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[BH] [1169911] 巴林求购化学原料(hdpe raw materials) (07-04)
  ?HDPE Black color raw materials recycled, Virgin or Reprocessed MF 7 to 10 Injection moldings 300 MT ?HD IM Dow KT10000UE 9 MFI (HDPE CC 453 ITS AN EQUIVALENT ONE) 200 MT or ?HD IM TRICOLENE HDI69...
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相关买家: 化学原料; hdpe raw materials;
[IN] [1169910] 印度求购医药原料(API PURCHAISNG DEPARTMENT) (07-04)
  Hello, We are manufacturers of API from India , we have our own manufacturing plant . Can you please connect me to the API purchasing department.
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[SA] [1169909] 沙特求购阀门(RFQ) (07-04)
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相关买家: 阀门;
[AE] [1169908] 阿联酋求购马达(SAI MOTOR GM5A) (07-04)
  Dear Sir, Please quote for below urgently. 1. complete spare parts for SAI motor model Model # GM5A 1450 9 V D40 DM1 as marked in the *** part list. Parts required ? ?Complete piston assembly ...
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相关买家: 马达; SAI MOTOR;
[IT] [1169907] 意大利求购皮革(raw salted hides) (07-04)
  Good morning. We are Cortese Importazioni in Italy. Could you be interested in importing raw salted hides of: ?lamb, goat and camel from Somalia; ?donkey from Peru. Thank you. Best regards, D...
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相关买家: 皮革; raw salted hides;
[IN] [1169906] 印度求购废铁(iron) (07-04)
  Hello! Thanks for your informations! Please send the prices for your products.
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相关买家: 废铁; iron;
[CH] [1169905] 瑞士求购割草机配件( lawn mower. EA148VY Parts) (07-04)
  Hello I need two Battery compartments (where the battery is inserted) for the EA148VY 120V (EA30 battery) lawn mower. Do you have resellers in Europe? Best regards, Dani
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相关买家: 割草机; lawn mower;
[US] [1169903] 美国求购激素(Hgh) (07-04)
  Please send me more info
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相关买家: 激素; Hgh;
[VN] [1169902] 越南求购木炭(Raw material for your processing charcoal) (07-04)
  揂re you looking for the best binding material for producing charcoal? Do you want to increase the adhesion and reduce the break rate of the charcoal?? Our product can help you solve these problems. ...
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相关买家: 木炭; charcoal;
[TH] [1169901] 泰国求购风干鱼(air dried fish) (07-04)
  i need to order AIR DIED FISH for 1-2 tons per monthly but cannot contact you anyway, so pls urgently contact my email or
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相关买家: 风干鱼; air dried fish;
[US] [1169900] 美国求购变压器和电路板(transformer and a circuit board Parts order) (07-04)
  Hello, I need a transformer and a circuit board for the 737G. Thanks, Adam
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相关买家: 变压器; 电路板; transformer; circuit board;
[IN] [1169899] 印度求购互动板(electronic boards) (07-04)
  Respected Sir/Madam, Buyer is looking for 'electronic boards'. Purpose : Business use . Delivery Place : Ahmedabad, Gujarat It will be extremely helpful if you can provide some more detail...
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相关买家: 互动板; electronic boards;
[MY] [1169898] 马来西亚求购绝缘胶带(insulating tapes) (07-04)
  CT* (c)(g) Yellow Polyethylene terephthalate film insulating tapes Please quote MOQ and sample buy
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相关买家: 绝缘胶带;
[IR] [1169897] 伊朗求购快速检测试剂盒(Uncut Sheet) (07-04)
  Hello, Your Uncut Sheet Rapid Test Kits Urinalysis Reagent Strip meets my requirements very well. Please send me the price, specification, and similar model will be OK. Thanks!
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相关买家: 快速检测试剂盒; Uncut Sheet;
[IN] [1169896] 印度求购互动板(interactive board) (07-04)
  Buyer is looking for 'interactive board'. Required For interactive board For Own Use Purpose So, It will be extremely helpful if you can provide some more details about the product, pricing, and de...
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相关买家: 互动板; interactive board;
[IN] [1169895] 印度求购PVA水溶性薄膜(PVA water Soluble Film Scarp) (07-04)
  Dear Supplier we are interested to Import PVA water Soluble Film Scarp* on Regular Basic our Requirements is 100Mt per Month if you are avail to Offer Us Send your Complete offer By
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相关买家: PVA水溶性薄膜; PVA water Soluble Film;
[IN] [1169894] 印度求购交互式电子白板(Interactive Whiteboard) (07-04)
  Purpose- Commercial Purchase Time- Current Requirement Basis-One Time Delivery Place-Dharmanagar, Tripura So Kindly Send Your Quotations Along With All Relevant Details And Contact Buyer W...
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相关买家: 交互式电子白板; Interactive Whiteboard;
[IN] [1169893] 印度求购触控面板(touch panel) (07-04)
  Inquiry :- Buyer is looking for 'touch panel'. Purpose :- For Resale Product Specification :- Need kiosk touch panel in good Quality Delivery Place :- Udupi, Karnataka So kindly send your ...
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相关买家: 触控面板; touch panel;
[IN] [1169892] 印度求购互动板(interactive board) (07-04)
  Required For :- School use Purchasing Time:-Within 2 days Specification :- Color-white Contact buyer with your best offer.
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相关买家: 互动板; interactive board;
[IN] [1169891] 印度求购投影仪(projectors) (07-04)
  Buyer is looking for 'projectors'. Purpose : Commercial Use Delivery Place : Nanded, Maharashtra So kindly send your quotations along with all relevant details and contact buyer with your be...
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相关买家: 投影仪; projectors;
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