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[BT] [1177762] 不丹求购投影仪(Projector) (09-14)
  Throw Distance = Standard Brightness = minimum 3000 Lumens Resolution = Full HD (1080P) Aspect Ratio = 16: 9 Required interfaces HDMI port USB port Built-in Wireless Card or Wireless Dongle/A...
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相关买家: 投影仪; Projector;
[NG] [1177761] 尼日利亚求购显示屏(DELL E7240 Touchscreen) (09-14)
  DELL E7240 touchscreen new one 12.5
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相关买家: 显示屏;
[MM] [1177760] 缅甸求购触摸屏(Esa S630 LCD Touch Screen) (09-14)
  Looking for esa s630 LCD touch screen
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相关买家: 触摸屏; Touch Screen;
[ZA] [1177757] 南非求购手机配件(Wholesale Mobile Phone Accessories) (09-14)
  Send for me u products so that I can see
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相关买家: 手机配件; Mobile Phone;
[NA] [1177753] 纳米比亚求购iPhone手机(iPhone 6plus Mobile Phone) (09-14)
  iPhone 6plus Mobile Phone
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相关买家: iPhone;
[ZM] [1177748] 赞比亚求购LCD Screen(LCD Screen) (09-14)
  TV LCD screen for Samsung
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[GH] [1177743] 加纳求购Itel TV(Itel TV) (09-14)
  Itel flat screen television
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[US] [1177695] 美国求购VR眼镜(VR Glasses) (09-14)
  Hello, What is your best price for 100 pieces with a custom logo like the one ***? How soon could you ship to the U.S.? Thank you!
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相关买家: VR眼镜; VR Glasses;
[US] [1177694] 美国求购数据线(data cable) (09-14)
  We need data cable ,what is your wholesale price?
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相关买家: 数据线; data cable;
[US] [1177693] [有图]美国求购音频线(audio cable) (09-14)
  90 Degree Angle 3.5mm Jack To Bare End Audio Cable Spring 3.5 Jack To Open End Aux Cable,1000pcs, Can you provide a quote for this cable?
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相关买家: 音频线; audio cable;
[US] [1177692] [有图]美国求购投影仪(projector) (09-14)
  4K 150ANSI Lumens 2+16GB Android Wifi Portable Mini Pocket Projector,could we take 5 samples first?
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相关买家: 投影仪; projector;
[MX] [1177686] [有图]墨西哥求购硬盘(solid state drive) (09-14)
  USB 3.0/2.0 5Gbps 2.5inch Portable SATA External Transmission Closure HDD Hard Enclosure Disk Case Box External Hard Disk for PC,we need 1000pcs.must have CE,RoHs,FCC
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相关买家: 硬盘; solid state drive;
[US] [1177632] 美国求购耳机(earphone) (09-13)
  We are looking for USBC earphones Custom Art / Giftbox package 24pcs per carton FOB shenzhen Also Can you let us know added cost for official TID Chip?
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相关买家: 耳机; earphone;
[FR] [1177630] 法国求购家用视频投影仪(Home Video Projector) (09-13)
  Droppshipping in France
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相关买家: 家用投影仪; Home Projector;
[NG] [1177625] 尼日利亚求购Earbuds Headphones(Earbuds Headphones) (09-13)
  This is what I want
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相关买家: Earbuds; Headphones;
[ZA] [1177624] 南非求购iPhone 7(iPhone 7) (09-13)
  iPhone 7 64GB it can be any colour...I'm looking to sell but before I do that I want to order for my son so that I can advertise with something that I can show my clients for trustworthy
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相关买家: iPhone;
[MX] [1177623] 墨西哥求购电阻式触控面板(15 Inch 5 Wire Analog Resistive Touch Panel) (09-13)
  15 inch 5 wire analog resistive touch panel To replace...5RA 001G CArlos MArio Zurita Leon Villahermosa TAbsco Mexico 86220 area code
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相关买家: 电阻式触控面板; Touch Panel;
[UG] [1177621] 乌干达求购NFC Microsd Card(NFC Microsd Card) (09-13)
  Hello I am keenly interested in NFC MicroSD Card, Am currently doing a project for Canteen Micro-Consumption for schools, I would like the merchants to use the NFC MicroSD Card as the reader ...
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相关买家: NFC Microsd Card;
[ZM] [1177620] 赞比亚求购Flash Disk(Flash Disk) (09-13)
  I want flash disks as stipulated above of high quality
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相关买家: Flash Disk;
[NG] [1177617] 尼日利亚求购Phone Tracking Software(Phone Tracking Software) (09-13)
  The software should be able to do the following: *Track lost/stolen phone location * Read msg(WhatsApp/TXT msg * Call lost phone * Phone IMEI
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