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[IN] [1185585] 印度求购电磁炉(desktop food holding stove) (11-30)
  Hi Please let me have the best offer for 200 units
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相关买家: 电磁炉; desktop food holding stove;
[AR] [1185536] 阿根廷求购led cob(led cob) (11-29)
  Hello, my name is bruno and i work at Growtech.We are a led COB fixture manufacturer and we are looking foward for a new supplier of our led cob series.I was very interested in your 50w COB customized...
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[UK] [1185488] 英国求购手电筒(torch) (11-29)
  Hi We are based in the UK. We are looking for approx 5000 Wind up crank torches. They need to be CE approved. We need them here in the UK before Christmas. Please can you send me some options, images ...
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相关买家: 手电筒; torch;
[US] [1185376] 美国求购邦尼灯(bonnie light) (11-28)
  send me your email address to i have a seller with 10 ships near China
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相关买家: 邦尼灯; bonnie light;
[ZA] [1185355] 南非求购冰淇淋冰箱(Ice Cream Fridge) (11-28)
  2L and 5L and magnum
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相关买家: 冰淇淋冰箱; Ice Cream Fridge;
[ZM] [1185354] 赞比亚求购智能电视(TV Smart) (11-28)
  65" Factory Metal Cabinet Android 11 Smart UHD 4K LCD Plasma LED Flat Screen
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相关买家: 智能电视; TV Smart;
[NL] [1185345] 荷兰求购LED 筒灯(led downlight IP65) (11-28)
  Hi , For project we are looking for high power surface mount downlights 30W 2600 Lumen at 4000K Dali control. Please advise what you can offer. Thanks
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相关买家: LED筒灯; led downlight;
[CA] [1185344] 加拿大求购杀菌器(uv sterilizer) (11-28)
  Hi, We need a relaible supplier from China and we are interested in your product. Send us your price and to ship to Canada Thank you. B/R Adenike Akande Runner Cure Trading 591 Parl...
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相关买家: 杀菌器; uv sterilizer;
[IL] [1185343] 以色列求购LED灯带(led strip light) (11-28)
  Hello . We are company that design and manufacture digital signage applications and use a lot of LED strips , we are looking for WHITE high color temp 9000 -10,000k stripes rolls { not COB } , do y...
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相关买家: LED灯带; led strip light;
[CR] [1185339] 哥斯达黎加求购无尘室洗衣机(cleanroom laundry machines) (11-28)
  Hello:Do you manufacture cleanroom laundry machines:Please reply us if yes , We are in Costa Rican.Regards
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相关买家: 洗衣机; cleanroom laundry machines;
[DE] [1185336] [有图]德国求购手电筒(tactical gun light) (11-28)
  We are looking for a new supplier for our tactical gun light. we are in need of a new charge, but our old supplier doesn′t answer on our mails for weeks now. Below we publish a pic of it, one of the ...
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相关买家: 手电筒; tactical gun light;
[SA] [1185335] 沙特求购智能空调(Hybrid Split Solar Air Conditioner) (11-28)
  Send me full details with brochure on my email
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相关买家: 智能空调; Solar Air Conditioner;
[BH] [1185259] 巴林求购榨汁机(juicer extractor) (11-25)
  Dear Friend, please advise best price for 10pcs with freight charges to Bahrain via courier. Delivery address "Office 12, Building 1033, Road 80, Jidhafs Block 425; Bahrain". thanks. Please send your ...
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相关买家: 榨汁机; juicer extractor;
[US] [1185258] 美国求购汽车刹车灯(Car Led Reversing Light Brake Lamp Bulb) (11-25)
  Can you email more information on this and pricing . Also we are looking for the switchback 1157 led with cambus do you have this ?
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相关买家: 汽车刹车灯;
[US] [1185247] 美国求购阅读灯(reading lamp) (11-25)
  We are looking for a company to make flex tube lamps for us to distribute. We want to use an MR16 type bulb.We prefer to use 115 VAC bulb.The *** photo is a lamp that we modified to use an MR16 bulb a...
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相关买家: 阅读灯; reading lamp;
[LB] [1185193] 黎巴嫩求购即热式电热水器(small electric instant hot water heater) (11-25)
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相关买家: 即热式电热水器; hot water heater;
[BR] [1185065] [有图]巴西求购陶瓷加湿器(Ceramic oil Diffuser) (11-24)
My name is Luciana.
I am the CEO of a wellness ecommerce in brazil.
I’d like a quote for 10 pcs of the ceramic diffuser.
Is it possible to mix colors in this order, or d...
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相关买家: 陶瓷加湿器; Ceramic oil Diffuser;
[MX] [1185053] [有图]墨西哥求购应急灯(Rechargeable emergency lamps) (11-24)
  Hola, soy Jose Guadalupe Vazquez, soy importador mexicano, ando buscando lamparas de emergencia recargables a buen precio, las necesito en DDP a Mexico, mi codigo postal es 73968, contactame
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相关买家: 应急灯; Rechargeable emergency lamps;
[MX] [1185052] 墨西哥求购智能数字保温杯(Smart Digital Insulation Cup) (11-24)
  Hi, My name is Ofelia Casillas. I am Mexican Importer. I am looking for Smart Digital Insulation Cup Stylish Thermos Water. feel free to contact me
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相关买家: 保温杯; Insulation Cup;
[US] [1185002] 美国求购净水器(water filter) (11-23)
  Dear supplier, We want to source for a product which is in the category Olidia PLLA dermal filler (Injectable Poly L-Lactic Acid Powder). Please send us the details as well as your complete produc...
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相关买家: 净水器; water filter;
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