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[NL] [1190243] 荷兰求购测温仪表(Temperature Controller Data Logger) (02-02)
  please can you send me more data of CWT5016 wifi , how to configure , how to use the data for instance on a note red rasbary pi thanks jan bozelie
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相关买家: 测温仪表; Temperature Controller Data Logger;
[IN] [1190196] [有图]印度求购玻璃升降开关(Power window switch) (02-01)
  I am in need of this Power window switch. Please help me . Thank you my Contact
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相关买家: 玻璃升降开关; Power window switch;
[IN] [1190190] 印度求购称重指示器(MYPIN LM8-RRD Loadcell Indicator) (02-01)
  Requirement ! MYPIN LM8-RRD Loadcell Indicator MYPIN DM8A- B for mV, mA & V Input MYPIN DS8 – NNN B for mV, mA & V Input with RTD & T/C. Thanking you,
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相关买家: 称重指示器; Loadcell Indicator;
[IN] [1190187] 印度求购LED灯带(Cob RGB strip light addressable) (02-01)
  Cob RGB strip light addressable ws2812 Reliable quality for testing And it's controller Please add me on
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相关买家: LED灯带; strip light;
[IN] [1190184] 印度求购电动自行车ATS-LED4显示屏(ATS-LED4 Display for Electric Bicycle) (02-01)
  Hi,Kindly provide the quotation for Electric Bicycle display.Looking for your prompt response.Regards
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相关买家: 电动自行车; 显示屏; Electric Bicycle;
[TR] [1190182] 土耳其求购手套泄漏测试仪(glove leak tester) (02-01)
  HELLO we have 2 kind of aseptic isolator baker : flange size : oval flange (275mm x 180mm) germfree: flange size : oval flange( 335mm x 215mm)we need glove leak tester ..... pls getin touch with me vi...
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相关买家: 手套泄漏测试仪; glove leak tester;
[SE] [1190180] 瑞典求购TFT显示器(TFT Display) (02-01)
  Hi,I am working at a Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer called Stilride.We are looking for a TFT display supplier, do you have experiance of displays for the automotive and maybe also motorcycle...
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相关买家: TFT显示器; TFT Display;
[NL] [1190175] 荷兰求购温度控制器(INKBIRD ITC-308 wifi thermostat plug temperature controller) (02-01)
  Dear Sir/Madam,First off, Happy new year to you and your family, friends and co-workers. I wish you all a happy, healty and prosperous year.. In the past our company purchased inkbird products and we ...
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相关买家: 温度控制器; temperature controller;
[BR] [1190138] 巴西求购Ingun螺纹探测器进行线束测试(INGUN threaded probe for Harness testing) (02-01)
  hello Do Sell also INGUN threaded probe for Harness testing ?′pls contact us
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[US] [1190137] 美国求购墙壁开关(4 button low voltage dry contact wall switch) (02-01)
  I am looking for a 4 button US style (single gang) wall switch that has dry contact closures and blue LEDWe also use 2 and 3 button styles as well.
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相关买家: 墙壁开关; wall switch;
[US] [1190134] 美国求购白色风力发电机(White Wind Turbine Generator) (02-01)
  Could you please confirm if this turbine is 24V? and I would appreciate if you could inform me how much it cost the shipping of 1 unit to the following address: Troncal del Caribe 49km Hosta...
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相关买家: 风力发电机; Wind Turbine Generator;
[FR] [1190132] 法国求购壁式充电站(Residential electric car charging station) (02-01)
  Hi, this is Martin from AC electronic ,we need 3.5kw portable charger & 11kw wallbox Please give the your best offer and your company profile 1. Suitable for home application 2. APP control 3. DL...
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相关买家: 充电站; charging station;
[US] [1190102] 美国求购10.1英寸液晶电容触摸面板(10.1' LCD Caacitive touch panel) (02-01)
  I am looking for 10.1" LCD Caacitive touch panel in bulk Please let me know the detail data sheet, pricing and availabilty.
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相关买家: 电容触摸面板; Caacitive touch panel;
[SA] [1190008] 沙特求购静音线性执行器(Quiet Linear Actuator) (01-31)
  please send me specification of the linear actuator with information on the position can email me in Saudi Arabia at
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相关买家: 线性执行器; Quiet Linear Actuator;
[US] [1190004] [有图]美国求购调光器(Inline Controller Dimmer Switch) (01-31)
  Dear , Panelcraft is interested in a custom inline LED Controller. *** are the specifications. Is your company able to produce this in Q = 1000 units? Thanks and Regards,
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相关买家: 调光器; Inline Controller Dimmer Switch;
[SE] [1189988] 瑞典求购步进电机(stepper motor with driver) (01-31)
  We are interested in investigating if your stepper motor 34HM9801 would fit into one of our products.What price/deliverytime for orders of 3, 10, 50 or 200 pcs at a time?
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相关买家: 步进电机; stepper motor;
[PL] [1189982] 波兰求购粗糙罐面传感器(rough tank level sensor) (01-30)
  Hello,I repsesent Estigiti software house. For our customer we are looking for a rough tank level sensor. We are interested in CSB-F2T65-2.5-2104 or CSB-2.5-2104 sensors with RS485 interface.1. Do you...
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相关买家: 传感器; level sensor;
[IN] [1189978] [有图]印度求购工业空调(Air Conditioner) (01-30)
  Hi can you deialed this product as of our company interest to buy? from Bandung Indonesia
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相关买家: 工业空调; Air Conditioner;
[FR] [1189975] 法国求购夜视仪(Infrared Thermal Night Vision Imaging IP Camera Core) (01-30)
  Hello Dear, We are intereted to integrate your thermal with zooom to our uavs. for test can you please send us a quote including shipment to france for: 1x 1280*1024 Resolution 12um Uncooled with v...
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相关买家: 夜视仪;
[US] [1189962] 美国求购USB网卡(Mini USB WiFi Adapter) (01-29)
  Hi,We are intersted in custom design of this product.Can we use our PCB and purchase the rest from you?You can email us back Thanks.
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相关买家: USB网卡; Mini USB WiFi Adapter;
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