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[BY] [1172040] 白俄罗斯求购继电器(relay) (07-21)
  Hi! My name is Anton, from JSC "vityas". We need to purchase the following items: 1) relay "hf115f-q/006-1d", in the amount of 20.000 PCs. Please inform us about the delivery time and cost. Please...
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相关买家: 继电器; relay;
[GR] [1172034] 希腊求购体脂分析仪(Body Fat Analyzer) (07-21)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Body Fat Analyzer. We would like you to inform us if you can supply us with this product and if yes please send us technical characteristics and a quotation for one piec...
相关买家: 体脂分析仪; Body Fat Analyzer;
[PK] [1172021] 巴基斯坦求购路由器(27AACFF9343D1ZJ) (07-21)
  Hi am looking for below license L-FPR2110T-TMC-3YL-FPR2130T-TMC-1Y SF-FMC-VMW-10-K9if you have any of these let me know
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相关买家: 路由器;
[ZA] [1171938] [有图]南非求购控制器电路板(controller circuit board) (07-21)
  Hi. I have a POWER STAR IR6040 Inverter. Can you supply me with a controller circuit board please. Thanks.
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相关买家: 控制器电路板; controller circuit board;
[ZA] [1171936] 南非求购太阳能逆变器(Inverter) (07-21)
  Good day, I have been looking deeply into inverters and solar systems for my house and thought I would contact you.We use about 80 kw of electricity per a day and we are wanting to go off grid. I woul...
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相关买家: 太阳能逆变器; Inverter;
[UA] [1171916] 乌克兰求购血糖仪(Glucomiters) (07-21)
  Hello CiciWE are interested in Glucomiters. I contact earlier with your collegue Yolanda. can you please send me actual information about your products.
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相关买家: 血糖仪; Glucomiters;
[IE] [1171913] 爱尔兰求购传感器(Sensor) (07-21)
  Hi,Can you please quote for two samples (please do not place the LCD, Backlight, J4 (Screw Terminal) or U7 (ZMOD4410AI1R)).Can you also quote quantity pricing (please include x1000).Please email quote...
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相关买家: 传感器; Sensor;
[AR] [1171896] 阿根廷求购宠物***(4G Mini kidnapping waterproof gps tracker) (07-20)
  Hello, I am very interested in the product. I have a pet APP and I would like to integrate your product in it. This is possible? Can you provide me with the development tools? It is a startup in Argen...
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相关买家: 宠物追踪器; gps tracker;
[IN] [1171860] 印度求购交流电容器(AC Capacitors) (07-20)
  Regular With 8 PIN & Dual Capacitor With 9 PIN DESCRIPTION QTY Size(mm) Run capacitor 36mfd 450 VAC 2000 50X100 Run capacitor 45 mfd 450VAC 1500 50X115 Run capacitor 50mfd 450 VAC 4000 50X115 C...
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相关买家: 交流电容器; AC Capacitors;
[IN] [1171808] 印度求购逆变器和整流器(Pure sine wave inverter) (07-20)
  I need 1500 Watt 12v 24v To 220v Diy Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter Mother Board
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相关买家: 逆变器; 整流器; Pure sine wave inverter;
[CA] [1171804] [有图]加拿大求购GPS ***(Small GPS tracker for Truck) (07-20)
  Hi, We are an IT company working with a cline that is looking for a small GPS for the purpose of tracking milage for trucks. We are looking for a very specific small product that can connect to the ...
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相关买家: GPS 追踪器; Small GPS tracker;
[ES] [1171799] 西班牙求购汽车充电器(EV residential car charger) (07-20)
  Hello I am looking to buy EV residential car charger Level 2 40A With app Wifi (3g and 4g if available) Must have UL certificate and CE To be sold online in north America and EU Need pri...
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相关买家: 汽车充电器; EV residential car charger;
[ZW] [1171779] 津巴布韦求购功放(Audio Amplifier) (07-20)
  Um looking for PA system full kit, I want to use it to my church
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相关买家: Audio Amplifier;
[BR] [1171770] [有图]巴西求购连接器(connector) (07-20)
  please check my request , send me by direct mail com and your MOQ by model Material:Copper+HDPE Certificate:SGS, UL, IOS9001 Color:White, Red, Blue, Yellow Shrinkage ratio:3:1 Plating::Tin Plas...
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相关买家: 连接器; connector;
[VN] [1171741] 越南求购UV Curing EPS Supplying(UV Curing EPS Supplying) (07-19)
  Hi, we are interested in buying your UV Curing EPS Supplying. Please let us have your quotation, lead time, and delivery conditions. Thanks. Respectfully yours,
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[PH] [1171692] 菲律宾求购设备(Equipments) (07-19)
  I would like to request for your catalog with price information in (FOB ) for your Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Product. Kindly include in your email the minimum order quantity and packaging. an...
相关买家: 设备; Equipments;
[MX] [1171686] 墨西哥求购AHT 70 BP Tug(AHT 70 BP Tug) (07-19)
  One of my connection is looking for immediate purchase of AHT 70 BP Tug. Age no bar. for Qatar operations. Please send prices and specs. Thank you
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[CA] [1171669] 加拿大求购电动车中置电机(Mid motor) (07-19)
  I am the CEO of. I may be going into the business of making bikes using Mid range motors in excess of 1000w. with a 52 v 21A or equivalent motor. Also, is shipping free to Canada. At the moment I need...
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相关买家: 电动车中置电机; Mid motor;
[US] [1171668] 美国求购温湿度传感器探头(AM2305B) (07-19)
  Hello,Hope all is well.Can you please send me the datasheet of the AM2305B sensor.Also, a quotation of 500 pieces and 1K pieces .
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相关买家: 温湿度传感器探头;
[AU] [1171664] 澳大利亚求购力传感器与测压元件(SC220 load washer load cell) (07-19)
  Hello - I am Scott Stacey, the Director of Low Cost Wire ) in Sydney Australia. 2 questions please. Can the SC220 transducer (5T capacity) be fitted to a display that will display and hold the maximu...
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相关买家: 力传感器; 测压元件; load washer load cell;
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