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[IT] [1155278] 意大利求购pcb(Power bank pcb) (02-16)
  Hello we are SpeciaLith.we are battery pack maker, we need to do a big power bank, but battery pack is 24V, so we need to have a PCB with 3 USB port or 3 USB-C port that can have output 24V with 1/5A ...
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相关买家: pcb; Power bank pcb;
[US] [1155276] 美国求购光伏发电瓦片(solar shingle) (02-16)
  I am looking for solar shingle supplier for install on aircraft hangars and would like to order one pallet for evaluation.Also, do you sell inverters and converters for battery systems with AC backup?
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相关买家: 光伏发电瓦片; solar shingle;
[TH] [1155273] 泰国求购电子产品(electronic products) (02-16)
  DEAR Sir I would like to request a quote for parts 1. MASTERDRIVE MC : 6SE7016-OTP70 "SIEMENS" 1 PCS 2. ENCODER BOARD : 6SE7090-0XX84-OFBO "SIEMENS" 1 PCS 3. COMMUNICATION BOARD FOR PROFIBUS :...
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相关买家: 电子产品; electronic products;
[MD] [1155254] 摩尔多瓦求购地板采暖温控器(floor heating thermostats) (02-16)
  Hello, we are interested in floor heating thermostats. Please, send us your catalog and price list. Thank you.
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相关买家: 地板采暖温控器; floor heating thermostats;
[DK] [1155250] 丹麦求购土壤测试仪(soil NPK quick test platform) (02-16)
  Dear,We are a danish IoT consulting company working with farmers.We have just tried some cheap NPK sensors that was not working at all. we are searching a solution that works perfect every time our te...
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相关买家: 土壤测试仪;
[SA] [1155213] 沙特求购40t的测压元件(load cell of 40t) (02-16)
  Hi,I would like to buy 4 units of the load cell of 40t. Delivery will be to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and i prefer using DHL or FedEx couriers. Please send your best quotation to .Thanks
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相关买家: 测压元件; load cell;
[TR] [1155212] 土耳其求购兽医用动物x光系统(Animal X-Ray System for Veterinarians) (02-16)
  Hi , I have a medical company in Turkey, named We sell all machines and equipments for veterinerian and hospitals I want to order your products and sell directly in my country Could you Please sha...
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相关买家: 动物x光系统; Animal X-Ray System;
[TR] [1155208] 土耳其求购水控电磁阀(water control solenoid valves) (02-16)
  Dear Sir,We require a quotation for water control solenoid valves of various models up to 2' size. We need normally closed models. Similar to YCD11-15 models with rubber diaphram. Could you please sen...
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相关买家: 水控电磁阀; water control solenoid valves;
[PL] [1155193] 波兰求购网关(IOT Sim Card Gateway) (02-16)
  Good afternoon, I'm working for Carrier corporation and I'm looking for a BLE -> CatM1 programmable gateway for a new connected product. The product requires to be FCC, IC and UL certified. I would ap...
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相关买家: 网关; IOT Sim Card Gateway;
[MX] [1155189] [有图]墨西哥求购5-3000A ce ul RohS 分裂铁芯电流互感器(5-3000A ce ul RohS split core current transformer) (02-16)
  Good dayI am looking for a full range of split core CT's. ranging from 50A - 2000A. I also need them to be wired as follows:3 into 1 with an RJ12 connector. With 2-3 meter wire length.Please contact m...
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相关买家: 电流互感器; current transformer;
[CO] [1155178] 哥伦比亚求购LED显示屏(Led Panels) (02-16)
  Hello we have interest in your Led Panels for distribution Distribution for Colombia
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相关买家: LED显示屏; Led Panels;
[AU] [1155175] 澳大利亚求购手持式条码扫描器(Winson WNC-6090h CCD 1D Handheld Barcode Scanner) (02-16)
  Hi, Handy,What will be the lead time to deliver to Australia?Thank you
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相关买家: 手持式条码扫描器; Handheld Barcode Scanner;
[IN] [1155171] [有图]印度求购计算器(CT 512 CALCULATOR) (02-16)
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相关买家: 计算器;
[CH] [1155154] [有图]瑞士求购5V风扇(DC Motor Brushless Fan For Cooling) (02-15)
  Hello, for 12VDC fan, as specified in the ***ment. Order size: 4kKindly confirm:- leadtime- price- compliance to the Specs.pdf return to
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相关买家: 风扇; DC Motor Brushless Fan;
[US] [1155124] 美国求购二维码门禁控制器(QR code access controller) (02-15)
  Hi Vivian (or Alex), this is Leon Grekin. I would like a quote for 60 MP86 Wiegand and 100 Q300 (RS-232) with our Podesubir custom firmware. I sent a message earlier via whatsapp. Please respond eithe...
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相关买家: 门禁控制器; access controller;
[BY] [1155116] 白俄罗斯求购压力传感器(pressure sensor) (02-15)
  Hello! My name is Anton, from JSC "vityas". We want to order from you a pressure sensor "mpx5700ap", in the amount of 32 PCs. Please send us a Pi including the cost of delivery to Minsk, Belarus an...
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相关买家: 压力传感器; pressure sensor;
[UK] [1155082] 英国求购摄像头(Camera) (02-15)
  Outdoor W1 Wire-Free Rechargeable Battery Powered Camera.
相关买家: 摄像头; Camera;
[EG] [1155073] 埃及求购PCB插座(PCB Receptacle) (02-15)
  PCB Receptacle, Wire-to-Board, 2.54 mm, 4 Rows, 26 Contacts, Through Hole Mount 609-2603
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相关买家: PCB插座; PCB Receptacle;
[EG] [1155069] 埃及求购电子产品(PIC18F16Q41-I) (02-15)
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相关买家: 电子产品;
[US] [1155058] 美国求购门禁卡(Customized Metal Emv SLE4428 Chip Card Blank) (02-15)
  I need a quote on 100 Black Blank Credit cards that have magnetic strip and Emv slot. Alos 50 in yellow and 50 in orange if you have that color available. Could you include pics within quote. You can...
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相关买家: 门禁卡;
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