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[CA] [1185682] 加拿大求购圆珠笔(Bamboo Pens With Custom Logo) (11-30)
  Hello, what is the bet price you can offer for an order of 250 bamboo pens with custom design? Is it possible to get gold metal instead of silver? Please let me know the shipping cost and dates. My de...
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相关买家: 圆珠笔; Bamboo Pens;
[QA] [1185646] 卡塔尔求购真皮日记本(Diary with Genuine Leather) (11-30)
  Looking for diaries for company gifts normal size but VIP
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相关买家: 日记本; Diary;
[RU] [1185645] 俄罗斯求购激光打印机(A4 Laser Printer and Mfp) (11-30)
  A4 printers and MFP for home and office use Entry level. Customized name and packaging.
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相关买家: 激光打印机; Laser Printer;
[NL] [1185644] 荷兰求购投影仪屏幕(Electric White Projector Screen) (11-30)
  Dear Sir/Madam I am Ratchet from Unilever, I'm interested to do business with your company, so kindly send information about your company and products range directly to the procurement manager at the...
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相关买家: 投影仪屏幕;
[AU] [1185609] [有图]澳大利亚求购笔记本(Diary with charger, USB, lamp) (11-30)
  Hi, We are looking for the quote for diary with wireless charging, 8gb usb, lamp, charging cables, battery 8000mah, customisable logo, watermark logo each page, 5colour LED logo.
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相关买家: 笔记本;
[CA] [1185494] 加拿大求购自定义便笺(Custom Sticky Note) (11-29)
  Media: Post it / sticky note style Paper pad Size: 1.5" W X 1" H Adhesion: More sticky compared to post-it but still needs to be removable from wood/metal/plastic Specifics: Each paper will need an...
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相关买家: 便笺; Sticky Note;
[AE] [1185493] 阿联酋求购胶带(Adhesive Tape) (11-29)
  I looking for below items
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相关买家: 胶带; Adhesive Tape;
[GH] [1185492] 加纳求购练习本(Exercise Book) (11-29)
  Exercise books
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相关买家: 练习本; Exercise Book;
[ZM] [1185490] 赞比亚求购蓝牙(Bluetooth Solar) (11-29)
  V6 make, weighs about 55g
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[NG] [1185487] 尼日利亚求购笔记本(Notebook) (11-29)
  I don' T really have a specification but if I see what I like I will buy
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相关买家: 笔记本; Notebook;
[QA] [1185486] 卡塔尔求购双面胶带(Double Sided Tape) (11-29)
  I ised it for cladding fixing on the wall
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相关买家: 双面胶带; Double Sided Tape;
[KE] [1185485] 肯尼亚求购学校用笔记本(School Notebook) (11-29)
  School Notebook for student
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相关买家: 笔记本; Notebook;
[IN] [1185484] 印度求购复印纸(A4 Paper) (11-29)
  A4 size, minimum 2000 reams maximum 15, 000 reams every month Cash on Delivery basis
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相关买家: 复印纸; A4 Paper;
[IN] [1185483] 印度求购复印纸(A4 Copier Paper) (11-29)
  A4 copier paper 80 GSM at all purpose
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相关买家: 复印纸; A4 Copier Paper;
[BD] [1185469] 孟加拉求购天平打印机(TX-110SA balance printer) (11-29)
  I would Like to purchase TX-110SA balance printer. Please let me know the following details. 01. Compatible with Sartorius Balance. 02. Minimum order Quantity. 03. FOB price for minimum quantity. ...
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相关买家: 天平打印机; balance printer;
[KR] [1185385] 韩国求购PEN胶带( PEN tape with adhesive & without adhesive.) (11-28)
  we are looking for PEN Tape with adhesive without adhisive. please find the below Spec. and let us know you MOQ and Unit price. Need UL Certificate on the PEN Tape No-Bond: 0.025mm(Thickness) ...
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相关买家: PEN胶带; PEN tape;
[US] [1185312] [有图]美国求购圆珠笔(Ballpoint pens) (11-25)
  What is the best price you can offer? What is the shipping cost? Do you support customization?
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相关买家: 圆珠笔; Ballpoint pens;
[BD] [1185290] 孟加拉国求购透明粘性记事本套装(Transparent Sticky Note Pad Set) (11-25)
  Hello there, we are looking for 6 different products. A transparent Sticky Note Pad Set is one of them. Please let me know if you can provide 960/pieces set 1000 sets with custom color packaging. 1...
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相关买家: 记事本; Note Pad Set;
[ZA] [1185289] 南非求购打印机墨盒(Printer Cartridge) (11-25)
  Lexmark ms 821 printer Cartridge.
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相关买家: 打印机墨盒; Printer Cartridge;
[LY] [1185288] 利比亚求购屏幕保护膜(Screen Protector) (11-25)
  I' M looking for Moto g7 play screen and touch
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相关买家: 屏幕保护膜; Screen Protector;
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