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[JP] [1189613] 日本求购口罩(mask) (01-28)
  N95 Face mask. 3ply Face Mask Prevent cross-infection Protect users from infection
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相关买家: 口罩; mask;
[ID] [1189610] 印度尼西亚求购口罩(mask) (01-28)
  Disposable Mask, earloop, model KN95 with FFP2 approval, 5 ply, soft material, with customization ( brand and aporovel is printed at product and packaging box), 50 PCS/box, 20 box / case. FFP2 Certif...
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相关买家: 口罩; mask;
[SG] [1189595] 新加坡求购减压针气胸(decompression needle pneumothorax) (01-28)
  Hi C Do you have ex stock for 312pcs 10GA 3.25"?Please reply to my email at Thank youKenny Ng
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相关买家: 减压针; decompression needle;
[UK] [1189576] [有图]英国求购香水(Perfume) (01-19)
  Looking for 15/20% concentration for own logo perfume for regular order must see sample of perfume first . Men’s and ladies total first order 300 pieces 200 men’s 100 ladies . Own logo good quality...
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相关买家: 香水; Perfume;
[GE] [1189534] 格鲁吉亚求购药品(vet.distribution in Georgia) (01-19)
  Dears, have a nice day from Georgia I have a pleasure to introduce myself and our company briefly: my name is Ana Korsantia, I am represent Head of company Assortment Development Manager at INVET/...
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[IN] [1189428] 印度求购药品(Alprazolam) (01-18)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Health Supplements, Pharmaceutical and Food Products on a monthly basis. Please quote your best prices & inform us about your availabilit...
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相关买家: 药品; Alprazolam;
[IN] [1189410] 印度求购Paxlovid(about: Paxlovid - Generic Version) (01-17)
  Need Paxlovid Pfizer boxes. Purchase Quantity depends on availablity.
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相关买家: Paxlovid;
[SA] [1189388] 沙特求购鼻条、口罩( Nose Strips, Face Mask PRODUCT INQUIRY) (01-17)
  Hello, I am writing this to acquire information regarding the products. I am Taimoor Malik, and I work as the Product Manger for our esteemed company RABAE AL JAMAL TRADING CO. (Saudia Arabia ) . I a...
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相关买家: 鼻条; 口罩; Nose Strips; Face Mask;
[PH] [1189361] 菲律宾求购血压监护仪(Blood Pressure Armlet Bag) (01-17)
  Hello, I would like to order BP cuffs. Double Tubing for Neonate, Infant, Pediatric, Adult and Obese. Single Tube for Neonate, Infant, Pediatric, Adult and Obese. Maybe around 200 pcs per size. ...
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相关买家: 血压监护仪; Blood Pressure Armlet Bag;
[ES] [1189357] 西班牙求购脸部颈部提拉按摩仪(ultrasound cavitation machine) (01-17)
  we are interested in some Facial RF multifunction device model like this do you have any model nos shown in aliespress web ? please confirm we have web we would need order samples to tes...
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相关买家: 按摩仪; ultrasound cavitation machine;
[AU] [1189327] [有图]澳大利亚求购抗菌湿巾(Individual Single Pack Wet Wipe) (01-16)
  Please quote on 5000 units delivered to Australia. Please quote on Air Friehg and also Ocean/Road option. Colour is black with silver logo
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相关买家: 抗菌湿巾; Wet Wipe;
[SA] [1189264] 沙特求购剃须泡沫(Shaving Foam 400 ml) (01-16)
  Hello,I am writing this to acquire information regarding the products. I am Taimoor Malik, and I work as the Product Manger for our esteemed company RABAE AL JAMAL TRADING CO. (Saudia Arabia ) . I am ...
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相关买家: 剃须泡沫; Shaving Foam;
[AE] [1189260] 阿联酋求购头发生长补品(supplements for hair growth) (01-16)
  Dear RFQ, We wish to formulate a specific blend to market as an anti-hair loss table supplement consisting of the following mix: Biotin 10,000 mg Iron 25mg Zinc 15mg Finasteride 1mg Horsetail ex...
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[US] [1189191] [有图]美国求购睫毛胶水(custom lash glue) (01-13)
  Hi, I'm interested in this product and customization.How long will it take to ship to my address? Place of Origin:CN;SHN Name:Eyelash Glue Use:Eye Package:Standard factory packaging Color:Black;W...
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相关买家: 睫毛胶水; custom lash glue;
[US] [1189118] 美国求购身体乳(Dove body wash, dove lotion) (01-12)
  Depending on price and variety I'll buy 50 to 100 cases of each fragrance including deodorant and body wash. My contact is
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相关买家: 身体乳;
[IN] [1188953] 印度求购雾化器(Portable Nebuliser) (01-11)
  Dear Manufacturers We are a healthcare company based at India We have a requirement of Portable Nebuliser . Kindly mail me distributor quotation of the same along with Trchnical brochures and Certi...
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相关买家: 雾化器; Portable Nebuliser;
[IN] [1188950] 印度求购彩妆套装(makeup gift sets matte lipstick) (01-11)
  hi, I am kartik from Rajasthan, India,I want to buy 100 set but, before that I want a sample piece
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相关买家: 彩妆;
[IN] [1188911] 印度求购化妆品(Cosmetics) (01-10)
  Dear Sir, We want to purchase Cosmetics. Could you please tell us the prices and availability of the following items? 1. Primer 2. Foundation 3. Lipstick 4. Eyeliner 5. Lip Balm Pleas...
相关买家: 化妆品; Cosmetics;
[IT] [1188840] 意大利求购眼罩(sleep masks) (01-10)
  Hello, we are interested in 2000 sleep masks in different colors for the price of 0.5 $We want to know what is the cost for shipping to America DDPand what are the delivery times.We need some samples ...
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相关买家: 眼罩; sleep masks;
[HK] [1188645] 香港求购N95口罩( N95 Face Mask) (01-06)
  woven fabric material for a 3-ply mask, earloop material, and nose clip
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相关买家: N95口罩; N95 Face Mask;
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