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[MX] [1176294] [有图]墨西哥求购***(Hoist Remote Control) (08-31)
  buenas tardes podria apoyarme cotizandome 3 kit de F26-A3 y cuanto seria el tiempo de resuesta de entrega a mexico
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相关买家: 遥控器; Hoist Remote Control;
[RU] [1176287] [有图]俄罗斯求购连接线(cable) (08-31)
  Good afternoon! There is such a cable for the Verifone PP1000SE v3 pin pad (RJ45-RJ45) , you have?
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相关买家: 连接线; cable;
[US] [1176283] [有图]美国求购耳机(headphone) (08-31)
  What is the best price you can offer? 400pcs silent disco headphones for party use with fantastic LED light with our logo
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相关买家: 耳机; headphone;
[US] [1176276] [有图]美国求购耳机(earphone) (08-31)
  Silent Disco - Quiet Clubbing 3 Channel Party Bundle Headphones and Transmitters What is the best price you can offer?What is the shipping cost? Do you support customization? *** is the logo
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相关买家: 耳机; earphone;
[SE] [1176247] [有图]瑞典求购充电线(charging cable) (08-31)
  Hello,I would like to order 400 pieces for my company in Sweden. I'm working with staffing and recruiting.This will be a product to celebrate 1 year and i will give this to my costumers.I have some qu...
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相关买家: 充电线; charging cable;
[IL] [1176234] 以色列求购笔记本电脑(No Name Brand Ipads and Notebook Computer) (08-30)
  For school use 250K to 600K but in easy delivery batches from 5000 to 25000 No name brand and new...Not reconditioned...Minimum 5000 pieces per no name brand Configuration various options for RAM, R...
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑;
[ZM] [1176233] 赞比亚求购电脑(Computer) (08-30)
  Laptop to be precise
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[ZA] [1176232] 南非求购安卓平板(Android Tablets) (08-30)
  4GB RAM and 32/64 GB ROM
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相关买家: 安卓平板; Android Tablets;
[IN] [1176231] 印度求购三星平板(Samsung Tablet) (08-30)
  Samsung tablet
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相关买家: 三星平板; Samsung Tablet;
[ZA] [1176230] 南非求购笔记本电脑(Apple Laptop Computer) (08-30)
  Weight: 1.4, colour pink normal material of apple laptop
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑;
[TZ] [1176229] 坦桑尼亚求购笔记本电脑(Notebook Laptop Computer) (08-30)
  MacBook air with m2
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相关买家: 笔记本电脑;
[KE] [1176228] 肯尼亚求购显卡(Graphic Card) (08-30)
  Something that can play any games
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相关买家: 显卡; Graphic Card;
[EG] [1176227] 埃及求购电子产品(consumer electronics) (08-30)
  Send me your caterlog so that I may plan and estimate quantities to order.
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相关买家: 电子产品; consumer electronics;
[PL] [1176222] [有图]波兰求购智能手表充电线(smart watch charging cable) (08-30)
  Dear , I have order for smart watch charging cable. Please send me offer. The best way to contact me by wechat Waiting for offer please give me the best price as possible I no have time for negotia...
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相关买家: 智能手表充电线; smart watch charging cable;
[IN] [1176217] 印度求购连接线(connector cable) (08-30)
  Hello,I need USB to RS 485 converter. Initially I can purchase 10 Nos for testing. After that order quantity will be more than 1500 Nos. Shipment in Pune India. Postal code- 411041
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相关买家: 连接线; connector cable;
[GH] [1176214] 加纳求购Tablets(Tablets) (08-30)
  Hello, I need mobile phone tablet, dual SIM 5G and WiFi supported.
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[NL] [1176213] 荷兰求购内存条(8GB DDR3 RAM Memory) (08-30)
  Dear Sir/Madam I am Frank from Lumileds, I am interested to do business with your company, so kindly send information about your company and products range directly to the procurement manager at th...
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[US] [1176212] 美国求购Playstation 5 Systems(Playstation 5 Systems) (08-30)
  Looking for Playstation 5 systems
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相关买家: Playstation;
[BR] [1176209] 巴西求购屏幕保护膜(screen protector) (08-30)
  Good afternoon, this film has for all models IPH & Samsung?
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相关买家: 屏幕保护膜; screen protector;
[CA] [1176205] [有图]加拿大求购数据线(data cable) (08-30)
  our clients ask for 3 in 1 magnetic led light cable,how much is 3000pcs?what is the shipping cost to Canada,T5P3S5?
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相关买家: 数据线; data cable;
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