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[US] [1206274] [有图]美国求购牙科超声波清洗机(dental pod ultrasonic cleaner) (08-17)
  We are looking for a dental pod ultrasonic cleaner. Please provide quotations for this product. Product specifications: · Brand: A well-known brand with a good reputation - · Power: ...
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相关买家: 牙科超声波清洗机; dental pod ultrasonic cleaner;
[BE] [1206244] 比利时求购婴儿成人纸尿裤(Baby And Adult Diapers) (08-16)
  I have a question I wanna buy from you but please give me how much you sell and how many pieces I want from al sizes please answer back to this email.
相关买家: 纸尿裤; Baby Diapers;
[US] [1206076] [有图]美国求购防晒霜(Sunscreen Stick) (08-15)
  Hello, how quickly can 400 items be produced with our logo if we order this week? What is the shipping cost to ship to Louisiana.
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相关买家: 防晒霜; Sunscreen Stick;
[IT] [1206058] 意大利求购冷冻柜(4 bodies drawers Corpse Freezer) (08-15)
  SUS model 304 5 seturi. Cuprins Transport door to door in Romania Port Amsterdam Province Bacau sat Faraoani Strada Valea Mare 128 Cod postal 606170
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相关买家: 冷冻柜;
[IN] [1206038] 印度求购痛经缓解热贴(Menstrual Cramps Relief Heat Patch) (08-15)
  We required heat patch for our reselling purpose under our own brand name. Please quote MOQ and price of the same. Please revert on with mention all the detail for better understanding.
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[TH] [1206010] 泰国求购香水瓶(perfume 3ml 6ml 12ml oud oil bottle) (08-14)
  Please contact me via whets app I need to more of the products
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相关买家: 香水瓶; perfume oil bottle;
[RO] [1205920] 罗马尼亚求购医疗设备(Medical Equipment) (08-14)
  Dear Sir, We want to buy the following Medical Equipment's below 1. Medicines 2. Malaria Medicines 3. Hospital Supplies 4. Ambulances Buses CIF to Africa Please only sellers who really h...
相关买家: 医疗设备; Medical Equipment;
[BR] [1205775] 巴西求购可重复使用的泌尿外科柔性内窥镜(Reusable Urology Flexible Endoscope) (08-10)
  HelloI Want more information about your device, please What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost?
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相关买家: 内窥镜; Endoscope;
[IN] [1205719] 印度求购***模型(Half Body CPR Manikin) (08-10)
  Half Body CPR Manikin
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相关买家: Manikin;
[IT] [1205671] 意大利求购护肤品(SKINCARE) (08-09)
  Bjork spa is an Italian distributor and importer of skincare, very active in scouting new suppliers and started in 2023 to import directly from Korea rather than from EU distributors. The CEO is in...
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相关买家: 护肤品; SKINCARE;
[NG] [1205649] 尼日利亚求购药草(Herbal) (08-09)
  There is a contract opportunity to supply raw materials to my Employers. The company need a specific raw materials. Can you supply this product from your country? message ; jastrofiney at g m...
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相关买家: 药草; Herbal;
[US] [1205615] [有图]美国求购美甲凝胶(SKYE NAILS) (08-09)
  Do you do samples? What is the shipping cost? Do you support customization? What is the best price you can offer? How many color can you do? what are the colors you have? I would like for the bottle t...
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相关买家: 美甲凝胶; SKYE NAILS;
[AU] [1205443] 澳大利亚求购肌酸盐酸胶囊(Creatine HCL Capsules) (08-07)
  Hi I am extremely interested in your Creatine HCL Capsules. Can you please let me know the cost of a sample. As well as printing a logo on the product. Here are my details
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[US] [1205428] 美国求购头皮磨砂膏(Private Label Scalp Scrub) (08-07)
  Looking for a private label scalp scrub with all natural ingredients to treat and prevent psoriasis dandruff and flaky scalp etc. good for all hair types new business for us so need help
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相关买家: 磨砂膏; Private Label Scalp Scrub;
[AU] [1205406] [有图]澳大利亚求购冷热敷袋(hot cold lip ice packs shaped clinic lip cold pack) (08-07)
  Interested in getting 500 pcs in the size 7.5cm - 14.5cm in a sparkly pink colour, we would also like our logo printed on one side (*** Below). What is the most accurate quote you could give me for th...
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相关买家: 冷热敷袋; hot cold lip; cold pack;
[IN] [1205336] 印度求购氟苯尼考(Florfenicol) (08-04)
  We are a veterinary medicine manufacturing company. We need the following chemicals for our new products 1. Hydrocortisone Aceponate (corticosteroid) 2. Florfenicol (powder form) 3. ...
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相关买家: 氟苯尼考; Florfenicol;
[IN] [1205331] 印度求购眼线笔(Eyeliner Pencil) (08-04)
  Hey Sir/Ma'amI am interested in this product.please share a more information in What sup.Regadrs
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相关买家: 眼线笔; Eyeliner Pencil;
[VN] [1205326] [有图]越南求购功能蘑菇萃取液(Functional Mushroom Extract in Liquid Form) (08-04)
  Hello, My name is Kevin & I am the CEO of PATI Group We’re a company that specializes in DTC and Ecommerce agency. We are interested in the mushroom extract in liquid form. We are looking for the Re...
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[US] [1205307] [有图]美国求购面膜碗(Mask Bowl With Spoon) (08-04)
  Hello, I am interested in purchasing 200 bowls and spoons with our logo engraved onto them, what is the best price you can offer for this?
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相关买家: 面膜碗; Mask Bowl;
[US] [1205210] [有图]美国求购防晒霜(Sunscreen Powder) (08-03)
  Hello I would like to price out what 200 of these with our logo would price out at and shipping. What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost? if you can send me a digital image of ...
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相关买家: 防晒霜; Sunscreen Powder;
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