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[US] [1163831] 美国求购高湾灯(High Bay Light) (05-09)
  Hi, I am interested in your food Grade high Bay fixtures. Please send me pricing and spec sheet. Thank you.
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相关买家: 高湾灯; High Bay Light;
[UK] [1163721] [有图]英国求购夜灯(sleep lamp) (05-07)
  Hi there We are a UK sleep brand that we are aiming to launch this year. We had been working with another factory customising a qualitell lamp that we want to add to our range as a sleep product. Th...
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相关买家: 夜灯; sleep lamp;
[MY] [1163713] 马来西亚求购冷风机(Air Cooler Fan) (05-07)
  Pls provide quotation of ir cooler fan Model: YSWF102L35P4-522N-450LF,4 units
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相关买家: 冷风机; Air Cooler Fan;
[ES] [1163697] 西班牙求购舞台灯(Disco Light) (05-06)
  Dear, I am a new product developer for our company, we want to import your product with our brand, we have contacted some suppliers, so please give us your best price.Please return us filled this exce...
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相关买家: 舞台灯; Disco Light;
[US] [1163652] 美国求购薄煎饼机(Roti Maker) (05-06)
  First I want 1 piece as a sample after that I’ll place the order 500pcs. For Sample I’ll pay as well.
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相关买家: 煎饼机; Roti Maker;
[PH] [1163650] 菲律宾求购薄煎饼机(Pancake Maker Machine) (05-06)
  Plate diameter: 400 mmTemperature range: 50 - 300°CHeight: 125 mmPower : 3 000 WPower supply: 220-240 V Product name:Electric Pancake Maker Machine Dimensions:425*425*170MM Voltage:220V/50Hz or 11...
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相关买家: 煎饼机; Pancake Maker Machine;
[US] [1163553] 美国求购投光灯(Flood Lights) (05-05)
  Please send PI to for 25 of the 1000w Stadium
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相关买家: 投光灯; Flood Lights;
[PA] [1163523] 巴拿马求购移动式空调(air conditioner portable) (05-05)
  PLease provide spec sheet and dimensions for this aircon. I need to know if 460mm is length, width or depth. Send to
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相关买家: 移动式空调; air conditioner portable;
[IN] [1163481] 印度求购洗衣机(Washing Machines) (05-05)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Washing Machines & Refrigerator. We need full container. You can add us on whatsapp or WeChat. Thank you.
相关买家: 洗衣机; Washing Machines;
[NG] [1163423] 尼日利亚求购家用吸尘器(Home Vacuum Cleaners) (04-30)
  Dear Sir/Madam We are in need of home vacuum cleaners, do kindly send your price and product catalog. Waiting for your immediate response
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相关买家: 家用吸尘器; Home Vacuum Cleaners;
[US] [1163396] 美国求购电视机支架(tv wall mount) (04-30)
  Most Useful Hot Selling High Quality Mount Full Motion Mounts Bracket Wall Mounted TV Stand 55 Piece/Pieces Need 55 tv wall mounts Product name:tv wall mount tilt TV size:32"-70" Color:Black ...
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相关买家: 电视机支架; tv wall mount;
[CY] [1163323] 塞浦路斯求购户外柜式空调(outdoor cabinet air conditioner) (04-29)
  Hi Mina, I would like to buy 1 sample from your 220V AC 300W solar cabinet A/C. I am interested in any size solar powered peltier coolers for high humid and warmer regions. So please quote for FOB NIN...
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相关买家: 户外柜式空调; outdoor cabinet air conditioner;
[US] [1163307] [有图]美国求购广告灯箱(Custom yard advertisement signs) (04-29)
  I am in need of yards signs and stakes for my business . They need to be 1ft high and 1.5 ft wide. Printed on both sides. I prefer white sign with blue lettering. Would need to have mobile detailing ...
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相关买家: 广告灯箱; Custom yard advertisement signs;
[VE] [1163251] 委内瑞拉求购LED模组(smd led module) (04-28)
  Dear Supplier, We wish to purchase SMD LED modules. Please send us a detailed quotation including prices, delivery times, mode of payment etc. Sincerely yours, jorge gonzalez
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相关买家: LED模组; smd led module;
[IN] [1163218] 印度求购冰箱(kitchen fridge) (04-28)
  i need to purchase this fridge. i am selvakumar from india. it is completely differ from our indian model. i need full information about working function of this product. is their any paying option in...
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相关买家: 冰箱; kitchen fridge;
[US] [1163212] [有图]美国求购空调配件(Air conditioner) (04-28)
  Requirements QUIET & POWERFUL COOLS ROOM FAST SIMPLE & QUICK TO INSTALL EASSY TO USE AND CLEAN Control Method Remote Core Material Environmentally Friendly R410a Refrigerant Kindly send in yo...
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相关买家: 空调配件; Air conditioner;
[TH] [1163175] 泰国求购空气净化杀菌器(Car air purifiers & sterilizers.) (04-28)
  Dear supplier, I would like to know more about your Car atomizing sterilizers. Best regards, Anada Chinda
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相关买家: 空气净化器; 杀菌器; Car air purifiers 器 sterilizers;
[BR] [1163172] 巴西求购宠物饮水机(Pet waterer) (04-28)
  Dear Sir, we are importers and wish to import Pet waterers. Please send us your detailed catalogue, as well as all other relevant information. Thanks. Respectfully yours, Tatiana Antonio
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相关买家: 宠物饮水机; Pet waterer;
[CA] [1163136] 加拿大求购燃气灶(Burner Gas Stove) (04-27)
  Hi, I am interested to buy from you 3 stove and 1 grinder . We will use them to launch and promote, so as to start selling these products. They are highly know by immigrant from east asia here, but we...
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相关买家: 燃气灶; Burner Gas Stove;
[CA] [1163120] [有图]加拿大求购开关防护装置(Rocker Switch with Integral Guard) (04-27)
  What is the FOB price on your 1550/1350 Standard/High Inrush Rocker Switch with Integral Guard? Hi name is Sandy and I am in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. I have an old Fisher Price Power Wh...
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相关买家: 开关防护装置; Rocker Switch;
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