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[US] [1170234] 美国求购凝胶珠热冷敷包(gel bead hot cold compress pack) (07-06)
  Hello, could we get the following logo printed on clear ice packs?
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相关买家: 冷敷包; cold compress pack;
[FR] [1170159] 法国求购电极垫(electrod pads) (07-06)
  Good day Tanguy !Please to meet you, I'm Maxime from the French website . We are specialized in sport and medical equipement, we want to build our own brand, so I'm interested in your electrod pads fo...
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相关买家: 电极垫; electrod pads;
[IN] [1170155] 印度求购药贴(Acne Patches) (07-06)
  Hi Dear,I hope this message finds you in good health!We are looking for Acne Patches. We are looking for manufacturer only. Please let us know if you can fulfill our requirement with best prices (FOB)...
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[US] [1170146] 美国求购药品( Pharmaceutical Products and Medicines) (07-05)
  We are looking for treatments of many diseases for example, Leukemia, Dementia, Seizures, Osteoporosis, Anemia associated with chronic kidney disease, Vasomotor symptoms, Enlarged prostate, Overactive...
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相关买家: 药品; Pharmaceutical Products;
[PH] [1170030] 菲律宾求购激光美容仪(Erbium YAG 2940nm Laser) (07-05)
  Hi, Please email me at this morning the complete specifications and user manual of your Erbium Yag 2940nm Laser. Thank You. Mortimer Cordero from Philippines
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相关买家: 激光美容仪;
[TW] [1170024] 中国台湾求购带止回阀的尿袋(urine bag with check-vale) (07-05)
  We need urine bag with check-vale. Please provide quotation and detail photo (enlarge the valve part). Please send to
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相关买家: 尿袋; urine bag;
[RU] [1169992] 俄罗斯求购X光机(X ray machine) (07-04)
  we need X ray machine for our customers, please send quotaion list with different models
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相关买家: X光机; X ray machine;
[US] [1169991] 美国求购手术灯(surgical light) (07-04)
  please send us LED surgical light quotation list , also the whole operating room install plan. Thanks.
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相关买家: 手术灯; surgical light;
[HU] [1169942] 匈牙利求购睫毛扩展(eyelashes extensions) (07-04)
  Dear Supplier,It’s Laura from Hungary. I’m writing to you in the name of Agi Fule Lash and Brow Academy. My company is searching for a supplier for eyelash extensions and eyelash extension tools. You ...
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相关买家: 睫毛扩展; eyelashes extensions;
[US] [1169940] 美国求购对装睫毛(Mink Lashes) (07-04)
  Hello Dear,May you sent to me the catalogue of Mink Lashes and others kinds if you have (more detail is good to me)". Thanks and best regards,
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相关买家: 对装睫毛; Mink Lashes;
[IR] [1169897] 伊朗求购快速检测试剂盒(Uncut Sheet) (07-04)
  Hello, Your Uncut Sheet Rapid Test Kits Urinalysis Reagent Strip meets my requirements very well. Please send me the price, specification, and similar model will be OK. Thanks!
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相关买家: 快速检测试剂盒; Uncut Sheet;
[PE] [1169885] 秘鲁求购药品(Digestive enzymes 100 mg + Simethicone 50 mg capsules) (07-04)
  I would like to purchase Digestive enzymes 100 mg + Simethicone 50 mg capsules. Please contact me
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相关买家: 药品;
[PH] [1169841] [有图]菲律宾求购医学科学假人(Medical Torso Mannequin Man Dummies Mannequin Pour Bijoux CPR Ma) (07-04)
  Wholesale WAP quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces Philippines 1 Piece/Pieces hello this nina from pointer enterprises inc regarding to my inquire sir do u have that and can u add me on whats up to mo...
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相关买家: 医学科学假人;
[US] [1169840] [有图]美国求购身体磨砂膏(exfoliating whitening organic milk coffee fruit sea salt body sc) (07-04)
  private label custom logo wholesale natural quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces United States 1 Piece/Pieces How fast can you send me some samples with logo and custom packaging? Currently i live in bo...
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相关买家: 身体磨砂膏; sea salt;
[IN] [1169758] 印度求购沐浴露(Dove Body Wash) (07-01)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy Dove Gentle Exfoliating and deep moisture Body Wash, each 500 unit. Please help us in this regarding. Thank you.
相关买家: 沐浴露; Dove Body Wash;
[PH] [1169736] 菲律宾求购眼膜(Eye Patch) (07-01)
  Hi, Good Day,I would like to inquire regarding your products if we can be long term partner and start a drop shipping business with your company. You can reach me out on my whatsapp number: +63 **** I...
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相关买家: 眼膜; Eye Patch;
[IT] [1169727] 意大利求购激光美容仪(CO2 FRACTIONAL LASER MACHINE) (07-01)
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[IN] [1169715] 印度求购口腔冲洗器(Oral irrigator) (07-01)
  Hi, Looking for Oral irrigator range in OEM for my product portfolio for India market My company website - Pls share your product details on my email id - regards
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相关买家: 口腔冲洗器; Oral irrigator;
[PE] [1169712] [有图]秘鲁求购硅胶仿生皮肤化妆练习板/垫(Silicone bionic skin makeup practice board/pad) (07-01)
  Dear Sean W: My name is Gabriela Vilchez live in Lima, Peru and I am a WHOLESALER highlighted in my country, currently I am interested in buying 30 units the following product: "The perfect support ...
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[US] [1169711] [有图]美国求购紫外线消毒棒(UV Sanitizing Wand) (07-01)
  Big brand company in Health and Wellness field is looking for new manufacture. BIG QUANTITY ORDER We are looking for the UV Sanitizing Wand that uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to significantly r...
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相关买家: 紫外线消毒棒; UV Sanitizing Wand;
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