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[ZW] [1186683] 津巴布韦求购快速测试(Poct Test) (12-12)
  A) HIV 1&2 B) Hepatitis A, B, C D) Cholera 01/0139 E) Salmonella typhi AG F) Salmonella typhi IgG/IgM G) TORCH H) Trichomonas Vaginalis I) Candida albicans K) ABO blood grouping L) PSA M) Ca...
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[IN] [1186636] 印度求购超声波手术系统手柄(ULTRASONIC SURGICAL SYSTEM HANDPIECE) (12-09)
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[RO] [1186611] 罗马尼亚求购绿藻粉(Chlorella Powder) (12-09)
  Hello, We are interested in your products Chlorella Powder and others powders. Please let us know if you pack 100 grams in bags with our label. I saw that the minimum quantity would be 25 kilograms...
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相关买家: 绿藻粉; Chlorella Powder;
[IT] [1186557] 意大利求购3M 9332 PPE 放灰尘安全口罩( 3M 9332 dust mask PPE safety face mask particulate r) (12-09)
  we are a UK / Italy based company. We need a reliable supplier for: FFP3 (n95 / n99) mask. Please send us a quote and terms of delivery. We look forward to your kind reply Best regards, R. Battistella...
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相关买家: 安全口罩; 3M dust mask;
[IT] [1186555] 意大利求购医疗***口罩( Medical disposable Ear loop Face Surgical Mask) (12-09)
  My company is interested to buy 60000 masks. please submit us a quotation with technical sheet and certificate. thank you
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相关买家: 一次性口罩; Surgical Masks;
[IT] [1186554] 意大利求购医疗三层口罩(3 ply mask surgical) (12-09)
  Hallo,I am interested in buying 3PLY surgical masks. Would you be able to provide me 1o millions every week for 1 month? If so, please send me picture of the item.If you want, you can contact me
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相关买家: 三层口罩; 3ply mask; surgical mask;
[IT] [1186551] 意大利求购三层口罩(face mask (3 layer)(ssp) (12-09)
  This letter is provided upon receiving a written request from one of our reputable clients in IRAN, for & Face Mask (3 Layer) (SSP)& and with a quantity of 1,000,000 Pieces. So you are kindly requeste...
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相关买家: 三层口罩; face mask;
[US] [1186548] [有图]美国求购蜡烛护理套装(Candle Care Kit) (12-09)
  Hello, We'd like to order 100 of these with the four items in gold, black bag and our logo in white.Can we order one sample first please?Thank you
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相关买家: 蜡烛护理套装; Candle Care Kit;
[PE] [1186534] 秘鲁求购插管导管(IV Cannula Catheter Pen Type) (12-09)
  I'm looking for manufacturers of IV cannula catheters pen type, in the following sizes with the following quantites: 10.000 UNITS No 14 20.000 UNITS No 16 24.000 UNITS No 18 30.000 UNITS No 20 15...
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[PK] [1186530] 巴基斯坦求购药物30ml(Gouache 30ml) (12-09)
  Gouache 30ml jelly cups non toxic
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[US] [1186529] [有图]美国求购注射器凝胶牙齿美白套装(Syringe Gel Teeth Whitening Kit) (12-09)
  Name:Syringe Gel Teeth Whitening Kit Function:Teeth Whitening Treatment time:10 minutes Ingredient:Peroxide / Non-Peroxide Gel Volume:3ml Usage:Home / Clinic Flavor:Mint Application:For Home Us...
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[PL] [1186484] 波兰求购纹身枪(Professional Maquillage Permanent Makeup) (12-08)
  Hello, my name is and I sell cosmetic devices in Poland. You can find my shop here I really like your product and I want to introduce it to the Polish market. To do this, I need CE and a declaration...
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相关买家: 纹身枪;
[IT] [1186460] 意大利求购三层FFP2 口罩( nonwoven 3ply face mask FFP2 mask) (12-08)
  siamo distributori in italia di dispositivi di protezione individuali, siamo interessati ad acquistare della mascherine ffp2//ffp3 con filtro ed altri articoli da voi prodotti..chiedo se possiamo inst...
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相关买家: 三层口罩; FFP2口罩; nonwoven mask; 3ply mask; face mask; FFP2 mask;
[IT] [1186458] 意大利求购KN95 CE认证口罩( KN95 Face Mask CE Certified) (12-08)
  I would like to know the costs in euros and free shipping in ITALY for 1400. thanks and good work
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相关买家: KN95口罩; KN95 Face Mask;
[IT] [1186457] 意大利求购防新冠三层口罩( Corona-virus 3 Ply Face Mask) (12-08)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Thai Surgical face masks 3ply. We are Italian govt Official Supplier. We need shipment for Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Dipartimento della Protezione Civile Via U...
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相关买家: 三层口罩; 3 Ply Face Mask;
[IT] [1186456] 意大利求购三层***口罩(Quotation For High Protective 3 Layer Non-woven Fabrics Ear Loop) (12-08)
  Hello, we are an Italian company selling a stock of 100.000 disposable surgical masks, for the price of 0,30 each. The masks are Made in Italy, really good quality! Contact me for more information a...
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相关买家: 一次性口罩;
[IT] [1186455] 意大利求购***纸口罩( Disposable Paper Face Mask 1 Ply 2 Ply) (12-08)
  Good morning, we are a medical company based in Italy. We are looking for paper masks (1 ply or 2 ply). Can you pls quote me accordingly? We are usually using them with our dialysis kit. Needed quanti...
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相关买家: 一次性纸口罩; Disposable Paper Face Mask;
[IT] [1186454] 意大利求购三层N95口罩( 3ply , N95 ,FFP3 Disposable Face Mask) (12-08)
  Hi I'm interested in your products I await your availability and prices thank you
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相关买家: N95口罩; 3ply Mask; N95 Mask; FFP3 Mask; Disposable Face Mask;
[IT] [1186453] 意大利求购NIOSH CE N95 工业口罩( NIOSH N95 CE FFP2 industrial nose protection mask) (12-08)
  Dear Sir/Mrs, My name is Cosimo Fusco, We are an Italian medical distributor company mainly dealing with the surgery room and participating to biddings in major hospitals all over the Country. Due ...
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相关买家: 工业口罩; industrial nose protection mask;
[IT] [1186452] 意大利求购FFP3 NR 带阀口罩(FFP3 NR Face Mask WITH VALVE) (12-08)
  Need to buy FFP3 NR WITH VALVE, required quantity is 25000 with USD 1 expected price.
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相关买家: FFP3口罩; FFP3 Face Mask;
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