: 黄金; Gold Bullion;
[SG] [1168812] 新加坡求购自动吹塑机(Automatic Blowing Molding Machine) (06-23)
  please quote your best for producing PET bottle as seen in your video from size 330 ml FOB Shenzhen capacity 3000 bot /hr my
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相关买家: 自动吹塑机; Automatic Blowing Molding Machine;
[SG] [1168811] 新加坡求购防水红外辐射吸顶加热器(Waterproof Infrared Radiant Ceiling Heater) (06-23)
  Hi, do contact me via whatsapp . would like to have the catalogue and pricelist, to understand more.
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相关买家: 红外辐射加热器; Radiant Ceiling Heater;
[SG] [1168810] 新加坡求购吊坠、吊饰(Pendants, Charms) (06-23)
  iameter 8-30mm Mirror Polished Customize Letters Pattern DIY Stainless Steel Coin Charms With Hoopi would like 50 pieces of silver pendant to customised. shipping to singapore. contact number . you ca...
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相关买家: 吊坠; 吊饰; Pendants; Charms;
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