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[GH] [1176510] [有图]加纳求购钢丝(steel wire) (09-02)
  Stay wire 7/4.0mm, Stay Pole Bracket, Stay Thimble, Stay Bow and Crosshead, Stay Rod, Stay Plate. I have *** an RFQ sheet with the exact specifications needed.
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相关买家: 钢丝; steel wire;
[ZA] [1176491] [有图]南非求购C1 贵重物品***(C1 magnetic asset tracker) (09-01)
  Good Day, I have a client that is interested in using the C1 magnetic asset tracker but they want to use it on our tracking platform. Is it possible to configure the device to connect to a differe...
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[IN] [1176484] 印度求购轴承(BEARING) (09-01)
  INQUIRY ABOUT BEARING Good day Hope you are doing well. Please let me know the availability and FOB price for Ningbo port . 32316 32217 33116 33118 524850 Give price as per your MOQ a...
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相关买家: 轴承; BEARING;
[AZ] [1176427] 阿塞拜疆求购克里维斯钩子(Clevis Hook) (09-01)
  This is Kamran Asad from Mantra Energy LLC, Baku Azerbaijan We are looking for Clevis Hook as described below: 1. Clevis Hook (Qarmaq) Q= 10 ton, Drw. N-8.04.22 Quantity required is 4000 EA ...
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[AE] [1176425] 阿联酋求购双壁罐(Double Wall Tank) (09-01)
  Double Wall Tank,could you send me catalog?
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相关买家: 双壁罐; Double Wall Tank;
[IN] [1176412] 印度求购潜水泵机械密封(mechanical seal for Submersible water pump) (09-01)
  We are looking for mechanical seal for Submersible water pump. The shaft diameter is 48mm. I am also reachable on WhatsApp
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相关买家: 潜水泵; 机械密封; mechanical seal; Submersible water pump;
[US] [1176411] 美国求购水龙头过滤器(Faucet Filters) (09-01)
  Hi,We are looking for Faucet Filters for Brita and Pur, similarly Pitcher filters also for Pur and Brita. We are a New York based Ecommerce company - "Gogotech"Can you you please share on
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相关买家: 水龙头过滤器; Faucet Filters;
[BE] [1176390] 比利时求购推力滚子轴承(SKT bearing) (08-31)
  Dear Sirs, I sent email to. Did you get it? Can you reply? BR
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相关买家: 推力滚子轴承; SKT bearing;
[IT] [1176386] 意大利求购线性导轨和滑块(Linear Guide rails and blocks) (08-31)
  Hi, we are interested in this product. we need : 2 x 3,3 mt with 6 x HGH35HA ( X Axis 2 x 1,5 mt with 4 x HGH30HA (Y Axis 2 x 1.5 mt with 4 x HGH30HA (Z Axis we wait ...
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相关买家: 线性导轨; 滑块; Linear Guide rails; blocks;
[IR] [1176377] 伊朗求购铜铝双金属片(Copper Aluminum Bimetallic Sheets) (08-31)
  Hi. I'm yousefina Project manager of Kahangan Mehr Co. located in Iran. We had bought 200 kg Bimetal copper Aluminium sheets from your company before but unfortunately we lost the communication with e...
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相关买家: 铜铝双金属片; Copper Aluminum Bimetallic Sheets;
[SRB] [1176375] [有图]塞尔维亚求购椅子五金配件(Auto Return Bar Stool Swivel Plate) (08-31)
  Hi,I'm Milomir from SerbiaI need Memory Return Chair Swivel 7"20PCS (maybe 40PCS depanding on price)Shipping to Belgrade, SerbiaPlease give me price for Swivels and for shiping.
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相关买家: 五金配件;
[US] [1176372] [有图]美国求购定制贴片铁(custom patch iron) (08-31)
  Hello, I am wondering if you can match a custom patch iron on? It would be the *** "W" in royal blue with the gold glitter outline like your letters. also looking for the other ***ment (there are 10 ...
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相关买家: 定制贴片铁; custom patch iron;
[US] [1176371] 美国求购三重火石切割火花打火机(Triple flints Cutting Spark Lighter) (08-31)
  we are interested in round, single flint spark lighters packed 2 pcs / heat sealed bag with label, please contact me directly at my email and not through ailbaba thanks T. Werner
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相关买家: 打火机; Spark Lighter;
[UK] [1176370] 英国求购攀岩装备(Safety Devices) (08-31)
  Hello, I am looking for your best price for 100 pieces of'50KN Rescue Figure, 8 Descender Large Bent-Ear Belaying and Rappelling Gear Belay Device Climbing for Rock Climbing Peak Rescue 7075 Aluminum ...
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相关买家: 攀岩装备; Safety Devices;
[US] [1176362] 美国求购插头和插座(Electrical connectors Plug) (08-31)
  This is DH Labs, in the USA. We are interested in these connectors (Rhodium over Tellurium) for use on this our Corona Power Cable. (See our website for more information.) We would ...
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相关买家: 插头; 插座; Electrical connectors Plug;
[US] [1176359] [有图]美国求购***帽(Caps for License Plate) (08-31)
  Good morning,I would like to know if you can offer those license plate caps? (See *** picture)I would need 100 sets (package in 2 caps per box) or 200 caps with screw in total.Shipment would be to our...
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相关买家: 牌照帽; Caps for License Plate;
[UY] [1176358] 乌拉圭求购自热保温瓶(seelf heating thermosm) (08-31)
  Looking for seelf heating thermosm 750ml, 1 Liter capacity -Water stays hot for 24 hours. -Our own brand (no chinese language) -Brochure in Spanish -Individual box in Spanish (We would provide tex...
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相关买家: 自热保温瓶; seelf heating thermosm;
[US] [1176353] [有图]美国求购Chef Master肉类嫩化器工具(Chef Master Meat Tenderizer tool) (08-31)
  Hi there, my name is Laura from ith & co. distributing company. We are looking to purchase Chef Master tenderizer tool for the Us market, see *** photos. The initial quantity should be around 1,000 to...
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[KE] [1176338] [有图]肯尼亚求购五金(hardware) (08-31)
  Please send me a quotation for this product Custom Brass Aluminium Stainless Steel CNC Milling Machine Lathe Machinery Spare Auto Motor Motorcycle Turning Engine Machining Parts, thanks!
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相关买家: 五金; hardware;
[BH] [1176329] 巴林求购刮刀(Doctor Blades) (08-31)
  Dear Sir, We are looking to buy Doctor Blades. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank You.
相关买家: 刮刀; Doctor Blades;
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