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[IN] [1188832] 印度客户求购棒磨机(dal mill) (01-09)
  Buyer is looking for 'dal mill machine'. Inquiry Description: Purpose Of Buy: Own use Specifications: 400 kg per hour Initiator location: Dhrol, Rajkot Request you to send us some best o...
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相关买家: 棒磨机; dal mill;
[IN] [1188831] 印度客户求购锤子机(hammer machine) (01-09)
  Respected Sir/Madam, Buyer is looking for 'hammer machine'. Purpose : Business use . Delivery Place : Kanakapura, Karnataka It will be extremely helpful if you can provide some more details abou...
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相关买家: 锤子机; hammer machine;
[IN] [1188830] 印度客户求购棒磨机(dal mill) (01-09)
  Buyer is looking for 'dal mill machine'. Contact buyer with your best offer.
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相关买家: 棒磨机; dal mill;
[US] [1188718] [有图]美国求购纸裤制作机器(paper trouser guard making machine) (01-07)
  Hi We have a Requirenment for the Trouser Guard machine and Sturt Latex Applying Line. Thanks
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相关买家: 纸裤制作机器; paper trouser guard making machine;
[VE] [1188688] 委内瑞拉求购谷物研磨机(maize grinding mill) (01-07)
  Trigo, Maíz, Yuca y demás especias ¿Qué tamaño de salida final necesita? (malla o micra) En micras ¿Cuántas toneladas por hora quieres? 4
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相关买家: 谷物研磨机; maize grinding mill;
[IN] [1188601] 印度求购农业肥料破碎机(agriculture wast crusher) (01-05)
  We required only crusher we make agriculture wast dry cow dung sugar mill press mud broiler wast grind & make powder then making fertilizers capacity 1 ton 1 hours
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[DE] [1188511] 德国求购汽车升降机(car lifting ramps) (01-05)
  Hallo, our company deals with Electronic machinery and DIY car workshop equipment.We distribute in Italy and Malta a complete assortment of handtools, compressed air power tools and hydraulic equipme...
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相关买家: 汽车升降机; car lifting ramps;
[IN] [1188447] 印度求购纸尿裤包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  I want the flow wrap machines to pack small packets of pampers. As shown in the picture
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相关买家: 纸尿裤包装机; packing machine;
[US] [1188446] 美国求购咖啡粉包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  Thanks for your email. I think we would like the machine to produce somewhere 40 to 60 pcs per minute and we would also like the machine to inject Nitrogen in the product. We already use the Nitrogen ...
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相关买家: 咖啡粉包装机; packing machine;
[BH] [1188445] 巴林求购糖果包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  I have many different solid products with different sizes. for Candy, Sweets, Gift packages and plastic items. I also provide packaging services to others such as packaging ice popsicle and chocola...
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相关买家: 糖果包装机; packing machine;
[BE] [1188444] 比利时求购饼干包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  Many thanks for your kind reply and I hope that you are fine. We are interested in a packaging line for buscuits. Please share details of thi machine for further consideration. Looking forward ...
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相关买家: 饼干包装机; packing machine;
[MX] [1188443] 墨西哥求购巧克力棒包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  we manufacture energy bars ranging from 85mm to 200mm and 20mm to 30mm thick. I would like the working current to be 220v to 60hz what is the price of the machine? do you matter to Mexico?
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相关买家: 巧克力棒包装机; packing machine;
[SY] [1188442] 叙利亚求购包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  We are producing three sizes for medical syringes 3ml , 5ml , 10ml . We have blister packing machine ( you can search it over internet ) and actually it costs us alot for paper and pp/pe sheet . We ...
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相关买家: 包装机; packing machine;
[US] [1188441] 美国求购包装机(packing machine) (01-04)
  We need one at 3.25" that runs 11.75" film and another at 4.25" that runs 16" film. We will need a conveyor. We need to be able to print date and letters so a ribbon printer should work. I have...
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相关买家: 包装机; packing machine;
[SA] [1188382] 沙特求购咖啡包装机(packing machine) (01-03)
  my client is looking for coffee filling machine with vacuuming as below : 1 - the bag will be stand up pouch as the *** pictures 2 - the capacity of filling is : 1) small bag : 200 grm., size...
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相关买家: 咖啡包装机; packing machine;
[UZ] [1188374] 乌兹别克斯坦求购Dvk 150d压缩机备件(Spare Parts for Dvk 150d Compressor) (01-03)
  Spare parts for Dalgakiran DVK 150D compressor
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相关买家: 压缩机备件;
[TG] [1188306] 多哥求购全自动水泥纸袋机(about: Automatic Cement Paper Bag Making Machine) (01-03)
  Dear Mr Your quote pricing for the Automatic Cement Paper Bag Making Machine complete line. Thanks and regards
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相关买家: 全自动水泥纸袋机; Automatic Cement Paper Bag Making Machine;
[KR] [1188301] 韩国求购阀门(PD2231008B Valve) (01-03)
  Hello, We are looking for some replacements for a PD2231008B Valves from PaiDe Valve. Specs are: 0.03 - 1 MPa AC220v 50-60Hz Do you still carry these? Thank you
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相关买家: 阀门; Valve;
[SH] [1188293] 圣海伦求购口罩机(Revolutionary device for mask production to increase 30% efficiency) (01-03)
  We have invented the displacement correction device and tensioner specialized for mask production in 2020 and we achieved a breakthough very recently! With our latest EPC and ETR mask machine tensi...
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相关买家: 口罩机;
[DE] [1188286] 德国求购船用起重机(MV. Gwen Rescue boat crane) (12-30)
  Dear Sir, Good day Please kindly note below massage from MV. Gwen and advise if required parts are available. Quote厖厖厖? Hydraulic accumulator of the rescue boat crane have not enough Nitrogen pr...
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相关买家: 船用起重机; boat crane;
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