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[PK] [1137143] 巴基斯坦求购打蛋器(egg beater) (07-31)
  we need 1000 pices of egg beater , no brand name only simple box packing , give us best price, and email us
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相关买家: 打蛋器; egg beater;
[MA] [1137133] 摩洛哥求购太阳镜(Sunglasses) (07-31)
  Hello I want to buy 30 piece of this sun glasses but i'm now located in morroco if i can get a fast shipping it will ve good good This my email. I hope you contact me !
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相关买家: 太阳镜; Sunglasses;
[AL] [1137095] 阿尔巴尼亚求购竹子产品(bamboo and acacia products) (07-30)
  Dear Sales Representative, I am writing this letter to notify You that our company Magmahouse-Kosova sh.p.k. which operates for a decade with 3 physical stores and also has DM channel,in republic...
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相关买家: 竹子产品; bamboo products;
[CA] [1137093] 加拿大求购宠物清洁(Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products) (07-30)
  Hi, Im interested in your product New Products Pets Tops Pet Produ Pet Cleaning & Grooming Products Grooming Tables & Accessories Dog Handler Vest for Dogs S-XXXL, I would like some more details. I ...
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相关买家: 宠物清洁; Pet Cleaning; Grooming Products;
[RU] [1137072] [有图]俄罗斯求购酒杯(brandy glass cups) (07-30)
  We have an urgent order for you for brandy glass cups Quantity: 200 000pcs PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INQUIRY BELOW AND PROVIDE ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION TODAY Item: brandy glass cups Capacity: 250...
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相关买家: 酒杯; glass cups;
[US] [1137052] 美国求购陶瓷烟灰缸(Ceramic Ashtray) (07-30)
  How much would 100 trays be with our logo on it?
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相关买家: 陶瓷烟灰缸; Ceramic Ashtray;
[PH] [1137042] 菲律宾求购迷你香皂(customized logo mini white soap) (07-30)
  Hello, can you send cheap hotel supplies catalog to me? You can also email.
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相关买家: 迷你香皂; mini white soap;
[IN] [1137002] 印度求购扫帚(Broom) (07-29)
  Dear Sir, We are looking for Grass Broom. Please let us know if you can provide it. Thank you.
相关买家: 扫帚; Broom;
[AU] [1137001] 澳大利亚求购坐垫套(Cushion Covers) (07-29)
  Buy Cushion Covers 60x 60cm Online.
相关买家: 坐垫套; Cushion Covers;
[US] [1136971] 美国求购开瓶器(bottle opener) (07-29)
  Need price for 500 with different logos and 10,000 pcs with same pvc and white logo on top.Please provide production time and delivery for 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 pcs.Shipping to Buford...
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相关买家: 开瓶器; bottle opener;
[PG] [1136958] 巴布亚新几内亚求购锅碗瓢盆和烤箱(pots and pans and oven) (07-29)
  Hey, I am looking for pots and pans and oven. Can you send me an email to Thanks
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[US] [1136907] 美国求购点心篮子(DIMSUM BASKET) (07-28)
  Hello, We are looking for dimsum baskets at the best price & quality Find below sizes & quote urgently Galaxy5 "-Nos 6 "-Nos Htc8 "-Nos BC-10 "-Nos For "lz-40 NOS Hs-22 "-Nos Thanks
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相关买家: 点心篮子; DIMSUM BASKET;
[PG] [1136862] 巴布亚新几内亚求购锅碗瓢盆(pots and pans) (07-28)
  Good day my friend.I am looking for a full set of pots and pans ( 30-40 pieces). could you send me your catalog to my email to have a look through. please send to my email above.
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相关买家: 锅碗瓢盆; pots; pans;
[MX] [1136725] 墨西哥求购鬃毛刷(Wooden Hair Brush With Boar Bristles Mix Nylon) (07-26)
  HelloCan you please let me know the price of this hair brush?Your unit price of 50 pcs and shipping price to Mexico City.Thanks and regards!
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相关买家: 鬃毛刷; Wooden Hair Brush;
[ES] [1136711] 西班牙求购沐浴球(Shower ball) (07-26)
  Good dayI trust you are well?I would like to find out the following:1) Can you customize the product and add my logo on to it2) What type of packaging do you have available.3) What does the packaging ...
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相关买家: 沐浴球; Shower ball;
[AE] [1136680] 阿联酋求购玻璃茶壶(glass teapots) (07-26)
  HelloWe are looking glass teapotsPlease share us ur email brochure..send to our email.
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相关买家: 玻璃茶壶; glass teapots;
[KR] [1136630] [有图]韩国求购天然藤条(rattan natural core) (07-24)
  Dear Sir One of my customer now finding *** Ratan core reliable supplier. Origin: Indonesia Item: Rattan core 2mm Quantity: 1000 kg trial. Packing: 500g & 250g roll If you are real manufacture...
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相关买家: 天然藤条; rattan natural core;
[ZA] [1136628] 南非求购婴儿沐浴安全座椅(Baby Bath safety seat) (07-24)
  Hi, We are a South African Co., interested in your Baby Bath safety seat. Can youus more information about this product. Best regards
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相关买家: 安全座椅; Baby safety seat;
[IN] [1136625] 印度求购砂锅(Glass Cookware Casserole Pot) (07-24)
  i am looking for cassrole top in glass. our size is neatly 200mm we have diagram for the same in detail kindly send me email on you can send me your product catalogue with email.regardsuday doshirajvi...
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相关买家: 砂锅; Glass Cookware; Casserole Pot;
[IN] [1136622] 印度求购天然香竹棒(Incense Natural Bamboo Stick) (07-24)
  Dear Sir/Madam, We Deepak Trading Company introduced ourselves as one of the leading importer of imported ice cream stick in India; presently we are looking for 8" Incense stick for agarbati 13,000kg...
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相关买家: 竹棒; Bamboo Stick;
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