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[US] [1172022] 美国求购灯罩(Lamp Glass Sahde) (07-21)
  Hi James,I'm with Worth Home Product and we sell pendant lights in US. We would love to source more lamp shades from you and possibly establish a trade relationship. We also would like to see if it is...
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相关买家: 灯罩; Lamp Glass Sahde;
[US] [1171906] 美国求购30000CMH变频水冷风机(30000 CMH inverter water cooling fans) (07-21)
  Do you make 30000 CMH inverter water cooling fans ???Please send details for purchaseLike Model M-602-COOL
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相关买家: 变频水冷风机; water cooling fans;
[FR] [1171902] 法国求购空气加湿器(Water Drop Ultrasonic Air Humidifier) (07-21)
  Hello I wanna do business with you !! My name is Atout Cheima. Here is my TikTok account , I need a better price for my clients because I use .My web site is . I wanna know how much is the shipping p...
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相关买家: 空气加湿器; Air Humidifier;
[PH] [1171895] 菲律宾求购氙气灯(IPL Xenon Flash Lamp) (07-20)
  Dear ,Good morning!Please check this flash lamp inquiry below if can serve:We need 10pcs.Please reply to my email directly for faster communication: Hoping to hear your reply today!Thank You With Rega...
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相关买家: 氙气灯; IPL Xenon Flash Lamp;
[DE] [1171840] [有图]德国求购3D字母灯(3d acrylic led logo frontlit channel letters) (07-20)
  Hello,We need two LED lights with our logo for our new shop.I *** the logo.The two lamps are *** to the wall inside the shop.For one wall we need approximate dimensions of220cm x 65cmAnd for the other...
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相关买家: 3D字母灯;
[IN] [1171818] 印度求购多功能美容机(Multifunction Beauty Machine) (07-20)
  Hi There, I am looking forward to buy multiple beauty device. Please share real image and video for the same on
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相关买家: 多功能美容机; Multifunction Beauty Machine;
[HK] [1171773] 中国香港求购户外LED太阳能野营灯(Outdoor LED Solar Camping Light) (07-20)
  HelloCan i have your quotation for the outdoor solar "Football" bulbs?We are selling to Europe market, and request CE ROHS.CC email to qa003
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相关买家: 太阳能野营灯; Solar Camping Light;
[TH] [1171670] 泰国求购智能空调(Air Conditioner) (07-19)
  Hi , I am after 70 30,000 btu cool only air conditioning split systems can you provide a delivered price to Buri Ram Thailand door to door my email address is
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相关买家: 智能空调; Air Conditioner;
[US] [1171665] 美国求购LED家禽灯(Waterproof led poultry tube light for chicken farm) (07-19)
  Dear Pearl, We have a project of poultry farm that might need your items T10-VD-120MM or A80-D(02). Can you please send me the cut sheet for both of them? Please send it to my email.many thanks,Mentri...
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相关买家: LED家禽灯; led poultry tube light; chicken farm;
[CA] [1171657] [有图]加拿大求购保温箱冷藏室面板(insulated box storage cold room panel) (07-19)
  I am looking for a new supplier of 100mm thick continuous panels.I need 2 prices, .0426mm and 0.50mm metal each side of the panel.please send me your specifications, the various profiles and ***ments....
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相关买家: 保温箱; 冷藏室面板; insulated box storage; cold room panel;
[US] [1171643] [有图]美国求购轨道灯(Track Spot Cove Lights) (07-19)
  GREETINGS Grateful if you could provide us with your best CIF price Quotation of ( 40w Spot Light Narrow) should be submit not later than 10th July Lead time and transit time to destinationProvide p...
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相关买家: 轨道灯; Track Spot Cove Lights;
[IN] [1171629] 印度求购空调(Air conditioner) (07-19)
  I require air conditioner for India market as 1 ton & 1.5 ton , please send details specification with best price .
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相关买家: 空调; Air conditioner;
[IN] [1171618] 印度求购电热水壶(Electric Kettle 1.8lt) (07-19)
  Need electric kettle 1.8 LTR ss and 1.2LTR multi cooker
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相关买家: 电热水壶;
[AE] [1171613] 阿联酋求购筒灯(Downlights) (07-19)
  Im interested in this zoomable model. Can you connect with me via email and also if you have WE CHAT please share. Thanking you
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相关买家: 筒灯; Downlights;
[UK] [1171567] 英国求购壁扇(wall fan) (07-18)
  We are looking for 16 inch wall fan,do you have CE,RoHs?what is the moq?
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相关买家: 壁扇; wall fan;
[FR] [1171396] 法国求购高湾灯(UFO LED High Bay Light) (07-15)
  Dear Wendy,I am interrested by your UFO led for my wareouse. I would like 6pcs 200W with sensor and 1pc 100w sensor.Could you quote me with transport to France. My adress 317 Street foufonne 01090 GUE...
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相关买家: 高湾灯; High Bay Light;
[SO] [1171392] 索马里求购灯光剧场(Light theater operation) (07-15)
  Light theater operation
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[LC] [1171382] 圣卢西亚求购冷藏柜(Chest Freezers) (07-15)
  Phiyond 650L chest Freezers
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相关买家: Chest Freezers; 冷藏柜;
[IL] [1171370] 以色列求购Soy Milk Maker(Soy Milk Maker) (07-15)
  I am interested in producing or sourcing a very high quality soy and nut milk maker that has one or two buttons (hot and cold) to operate it (hot for soy milk, cold for nut milk). Similar to other pro...
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相关买家: 豆奶机;
[RU] [1171357] 俄罗斯求购饮水机(water dispenser) (07-15)
  Please send us the prices, delivery time and estimated time to KZ
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相关买家: 饮水机; water dispenser;
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