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[KE] [1172989] 肯尼亚求购向日葵油(Sunflower Oils) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase Sunflower Oils, Cooking Oils. Packaging 20ltrs flexi cans Please give bulk prices and terms. Thank You.
相关买家: 向日葵油; Sunflower Oils;
[IN] [1172984] 印度求购向日葵油(Refined Sunflower Oils) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Refined Sunflower Oils. Quantity: 100000 MT Please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 向日葵油; Refined Sunflower Oils;
[PK] [1172982] 巴基斯坦求购食用油(Edible Oils) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Edible Oils. Can you email us the brochure or portfolio of your company so it would be easy for our team to finalize. Please provide us the best prices and tonnage so ...
相关买家: 食用油; Edible Oils;
[ES] [1172959] 西班牙求购奶粉(milk powder) (07-29)
  Dear All We are interested in purchasing the following products Whole milk powder 25 kg bag quantity format 12 tons Skimmed milk powder 25 kg bag quantity format 12 tons Include the corresponding ...
Remaining views: ++
相关买家: 奶粉; milk powder;
[ET] [1172756] 埃塞俄比亚求购食用油(cooking oil) (07-28)
  We need 5L oil with private labeling. The amount we need is 6 containers. We are looking for long term suppliers with a minimum order of 15 containers per month for 2 years. Our requirements are that ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 食用油; cooking oil;
[IN] [1172698] 印度求购酒(Liquor) (07-28)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to buy Liquor (Beverages). We would appreciate a contact person. Thank You.
相关买家: ; Liquor;
[IN] [1172673] 印度求购炼乳(Condensed Milk) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Condensed Milk. CIF at Nouakchott seaport. Kindly quote your prices. Thank You.
相关买家: 炼乳; Condensed Milk;
[VN] [1172628] [有图]越南求购味精(MSG) (07-27)
  Hi, I am Uyen - an Assistant Brand Manager of Tan Tan company from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our company wants to import MSG for commercial purposes. After researching, I know you supply Monosodium G...
Remaining views: ++
相关买家: 味精; MSG;
[IN] [1172608] 印度求糖(Beet Sugar) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for buy Beet Sugar. Qty: 100,000 x 12 MT Genuine suppliers contact Terms Non-Transferable DLC. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank You.
相关买家: Beet Sugar;
[YE] [1172597] 也门求购蔬菜油(Vegetable Oils) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We seek to establish long-term business relationship Between your company and mine by importing Cooking Oils from your esteemed company. Product: Pure Vegetable Cooking Oils. Quanti...
相关买家: 蔬菜油; Vegetable Oils;
[OM] [1172590] 阿曼求购罐装炼乳(Evaporated Canned Milk) (07-27)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Evaporated Canned Milk. Qty: 160gm x 48 around 1000 pieces Please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 罐装炼乳; Evaporated Canned Milk;
[PH] [1172566] 菲律宾求购***过滤嘴(cigarette filter tips) (07-27)
  hi, I'm just wondering if you could supply me custom size cigarette filter tips?I need to have 7mm X 22mm filter tips. Kindly include in your reply.Thanks!
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 香烟过滤嘴; cigarette filter tips;
[IN] [1172470] 印度求购红糖豆(Red Sugar Beans) (07-26)
  Dear Sir, Kindly Send inquiry quotation letter for the supply Red Sugar Beans, Speckled and White Beans. We look forward to doing business with you. Thank You.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 红糖豆; Red Sugar Beans;
[JP] [1172463] 日本求购鱼(Fishes) (07-26)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to import your Fishes. Please send us the latest available stock lists. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank You.
相关买家: ; Fishes;
[OM] [1172445] 阿曼求购沙丁鱼(Sardinellas) (07-26)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Sardinellas for export to Ghana. We will like price CFI. Please let us know when you can ship and about your payment terms as well. Thank you.
相关买家: 沙丁鱼; Sardinellas;
[SG] [1172406] 新加坡求购面粉(Barley Flour) (07-26)
  Hi, I would like to purchase Barley Flour. May I purchase 1kg of sample before I make the bulk purchase? May I have the following:1. the COA of the product2. nutritional panel3. If you have analysis ...
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 面粉; Barley Flour;
[SG] [1172323] 新加坡求购酒精(Methanol) (07-25)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase one 55 Gal Drum of Methanol As sample to this address. Port of entry would be Roseau. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank You.
相关买家: 酒精; Methanol;
[GH] [1172314] 加纳求购奶粉(Nido Milk Powder) (07-25)
  Dear Sir, We are interested to buy Nido Milk Powder. Qty: 250g, 500g, 1kg Pouches, English Labels, Fresh production. Kindly send us your best prices. Thank You.
相关买家: 奶粉; Nido Milk Powder;
[PK] [1172303] 巴基斯坦求购骨粉(Bone Meal) (07-25)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Bone Meal. 10 mm size Please contact us asap. Thank you.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 骨粉; Bone Meal;
[IN] [1172214] 印度求购食用油(Cooking Oils) (07-25)
  Dear Sir, We are interested in importing Cooking Oils, Wheat Flour and Sugar. Please send us the pictures of qualities, branding and prices your have. Thank You.
相关买家: 食用油; Cooking Oils;
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