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[FR] [1177885] 法国求购同视器(synoptophore) (09-15)
  Dear mister i would like you buy one synoptophore. I am a french distributor and i would like work with you.thanks for your futur answer.
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相关买家: 同视器; synoptophore;
[UA] [1177883] 乌克兰求购汽油发电机(Gasoline Inverter Power Generator Digital) (09-15)
  Good afternoon, my name is , I am a representative of. We are manufacture and install parking and access control systems. in connection with military operations, electricity is often turned off, so we...
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相关买家: 汽油发电机;
[BR] [1177879] 巴西求购氢发生器燃料电池组件(Hydrogen Generator fuel cell kits) (09-15)
  Hey thereCan you explain or send a doc with better information of this generator? We have an application that needs to transform water in energy trough hydrogen. Can it machine to do it? Please send r...
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相关买家: 氢发生器; 燃料电池组件; Hydrogen Generator; fuel cell kits;
[US] [1177871] [有图]美国求购电池充电器(battery charger) (09-15)
  What is best price for this charger. Private label box. I am writing from Dantona Industries in the USA. H0045 LCD display 8 slot Smart Battery Charger for AA/C/D
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相关买家: 电池充电器; battery charger;
[KR] [1177870] 韩国求购可编程助听器面板(programmable hearing aid faceplate) (09-15)
  Dear, I found out by searching on ***.I'm looking for a programmable hearing aid faceplate.I'd like to review your product, so could you send me a program or a picture?My email address.I hope the deal
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相关买家: 助听器; hearing aid;
[PL] [1177859] 波兰求购LED模组(led module) (09-15)
  What price per item.
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相关买家: LED模组; led module;
[TV] [1177831] 图瓦卢求购光伏产品( photovoltaic products ) (09-14)
  Would you like to find a great photovoltaic products manufacturer solar products
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相关买家: 光伏产品; photovoltaic products;
[PK] [1177818] 巴基斯坦求购压力调节器(RFQ I&C-22-40 (Outage)-2) (09-14)
  Pressure Regulator AW3000-03 Make: SOUTHMAN
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相关买家: 压力调节器;
[IN] [1177741] [有图]印度求购集成电路(MLDET2310P 400W driver E series) (09-14)
  Dear Sir, We are OEM and manufacturing Sticker labelling and Packaging machines based at Ahmedabad, India. We require MLDET2310P 400W driver E series, Qty. 50Pc. Please send your best offer as ear...
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相关买家: 集成电路;
[VN] [1177730] 越南求购连接器(female connector) (09-14)
  Please contact me by email .I looking for supplier for 10,000 pcs female connector.
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相关买家: 连接器; female connector;
[IT] [1177716] 意大利求购充电器和适配器(Hybrid Battery Charger) (09-14)
  Hi,I'm Andrea at Ebreeda, an Italian company which main business is hybrid batteries regeneration.I'd like to ask you about some questions about your battery charger.Could you please send me an email,...
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相关买家: 充电器; 适配器; Hybrid Battery Charger;
[US] [1177709] 美国求购直流电机(bldc motor) (09-14)
  Do you have 24V 200W 2000RPM bldc motor?please reply to
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相关买家: 直流电机; bldc motor;
[IN] [1177649] 印度求购基于android的人脸考勤机(android based face attendance machine) (09-13)
  i am looking for android based face attendance machine manufacturer for my customers. pls add me on whatapp for more discussion. do you have attendance software also . i need to see that attendance so...
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相关买家: 人脸考勤机;
[IN] [1177638] 印度求购集成电路(Skm 75gb12 t4) (09-13)
  Skm 75gb12 t4 igbt qty500 reqd immediately, 75a 1200 v pl send the best price and delivery Any antenna enquiries across
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相关买家: 集成电路;
[JO] [1177612] 约旦求购电流传感器(Current sensor) (09-13)
  Hello I'm looking for Current sensor with ability to read the output using RS-485 modbus.Mainly I have DC output load coming from solar panel with up to 50Awe have AC load but optional to read, but if...
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相关买家: 电流传感器; Current sensor;
[ES] [1177581] 西班牙求购数字脉冲计数器(Digital Pulse Counter) (09-13)
  Dear Sirs,I’m searching a Low Cost Quality Digital Pulse Counter with 2, 4 or more channels…Desired Communication Interface is Ethernet TCP/IP (Modbus TCP), and if possible PoE powered…It is for Utili...
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相关买家: 数字脉冲计数器; Digital Pulse Counter;
[IN] [1177482] [有图]印度求购智慧屏(Smart Screen) (09-12)
  We required Smart Screen for a big educational project in India. MOQ 100 pc in first lot, after this we will put more orders
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相关买家: 智慧屏; Smart Screen;
[IN] [1177481] [有图]印度求购LCD模组(10 inch touch screen LCD display) (09-12)
  We would like to purchase 10 inch touch screen LCD display to be incorporated in our products. Please share product details with data sheet.Regards
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相关买家: LCD模组; LCD display;
[IN] [1177476] 印度求购可调稳压电源(adjustable regulator power supply) (09-12)
  HI,This is padmanaban and my whatsapp number is.we need adjustable regulator power supply 4 nos and please text me i will give the details.
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相关买家: 可调稳压电源; adjustable regulator power supply;
[IN] [1177458] 印度求购船用 4G/3G 信号增强中继器(MARINE 4G/3G SIGNAL BOOSTER REPEATER) (09-12)
  Hi,I am interested in listing and selling your product in our website (Orbitshub.Com) for our maritime and offshore clients from UAE, India, USA and Europe.If interested, please contact
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