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[RU] [1176033] 俄罗斯求购兽医用超声波(Ultrasound for veterinary) (08-29)
  Dear Sir or Madam, Could You please send us the price list for You veterinary systems.
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相关买家: 兽医用超声波; Ultrasound for veterinary;
[CL] [1176028] 智利求购DVR(STAND ALONE dvr contact Bash Chile) (08-29)
  hola, trabajo me llamo Andres Godoy de la empresa Bash necesit?su pagina web, listado de productos
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相关买家: DVR;
[AU] [1176025] 澳大利亚求购LED驱动(LED Driver) (08-29)
  I recently purchased Bedroom ceiling lights Option C.21-30 W Changeable two sets of two. One Driver has blown up and is totally blackened, and the light is not working. The piece is LED DRIVER ...
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相关买家: LED驱动; LED Driver;
[US] [1176017] 美国求购固件(Firmware help) (08-29)
  I have a DVDFab A1 movie Server, it shows up on the network as Shenzhen Egreat Tech Corp.,Ltd, the mac address is F0:62:0D:10:27:17. I am not satisfied with there format... Can you direct me to the co...
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相关买家: 固件; Firmware;
[PG] [1175994] 巴布亚新几内亚求购磁转子/飞轮(Rotor - Kokusan GP9445 A30) (08-29)
  Hi, Do you manufacture or sell magneto rotor / flywheel for Suzuki 2003 SV1000 motorcycles? I have one marked "Kokusan Japan GP9445 A30" for which I need new arc magnets. Do you sell the arc magne...
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相关买家: 磁转子; 飞轮; Rotor;
[TH] [1175988] 泰国求购集电器(CURRENT COLLECTOR) (08-29)
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[US] [1175915] 美国求购数字分离探头 X 射线密度计(Digital Separate Probe X-ray Densitometer) (08-27)
  looking for estimated lead-time. i will need these within 2 weeks. Ship to Nashua NH 03062 USA
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相关买家: 数字分离探头; X射线密度计; Digital Separate Probe; X-ray Densitometer;
[PL] [1175903] 波兰求购RTMS脑刺激器经颅磁治疗仪器(RTMS Brain Stimulator Transcranial Magnetic Therapy Instrument) (08-26)
  Hello, is possible to customize this machine? Thank you
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相关买家: 治疗仪器; Therapy Instrument;
[US] [1175893] 美国求购开门器红外偏振反射光电池传感器(gate opener infrared polarized reflective photocell sensor) (08-26)
  Hello, We're looking for gate opener infrared polarized reflective photocell sensor, please send your price list and quote for 500pcs , with shipping to Miami FL, USA.
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相关买家: 开门器; 传感器; gate opener; photocell sensor;
[IN] [1175887] 印度求购农业喷雾无人机(agriculture spray drone) (08-26)
  I am a farmer from India I want to buy a agriculture spray drone with 20 - 25 L tank capacity, 4 battery sets, 2 charger could you please send me the quote along with the shipping charges and the lead...
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相关买家: 农业喷雾无人机; agriculture spray drone;
[IN] [1175886] 印度求购LCD(LCD) (08-26)
  Hello, I am from Lava International India. We are looking for LCD suppliers. Please contact :
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相关买家: LCD;
[NG] [1175866] 尼日利亚求购液晶模组(LCD Module) (08-26)
  Dear Supplier We are interested in your products, Kindly Send the following for immediate follow up MOQ, price and nearest port of loading. With Regargs Ibe
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相关买家: 液晶模组; LCD Module;
[BR] [1175849] 巴西求购太阳能板(please quote 3500 units of :solar panels, monochristalline,bifac) (08-26)
  please quote 3500 units of :solar panels, monochristalline,bifacial,certified. Growatts inverter :12 units 3 phase,200kv Thanks
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相关买家: 太阳能板; solar panels;
[US] [1175843] 美国求购光缆(Fiber Optic Cable) (08-26)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to source .040 Fiber Optic Cable in Fluorescence Red, Green, and Orange. Is this something that you manufacture? If yes please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 光缆; Fiber Optic Cable;
[MY] [1175809] 马来西亚求购线束组件(Wire Harness assembly) (08-26)
  Dear Sir, We exploring Wire Harness assembly supplier in China Who specialized manufacturing for Electrical & Electronics product. You may contact me directly if you are interested to know us m...
相关买家: 线束组件; Wire Harness assembly;
[AE] [1175794] 阿联酋求购重力过滤器(Gravity Filter) (08-26)
  Dear Sir, We need the following types of Automatic Valveless Gravity Filter (VAG) Filters: 04E115561H 400 06J115403Q 133 06L115562B 126 036129620J 99 04E129620 85 5Q0129620B 66 06A115561B...
相关买家: 重力过滤器; Gravity Filter;
[PE] [1175748] 秘鲁求购***(control remote) (08-25)
  Hello. How are they ?my name is , I am looking to buy 5 thousand remote controls for converter, DVB-C; model: CT-700 brand Crenova, you can manufacture it.for communication and inquiries.I await your ...
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相关买家: 遥控器; control remote;
[BR] [1175732] 巴西求购功率驱动器模块(dual-channel Class D stereo PAM8610) (08-25)
  Hi, I need urgently 1000 pcs of this PAM 8610 2x15W amplifier. But I need to know two EXTREMELY important details before: 1 - When I close the two SW pins will it become mute GRADUALLY (with a fad...
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相关买家: 功率驱动器模块;
[TR] [1175712] 土耳其求购访问控制器(Access controllers) (08-25)
  HiCan you send me your data sheet for access controllers ( 2 / 4 doors, networked) and price Mesut KARAKOYUNLU Moonwell LTD, İSTANBUL ,TURKIYE You can see our web site
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相关买家: 访问控制器; Access controllers;
[MX] [1175680] 墨西哥求购英飞凌功率模块(AINT-14C) (08-25)
  Hello, Please email me. I am interested in buying 6 AINT-14C and some other items. The transaction will be by ***, but please contact me trhu my email
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相关买家: 功率模块;
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