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[ID] [1150882] 印尼求购家具(Furniture) (12-27)
  Hello, i want to look for the product. would you please quote the price and MOQ for our reference? many thanks.
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相关买家: 家具; Furniture;
[PL] [1150877] 波兰求购天然石头(Natural Stones) (12-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for suppliers of Tiles, Slabs, Claddings made of natural stone ( Granite, Marble, Porphyre, basalt, limestone, sandstone). Long term contract (at least 18 months). ...
相关买家: 天然石头; Natural Stones;
[IN] [1150875] 印度求购建材(Building Materials) (12-27)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to import 100000Mt monthly Cements Clinker CIF to Port Mombasa Kenya Payments : by LC st Sight, Please inform the price. Thank you.
相关买家: 建材; Building Materials;
[US] [1150858] [有图]美国求购带Led灯的现代夜光桌底座(LED table runner) (12-27)
  Hi, can you take a look at the ***ment and let me know if you can make this LED table runner? Or, if you have similar item that you can recommend that will work too. Thanks. Please email me at
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相关买家: Led灯; 夜光桌底座; LED table runner;
[US] [1150816] 美国求购床组(Bed frame) (12-27)
  HI Tracywe are hospitality company based in USA. I am interested in working on dong some dormitory furniture . would you be able to send me a catalog for some of your items for student housing and als...
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相关买家: 床组; Bed frame;
[US] [1150782] 美国求购坐浴盆(Toilets and Bidet sets) (12-24)
  Need to order 30 pieces of Toilets and Bidet sets for a hotel project. Pleas send catalogue and price list. My email is and also reply through *** FOB Kansas City , Missouri USA
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相关买家: 坐浴盆; Toilets; Bidet sets;
[IN] [1150682] [有图]印度求购浴室柜硬件(Bathroom Vanity hardware) (12-23)
  Hi Dear, I am in the business of Bath room vanity hardware in India. Many times we had chat at whatts app. I am having some requirement of items related to Bathroom Vanity hardware in India from Chin...
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相关买家: 浴室柜; Bathroom;
[IT] [1150667] 意大利求购屋顶透气衬垫(roof breathable underlays) (12-23)
  Dear Sir,my name is, from company , in Italy, we are metal carpentry working mainly for building market. We produce metal components for wood constructions. We do sell also several other products.We a...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 屋顶透气衬垫; roof breathable underlays;
[US] [1150491] 美国求购沙滩椅(Bamboo furniture) (12-22)
  xin hi gi b ny qua ti khu Si Gn Nh, qun Orange County, California gi c v thi gian sao vy shop?
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相关买家: 沙滩椅; Bamboo furniture;
[US] [1150480] 美国求购墨菲床(murphy with the sofa) (12-22)
  Hi I sell murphy beds in the united state online. I like this murphy with the sofa and would like to order one as a sample. Does your shipping include duty and taxes at the port, and will it be deli...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 墨菲床;
[IN] [1150437] 印度求购胶合板(Plywood) (12-21)
  Dear Sir, We request you to please send quotes for two 40 ft Containers of Shuttering Plywood. Thickness : 18mm and two 40 containers commercial furniture Plywood thickness 3.2mm and size 244x1...
相关买家: 胶合板; Plywood;
[NA] [1150431] 纳米比亚求购建材(Building Materials) (12-21)
  Dear Sir, We want quotations of Building Materials importing to Namibia. Partnership Agreement is the most preferred strategy to get started. Please contact us ASAP. Regards
相关买家: 建材; Building Materials;
[AU] [1150427] [有图]澳大利亚求购竹花架(bamboo flower rack) (12-21)
  I am looking for bamboo flower rack.Please check the ***ment.
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相关买家: 竹花架; bamboo flower rack;
[IN] [1150418] 印度求购理发椅(saloon chair) (12-21)
  Hello I am working on saloon project I need 2 saloon chair can u help me. .
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相关买家: 理发椅; saloon chair;
[IN] [1150359] [有图]印度求购转椅用气举家具配件和配件(gas lift furniture accessories and fittings for swivel chair) (12-21)
  gas lift furniture accessories and fittings for swivel chair Hi , We are a woodworking machine manufacturer and seller in India. We have many warehouses across India. We deal in all woodworking mach...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 转椅; furniture accessories; swivel chair;
[IR] [1150317] 伊朗求购氟掺杂氧化锡(FTO)镀膜玻璃(fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) coating glass) (12-20)
  Hello Have a nice day. we are the biggest importer in IRAN and interested in your products and wish to have cooperation together. Could you please tell me the latest price of 1.product name:f...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 镀膜玻璃; coating glass;
[US] [1150310] 美国求购建材(Building Materials) (12-20)
  Dear Sir, We want quotations of Building Materials importing to Namibia. Partnership Agreement is the most preferred strategy to get started. Please contact us ASAP. Regards
相关买家: 建材; Building Materials;
[HK] [1150305] 香港求购钢筋(Reinforcement Bars) (12-20)
  Dear Sir, We would like to receive quotations for Concrete by cubic meter. We are also looking for Sand, Gravel and Reinforcement Bar. This is very urgent request. Thank you for prompt respon...
相关买家: 钢筋; Reinforcement Bars;
[TR] [1150271] [有图]土耳其求购婴童椅子(Ergonomic Bouncer Bouncer Balance Baby Soft Rocker Cover) (12-20)
  quantity: 1 Twenty-Foot Container Turkey 1 Twenty-Foot Container Dear Will,I hope all is well. I am writing on behalf of the HepsiGlobal seller acquisition team. HepsiGlobal is the overseas ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 婴童椅子;
[PA] [1150269] [有图]巴拿马求购展示架(5 Bottles LED Full color Customized Dom Logo Champagne VIP Bottl) (12-20)
  quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces Panama 10 Piece/Pieces hi, Can you please contact me via ****at , we own a restaurant here, we want to buy a few bottle glorifiers personalized to our brand
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 展示架;
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