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[US] [1103110] 美国求购钻石(rough diamonds) (10-10)
  I am a representative of the company-chik to buy a diamond, I would like to know the conditions for the purchase of diamonds
相关买家: 钻石; rough diamonds;
[US] [1103108] 美国求购天然宝石(Natural Gemstone) (10-10)
  I want to know about your office , i should meet thanks.
相关买家: 天然宝石; Natural Gemstone;
[AU] [1103107] 澳大利亚求购生琥珀(raw amber) (10-10)
  I am interested to buy 100KG amber ,Kindly send me the quote including shipping cost.
相关买家: 生琥珀; raw amber;
[AT] [1103106] 奥地利求购钻石(rough diamonds) (10-10)
  Hello I would like to buy a 15 carat rough, grade D, non fluorescent, Octohedron shape, uncut diamond, IF quality please, I have 25 000 pounds for it. Please let me know if you are interested. I want ...
相关买家: 钻石; rough diamonds;
[TH] [1103104] 泰国求购宝石(Gemstones) (10-10)
  Looking for Gemstone sellers to buy loose gemstones.
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstones;
[AU] [1103102] 澳大利亚求购蓝宝石(sapphire) (10-10)
  1500carats untreated 1st Color blue sapphire for sale. Any one who can proof buying power can get. We export through Sri Lankan gem cooperation.
相关买家: 蓝宝石; sapphire;
[CA] [1103101] 加拿大求购天然不透明蓝宝石(natural opaque sapphire) (10-10)
  hello I have two opaque sapphires of two and five kilograms from Congo I would like to find people who are interested in this kind of stones thank you
相关买家: 蓝宝石; natural sapphire;
[IN] [1103100] 印度求购宝石(Gemstone) (10-10)
  Black tourmaline Gemstone Beads.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstone;
[IN] [1103099] 印度求购钻石项链(Diamond Necklace) (10-10)
  Buy Diamond Necklace- Latest Design Gemstone Beads.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 钻石项链; Diamond Necklace;
[PH] [1103098] 菲律宾求购宝石戒指(Gemstone Rings) (10-10)
  Buy Online Gemstone Rings - Jillian & Jacon Gemstones.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 宝石戒指; Gemstone Rings;
[IN] [1103097] 印度求购天然宝石(Natural gemstone) (10-10)
  opal Amethyst Ruby Emerald Tourmaline Fluorite Peridot Blue sapphire Red Garnet Green garnet Aquamarine Dolomite Crystal quartz Iron ore Chromite Tantaleme Smoky quartz Amazonite.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 天然宝石; Natural gemstone;
[AE] [1103096] 阿联酋求购宝石(Rough Gemstones) (10-10)
  We require rough gemstones like rhodolite pink garnet, green garnet, white sapphire and aquamarine. Quantity Required : Rhodolite Pink Garnet-100 kg Weekly , Green Garnet-1 Kg weekly.
相关买家: 宝石; Rough Gemstones;
[US] [1103095] 美国求购戒指(rings) (10-10)
  Looking for rings online.
相关买家: 戒指; rings;
[AU] [1103094] 澳大利亚求购纯银(Sterling Silver) (10-10)
  925 Sterling Silver Natural Larimar Gemstone Ring.
相关买家: 纯银; Sterling Silver;
[IN] [1103093] 印度求购宝石(Gemstone) (10-10)
  Lapis Lazuli Gemstone : The Stone Of Wisdom.
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstone;
[US] [1103092] 美国求购发财树(Money Tree) (10-10)
  Money Tree devices are one of the most popular product categories.
Remaining views: +++
相关买家: 发财树; Money Tree;
[CO] [1103080] 哥伦比亚求购黄金(Gold) (10-10)
  We seek Gold sellers for multiple requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any queries.
相关买家: 黄金; Gold;
[US] [1103079] 美国求购宝石(Gemstone) (10-10)
  We are looking for various Gemstones from Malawi. Kindly contact us so as to proceed ahead.
相关买家: 宝石; Gemstone;
[HK] [1103078] 香港求购头发(Human Hair) (10-10)
  We are looking for Hair extensions, Braids and Synthetic Weaves. Please get back to us ASAP.
相关买家: 头发; Human Hair;
[CA] [1103076] 加拿大求购地毯(Rugs) (10-10)
  Buy Outdoor Rugs On Sale The Rug District.
相关买家: 地毯; Rugs;
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