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[IN] [1149077] 印度客户求购碳酸钙(calcium carbonate) (12-06)
  Buyer is looking for 'calcium carbonate'. Purpose of buy:- Commercial purpose Delivery location:- Morbi, Gujarat Specification:-Powder It will be extremely helpful if you can provide some ...
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相关买家: 碳酸钙; calcium carbonate;
[BD] [1149075] 孟加拉国求购煤炭(Steam Coal) (12-06)
  Dear Sir, We are looking fthe following : 1. Milling Wheat Russian or Ukraine origin monthly 25,000 to 50,000 mrtric ton CIF Chattogram, Bangladesh. 2. Pulses - Chickpeas, Red Lentils, Green M...
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相关买家: 煤炭; Steam Coal;
[IN] [1149072] 印度客户求购方解石粉(calcite powder) (12-06)
  There is an inquiry regarding products calcite powder.
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相关买家: 方解石粉; calcite powder;
[JO] [1149030] 约旦求购原油(Base Oils) (12-06)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for reliable supplier for Base Oils,group 2 grades N40 N70. We also require White Spirit Exyline. Please do respond. Thank you.
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相关买家: 原油; Base Oils;
[TH] [1148993] 泰国求购二氧化钛(Titanium dioxide) (12-06)
  We are interest TiO2 for paint,coating, rubber, ink, plastic applications. We have the potential many hundred MT per month. I am interest your products please feedback me both spec and idea price.
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相关买家: 二氧化钛; Titanium dioxide;
[BR] [1148992] 巴西求购钛白粉(about: SR-2377 Titanium Dioxide ) (12-06)
  Dear we're a client with interest in your product SR-2377 please, inform us the price and incoterm for 1x20'
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相关买家: 钛白粉; Titanium Dioxide;
[AU] [1148946] 澳大利亚求购锑矿(Antimony ore) (12-06)
  WE buy anitmony ore in big quantity in big quantity, in powder size, Sb>40%.
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相关买家: 锑矿; Antimony ore;
[AU] [1148945] 澳大利亚求购铜矿石(Copper ore) (12-06)
  Request to buy copper ore or/and copper concentrate with Cu 15% or above.
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相关买家: 铜矿石; Copper ore;
[US] [1148940] 美国求购生物柴油(CBD OIL) (12-03)
  Buy CBD Oil, CBD oil, best CBD oil.
相关买家: 生物柴油; CBD OIL;
[ES] [1148929] 西班牙求购铝锭(Request of quotation of aluminium ingots) (12-03)
  Dear Sirs Have a nice day. It is our plesure request your services. Our contact data are: Address: Avenue Felanitx-Porreres Km 0,2 CP: 07200, Felanitx, Baleares, Spain. We are buying ...
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相关买家: 铝锭; aluminium ingots;
[US] [1148916] 美国求购铝锭(Aluminium ingots) (12-03)
  We buy a7, a8, add12 mainly we would like to do directly with manufacturers.
相关买家: 铝锭; Aluminium ingots;
[AU] [1148914] 澳大利亚求购废铝(aluminium Scrap) (12-03)
  Aluminium scrap alloy wheels or aluminum wires 200-600 tonnes per month Deliver.
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相关买家: 废铝; aluminium Scrap;
[US] [1148913] 美国求购铝锭(Aluminum Ingot) (12-03)
  We are looking Aluminum Ingot A7 Minimum Quantity 50,000 MT CIF Price China Contract Duration: 12 Months and extension Best Quote.
相关买家: 铝锭; Aluminum Ingot;
[UK] [1148891] [有图]英国求购充电电池(SB-AA02 TEKCELL Battery) (12-03)
  Hi there, Here is the Website link We are wholesalers in the UK . We supply our product in the local and online market as well. Now we have planned to expand our business by adding different categor...
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相关买家: 充电电池; TEKCELL Battery;
[GH] [1148822] 加纳求购太阳能铅酸电池(Solar lead acid battery) (12-03)
  I need ESG 12V 250AH Deep cycle Gel Storage maintenance free valve regulated MF Solar lead acid battery.
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相关买家: 太阳能铅酸电池; Solar lead acid battery;
[OM] [1148788] 阿曼求购精制向日葵油(Refined Sunflower Oils) (12-02)
  Dear Sir, Our company is interested in buying Refined Sunflower Oil etc. A: Discharge port : Peru - Puerto Callao B: CIF price Our requests are frequent Please indicate your best prices. Tha...
相关买家: 精制向日葵油; Refined Sunflower Oils;
[IN] [1148766] 印度求购不锈钢圈(Stainless Steel Coil) (12-02)
  INR 10000, Buy Stainless Steel Coil.
相关买家: 不锈钢圈; Stainless Steel Coil;
[TH] [1148753] [有图]泰国求购钕磁铁(Neodymium magnet) (12-02)
  Hi, I'm Pakwan from Thailand .contact you to ask if your company have a product follow this spec Material: Neodymium magnet Grade: N35 Shape: round Size: diameter 10* thickness 1.5mm Coating: ...
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相关买家: 钕磁铁; Neodymium magnet;
[AU] [1148742] [有图]澳大利亚求购12v7ah铅酸蓄电池(12v7ah lead acid battery) (12-02)
  Hello 12v3.5ah lead acid battery for alarm systems small 12 volt battery a wholesale company . We are looking for 12 Volt 7Ah Alarm Battery. Please email me your catalogue
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相关买家: 铅酸蓄电池; lead acid battery;
[SG] [1148727] 新加坡求购石油(Petroleum Products) (12-02)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to buy various Petroleum Products from a trusted supplier. If you could supply us constantly based on the quality of products with competitive prices. Please note: ...
相关买家: 石油; Petroleum Products;
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