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[US] [1174663] 美国求购高精度口袋秤传感器用应变计(BF(BA)1000-1.5AA) (08-15)
  I would like to quote for 100 pcs of the BF(BA)1000-1.5AA….-A for steel with solder pads, make sure it’s solder pads not ribbon leads.I need to get 100 pcs to try it out, then I will get more of them ...
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相关买家: 口袋秤; 传感器;
[US] [1174662] 美国求购ESL 价格标签演示套件(ESL price labels demo kit) (08-15)
  Hello, I am looking for a company to be the supplier of ESL price labels for the company I am starting. I am in the process of finding the right hardware. Can I purchase a demo kit from you?Also, what...
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[SI] [1174621] [有图]斯洛文尼亚求购EJA115E 低流量变送器(Yokogawa EJA115E Low Flow Transmitter) (08-15)
  Please be informed that we are in a position to buy the *** YOKOGAWA product.Please send your offer to Primary Variable:Differential Pressure (DP) Secondary Variable:Static Pressure (SP) Type:Gate...
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相关买家: 变送器; Transmitter;
[FR] [1174589] 法国求购EN13757无线检查面板(EN13757 wireless examination panel) (08-15)
  Hello, tell me more about your board. Are you under EN13757-4 and 868Mhz? And what's about software on board side and PC.The goal is to read datas from sensors by walk byregards
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相关买家: 无线检查面板; wireless examination panel;
[EC] [1174580] 厄瓜多尔求购热水器用热敏电阻(thermistor for water heater) (08-15)
  Dear Supplier, we are looking for a housing for our water temperature sensor. It must be stainless steel. Can you help us with a quotation? Best Regards,
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相关买家: 热敏电阻; thermistor;
[US] [1174540] 美国求购心率监测带(Heart Rate Monitor Strap) (08-12)
  Id like to get a sample to verify it works with Wahoo, Garmin, Polar.
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相关买家: 心率监测带; Heart Rate Monitor Strap;
[SA] [1174537] 沙特阿拉伯求购电流转换器(Power Rectifier Converter) (08-12)
  Emerson Hd4850-2 Rectification Module For Telecom Power Supply Dc Power Rectifier Converter Emerson 4850-2 we requirement the item please contact What is the best price you can offer? What is t...
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相关买家: 电流转换器; Power Rectifier Converter;
[SA] [1174470] 沙特阿拉伯求购自动产品(Automotive) (08-12)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Automotive, Foodstuff, High Duties Machineries in Ethiopia. Please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 自动产品; Automotive;
[EG] [1174462] 埃及求购电机(Electrical Appliances) (08-12)
  Dear Sir, We need Electrical Appliances that are used in home with a little bit older models (2016-2019) but are new in their boxes and we need a container and there is no problem in the price. ...
相关买家: 电机; Electrical Appliances;
[IN] [1174388] [有图]印度求购警报器系统(Window Alarm Security Burglar Alarm) (08-11)
  Hello need of Portable Door Window Home Security Alarm Mini Magnetic Sensor Bellpls quote us the price for 5 box @ 200 pcscan reach me
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相关买家: 警报器系统; Window Alarm; Security Burglar Alarm;
[IT] [1174376] 意大利求购传感器(SICK WT27-2F710 - 1015083) (08-11)
  Good morning, we ask for an offer with production/delivery forecastfor the following items: Pc.1- WT27-2F710 Sick - 1015083 ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED, BRAND AND CODE MUST BE EXACTLY THO...
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相关买家: 传感器;
[PK] [1174367] 巴基斯坦求购配件(Spare Items) (08-11)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Spare Items. Please send us your product details and catalogue. Thank you.
相关买家: 配件; Spare Items;
[AU] [1174327] 澳大利亚求购5RPM交流电机(5RPM AC reindeer motor) (08-11)
  220V and 110V outdoor fixed speed 5RPM AC reindeer motor with arm for shaft for Halloween Christmas decoration reindeer.Can you make them with a plug for AUSTRALIA and ship to AUSTRALIA? approx time a...
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相关买家: 交流电机; reindeer motor;
[IT] [1174256] 意大利求购增量式旋转编码器(Incremental rotary encoder) (08-10)
  New and original Incremental rotary encoder LPD3806-600BM-G5-24C AB Two Phase 600ppr diameter 38mm shaft 6mmI need 8 pieces, with shipping in Italy,
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相关买家: 旋转编码器; Incremental rotary encoder;
[IT] [1174251] 意大利求购SINAMICS 控制单元(SINAMICS control unit 6SL3040-1MA01-0AA0) (08-10)
  Good afternoon,I'm Giulio and work for Revimac Srl an Italian company.We would like to request a quotation and delivery time for Sinamics control units.Also, we are looking for N.10 SINAMICS S120 doub...
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相关买家: 控制单元; SINAMICS control unit;
[AE] [1174243] [有图]阿联酋求购威图电气(RITTAL) (08-10)
  Dear Sales, Kindly quote your best price for the below items along with datasheets/warranty/stock availability/lead time. We need delivery our office- Dubai, UAE.
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[UK] [1174236] 英国求购油箱防盗报警系统(Anti theft Fuel Tank Alarm System) (08-10)
  Please send me details regarding your solutions to prevent fuel theft comes
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相关买家: 油箱防盗报警系统; Alarm System;
[MX] [1174234] 墨西哥求购电气设备(PN EK1322) (08-10)
  hi SusanPlease confirm availability for PN EK1322 from Beckhoff qty 1you can send me your offer to
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相关买家: 电气设备;
[VN] [1174205] 越南求购高压直流耐压测试仪(High Voltage DC Hipot Tester for Cable Testing) (08-10)
  Hi, i (savina jsc) would like to order ZGF SerieContact me
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相关买家: 耐压测试仪; Hipot Tester for Cable Testing;
[EG] [1174157] 埃及求购蝶阀执行器(butter fly valves) (08-10)
  We still buy an actuators for butter fly valves to our clients. Kindly send us your line of production and your company profile to this email.
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相关买家: 蝶阀执行器; butter fly valves;
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