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[US] [1201989] 美国求购柠檬酸(CITRIC ACID) (06-26)
  I would like to purchase your products. Please contact me Hello, This is James from Latin Pro LLC, one of the world leading companies. I'm writing to request for a price quotation for products below: ...
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相关买家: 柠檬酸; CITRIC ACID;
[EG] [1201980] 埃及求购磷硫杂酸盐(Fosthiazate Registrations cooperation) (06-26)
  Dear sir, Hope you have a nice day! We are an egyptian company "Orchid pesticides & chemicals" interested in cooperation with your esteemed company to register your products. We are interested ...
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相关买家: 磷硫杂酸盐;
[KW] [1201975] 科威特求购limax 800XH K FMC 型直体旋塞阀密封脂化合物(sealing grease compound) (06-26)
  What is the FOB price on your Climax 800XH K FMC style straight bodied plug valve sealing grease compound? Kindly quote 30*Cartons of Climax 80*XH-K ASAP.
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[RU] [1201972] 俄罗斯求购半***染料 RC 柠檬黄 0103Y(NEOSIL FC) (06-26)
  Good day! I represent "Nevskaya Cosmetica" JSC, one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia! We are interested in the following products: NEOSIL FC.SEMI-PERMA...
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相关买家: 半永久染料; 柠檬黄;
[AU] [1201966] 澳大利亚求购黑色素(about: Melanotan-II (MT-II) (06-26)
  Hello, what size vials do you have? I抦 after 15mg ones and possibly bigger Please also let me know bulk pricing
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相关买家: 黑色素;
[PE] [1201965] 秘鲁求购清洁剂(Cleaner Inquiries) (06-26)
  Hello , Pls reply my email Asap. Dante Uehara
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相关买家: 清洁剂; Cleaner;
[IN] [1201947] 印度求购深层可回收塑料叶轮(deep weel sumbersible plastic impellers) (06-26)
  i need machinery for producing deep weel sumbersible plastic impellers
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相关买家: 塑料叶轮; plastic impellers;
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[PK] [1201835] 巴基斯坦求购制药原料(essential materials to the pharmaceutical industry) (06-21)
  Dear sir, I hope this email finds you well. My name is Ali Husnain from CHEMIPRO Pakistan. I am actively involved in supplying essential materials to the pharmaceutical industry in our country. Ove...
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相关买家: 制药原料; essential materials;
[PK] [1201832] 巴基斯坦求购聚丁二烯橡胶(about: CTPB) (06-21)
  We need 100 Kg CTPB, for elastomer applications. Plz send quote at email ID and What's app number. Regards Khalid Hussain Manager procurement Wah Nobel, Pvt Ltd, Pakistan
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相关买家: 聚丁二烯橡胶; CTPB;
[IN] [1201825] 印度求购硅酮佐剂(Silicone Adjuvant) (06-21)
  Silicone Adjuvant 100MT
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相关买家: 硅酮佐剂; Silicone Adjuvant;
[SG] [1201824] 新加坡求购松香和松节油(Gum Rosin & Turpentine oil) (06-21)
  Dear Sirs, We are a Singapore company that supply gum rosin and turpentine oil produce in our factory in Indonesia. If you have any requirement of the above mentioned products, please feel free...
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相关买家: 松香; 松节油; Gum Rosin; Turpentine oil;
[AE] [1201822] 阿联酋求购唑来膦酸(API - Zoledronic acid) (06-21)
  Hello We are looking at API - Zoledronic acid total 700 gram, can you provide the price and lead time Regards Abish
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相关买家: 唑来膦酸; Zoledronic acid;
[VN] [1201806] 越南求购铝酸钙粉(calcium aluminate powder) (06-21)
  Hello, we are a Vietnamese chemical company and we are looking for a partner to supply calcium aluminate powder. Manufacturers whose products meet GB/T29341-2012 standards, good quality and stable qua...
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相关买家: 铝酸钙粉; calcium aluminate powder;
[KR] [1201783] 韩国求购碳化硼粉(Enriched B4C powder) (06-21)
  Through internet, we have found out your company. For your information, we, YeeYoung Cerachem LTD. is very specialized international trading company in Korea covering Ceramics, Semiconductors, Chemic...
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相关买家: 碳化硼粉; Enriched B4C powder;
[OM] [1201768] 阿曼求购润滑油(Greases) (06-21)
  Attn: SALES I am re-seller. One of the my Trader customer in OMAN Looking for pricing & availabilities the following. See the below . Please send me the best pricing CIF Muscat, Oman. Thank yo...
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相关买家: 润滑油; Greases;
[PL] [1201738] [有图]波兰求购冷凝胶等(Cold gel pack) (06-21)
  Looking for cooling gel and plastic pad/insert. Total order +/- 80 000. Packing : display/show box Please could you send all offers on my @ Quotation in Excel file plaese Offers needs to includ...
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相关买家: 冷凝胶; Cold gel pack;
[IN] [1201720] 印度求购三聚氰胺(send price for melamine.) (06-20)
  Dear SIR/MADAM Good day. Thanks for reply. I am interested 99.8 Purity Melamine Powder Industrial grade with CIF Nava Sheva port India. could you send me more details such as type, size,...
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相关买家: 三聚氰胺;
[RU] [1201717] 俄罗斯求购胶水(REACOL 7, REACOL 8, REACOL 9) (06-20)
  Hello colleagues, We want to arrange with you the supply of glue REACOL 7, REACOL 8, REACOL 9 to Russia. My name mrs Svetlana Pukhtenok. I will be glad to meet you&
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相关买家: 胶水; REACOL;
[FR] [1201712] 法国求购亚克力片(Mirror Acrylic Sheet size) (06-20)
  Hello, I would like to know which is the biggest size of Mirror Acrylic Sheet that you can supply. We're looking for a material and cutting supplier. Have a nice day --
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相关买家: 亚克力片; Mirror Acrylic Sheet;
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