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[IN] [1136908] [有图]印度求购糖(Cane Sugar Syrup) (07-28)
  Dear Sir / Madam, Let me introduce myself. I'm Monica from PT. Dua Jaya Grup Indonesia. For our company profile, please kindly find in ***ment file. I'm currently looking for the best Cane Sugar Syr...
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[VN] [1136905] 越南求购麦芽糖醇(Multitol) (07-28)
  Hello! I have immediate requirement of Multitol CAS:585-88-6 FOOD GRADE for India market. Quantity 1x20ft immediately. Need 12-14 containers in one year. Please email quotation with full specification...
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相关买家: 麦芽糖醇; Multitol;
[BH] [1136802] 巴林求购食品(Grocery) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for various products for our Grocery store. Can you please give us a call ? An early response shall be highly appreciated. Thank you.
相关买家: 食品; Grocery;
[IT] [1136795] 意大利求购红牛功能饮料(Redbull Energy Drinks) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We need to purchase Redbull Energy Drinks 250 ml, single pack, regularly Please contact us via whatsapp. Thank you.
相关买家: 红牛饮料; Redbull Energy Drinks;
[US] [1136788] 美国求购食用油(Cooking Oils) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Corn Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Soyabean Oil. Qty : 1-40 fit container Please give us your best prices ASAP. Thank you.
相关买家: 食用油; Cooking Oils;
[IN] [1136763] 印度求购食用油(Cooking Oils) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Corn Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Soyabean Oil. Qty : 1-40 fit container Please give us your best prices ASAP. Thank you.
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相关买家: 食用油; Cooking Oils;
[US] [1136760] 美国求购巧克力(Chocolate) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Chocolate. Please let us know what all you have available for sale. Thank you.
相关买家: 巧克力; Chocolate;
[AU] [1136584] 澳大利亚求购葵花籽油(Crude Sunflower Oil & Rapeseed Oil) (07-23)
  Please I need qoutes for 10MT/Month each for: 1) Crude Sunflower Seed Oil 2) Rapeseed Oil Taizhou port, jiangsu- China CIF e SBLC/TT .
相关买家: 葵花油; Crude Sunflower Oil; Rapeseed Oil;
[FR] [1136579] 法国求购红牛(red bull) (07-23)
  recherche red bull en grosse quantité 1er test a la palette paiement paypal ensuite les gros volumes red bull research in large quantities 1st test at the paypal payment pallet then ...
相关买家: 红牛; red bull;
[SV] [1136540] [有图]萨尔瓦多求购单种香料和草药(cloves, coriander, cumin and more) (07-23)
  Hello dear,My name is from El Salvador. I am looking for spices. my email is .Best regards
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相关买家: 香料; cloves;
[AU] [1136441] 澳大利亚求购沙丁鱼(Sardine) (07-22)
  Hi Sir / Madam ......we are large importer of sardines in Australia and we are looking to purchase sardines size 20-40 grams, 40-60 grams & 60-100 grams please offer CIF Sydney. Quantity 500 M/T...tha...
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相关买家: 沙丁鱼; Sardine;
[ES] [1136421] 西班牙求购自动咖啡机浓缩咖啡胶囊(Automatic Coffee Machine Espresso Capsule) (07-22)
  Hello, good morning! My name is, I'm the owner of the company Grupo 1000 Barcelona, the manufacturer of coffee machines Espresomat, based in Barcelona (Spain). We are interested in buying 500 pieces o...
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相关买家: 自动咖啡机; 咖啡胶囊; Automatic Coffee Machine; Espresso Capsule;
[IN] [1136390] 印度求购黑胡椒(black peeper) (07-21)
  plz send pics and quote to for black pepper 550 & 500
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相关买家: 黑胡椒; black peeper;
[US] [1136285] 美国求购冷冻鸡爪(Chicken Paw, Feet & MJW) (07-20)
  We are interested in buying: 1. FROZEN CHICKEN MID-JOIN WING Trial Order: 5 FCL One-Year Contract: 100 FCL/Mon x 12 Months 2. FROZEN CHICKEN PAW Trial Order: 5 FCL One-Year Contract: 100 F...
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相关买家: 冷冻鸡爪; Chicken Paw;
[EE] [1136279] [有图]爱沙尼亚求购菇类粉(Organic Fungus Shiitake Mushroom Powder) (07-20)
  Gaishi OEM/ODM Wholesale Healthy Magic Reishi Ganoderma Oyster Cordyceps Extract Natural quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Estonia 类目: 1 Piece/Pieces HelloI am interested in buy and test this produc...
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相关买家: 菇粉; Mushroom Powder;
[UA] [1136121] 乌克兰求购白色茉莉花蕾(white jasmine buds) (07-19)
  Hello, dear colleagues. We are interested in purchasing 100 kg of white jasmine buds.
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相关买家: 茉莉花; white jasmine buds;
[KR] [1136061] 韩国求购香草豆(tahitensis vanilla beans) (07-16)
  I want buy tahitensis vanilla beans If you give high qualtiy vanilla bean send me message anytime whatsapp
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相关买家: 香草豆; tahitensis vanilla beans;
[LK] [1136045] 斯里兰卡求购大豆块(Soya nuggets 5kg pack) (07-16)
  Soya nuggets 5kg bag packing Pls contact only manufacturers
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相关买家: 大豆块; Soya nuggets;
[BD] [1136039] 孟加拉国求购茶(Tea) (07-16)
  28 days Flat tummy tea, 28 day fit tea,28 day detox,14 day teatox daytime tea and bedtime tea, Fruit Leaves Plus slimming tea, Hypertension tea,Hyperlipidemia regulating tea, Colon ,Kidny , Anti-arthr...
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相关买家: ; Tea;
[TR] [1135996] 土耳其求购冻鸡(Frozen halal cut whole chicken) (07-15)
  Dear Sir&Madam Our company is a global foreign trade company. We need halal cut whole chicken. I'm listing the product features we want below. Product features ; Product Weight: Min.1000&1500 gr (B...
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相关买家: 冻鸡;
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