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[CA] [1171975] [有图]加拿大求购发光logo(indoor wall backlit illuminated logo) (07-21)
  Hi, we're looking to have a indoor wall backlit illuminated logoWe are thinking of having only the "SGL" illuminated but I would still like to have the price to have the entire logo illuminated; "SGL ...
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相关买家: 发光logo;
[US] [1171972] [有图]美国求购手表(Watch) (07-21)
  Request Quote for OLEVS Men and Lady's Watch:1.) 25 OLEVS 2871 Rose/Black w/ Leather Band w/ Custom Logo in Rose Gold w/ Custom Black Box w/ Logo in Gold 2.) 25 OLEVS 2871 Silver/White w/ Leather Band...
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相关买家: 手表; Watch;
[US] [1171967] [有图]美国求购水烟袋(hookahs) (07-21)
  Hello supplier,My name is Sativa. I am the owner of Sohl Hookah LLC and we specialize is selling hookahs to those who enjoy a nice smoking environment. I am interested in carrying this item that you h...
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相关买家: 水烟袋; hookahs;
[US] [1171966] [有图]美国求购促销礼品套装(Present Gift) (07-21)
  Hi, I have a couple of questions: 1. Does this kit come in navy blue? Or can we mix colors like blue and white? 2. do you have the option for a spiral notebook? 3. Can we substitute the speaker for a ...
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相关买家: 促销礼品套装; Present Gift;
[SA] [1171948] 沙特求购香台(INCESNE HOLDERMY) (07-21)
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[US] [1171897] [有图]美国求购中世纪特洛伊头盔(Medieval Troy Helmet) (07-20)
  Hi I am looking for a manufacturer that can make this Troy Achilles helmet but add an embossed logo on each side. Looking for a 25 piece order. You can contact me at. Plese advise if this is something...
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相关买家: 中世纪头盔; Medieval Troy Helmet;
[IN] [1171691] 印度求购烟草(Tobacco) (07-19)
  Buy About Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) Tobacco.
相关买家: 烟草; Tobacco;
[FR] [1171637] 法国求购戒指(horse love snaffle bit ring) (07-19)
  Hi ! For 50 pieces, what is the best price you can offer and what is the shipping cost? Thanks in advance for your response ! Have a nice day ! Audrey,
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相关买家: 戒指; ring;
[US] [1171569] [有图]美国求购金属名片(metal business card) (07-18)
  I need someone to print and cut out my custom metal card design. They will be 1 mm thick. Yes very heavy Please see *** files. We do not need nfc if it wont work. I do have vector files, i am looki...
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相关买家: 金属名片; metal business card;
[KE] [1171533] 肯尼亚求购黄金(Gold Dore) (07-18)
  Dear Sir, We need your procedures to purchase Gold Dore in Nairobi. I want to start with a small quantity for a test Trial. Looking forward to hear soon from you. Regards.
相关买家: 黄金; Gold Dore;
[IN] [1171516] 印度求购工艺品(Novelty) (07-18)
  Dear Sir, We need to buy Novelty, Floor, Glass, Napkin and all other Dusters in quantity. Please quote the prices. Thank you.
相关买家: 工艺品; Novelty;
[IN] [1171510] 印度求购红宝石(Rubies) (07-18)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Rubies Please contact us asap. Thank you.
相关买家: 红宝石; Rubies;
[FR] [1171459] [有图]法国求购水晶钥匙链(Crystal Keychain) (07-18)
  Hello, I would order crystal keychain for our Company (around 400 quantities). Here are the different characteristics: Texture
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相关买家: 钥匙链; Crystal Keychain;
[US] [1171448] [有图]美国求购香薰蜡烛(crystal candles) (07-18)
  I would like to start with a small custom order of 50.00 of the tin candles. I want the candles to have scents and crystals that match. For example relaxation would be amethyst crystals and lavender...
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相关买家: 香薰蜡烛; crystal candles;
[MQ] [1171354] 马提尼克求购塑料水杯(plastic water bottle) (07-15)
  I am looking on behalf of a large Chinese group for 4 brands of beer: 1-1664 from Kronenbourg in a bottle of 1664 white beer 2-Hoegaarden in 330 ml bottle 3-Heineken in 330ml bottle 4-Corona in bo...
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相关买家: 塑料水杯; plastic water bottle;
[US] [1171290] [有图]美国求购鞋饰品(PVC Shoe charm) (07-15)
  FREE Sample Custom PVC Shoe charm crocely-charms accesorios designer charms bulk bracelet customized with logo custom
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相关买家: 鞋饰品; PVC Shoe charm;
[US] [1171238] [有图]美国求购水晶玻璃城堡形状雕像奖(crystal glass castle shape figurine award) (07-14)
  see ***ments. customer would like quote for 25 qty.4" tall; 7" wide; there may be a mirror bottom?Discuss timing or availability. Estimated freight cost? (ups or fedex or dhl or ???)gift boxalso email...
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相关买家: figurine award;
[IN] [1171214] 印度求购贝壳(seashells) (07-14)
  require seashells for india. we are stockist. do mail us details to or call at we buy huge quantities at good rate
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相关买家: 贝壳; seashells;
[CA] [1171133] [有图]加拿大求购横幅(banner) (07-13)
  How much is it to make 3 sample banners with the *** design (sizes to be 5'x2.5', 4'x2', and 3'x1.5') shipped to Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Postal code N2T 2H2?
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相关买家: 横幅; banner;
[US] [1171124] [有图]美国求购钥匙链(Car Keychain Holder) (07-13)
  Can you place this logo on the car? How much with logo for 100 pcs? When will I receive? I am in Addison, ILLINOIS, USA 60101 1.keywords:keychain for cars custom 2.keywords:car keychain holder 3.k...
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相关买家: 钥匙链; Car Keychain Holder;
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